Vaccinated Children More Susceptible to Disease, Learning Disabilities Than Unvaccinated

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Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Take a look at the following article, there is no more time for foolishness! If we continue on the “vaccine choice” train it will spell disaster and the end of the human race. We live in a world that is increasingly hostile to anyone who questions vaccines and the anti vaccine movement rather than taking a stand seems to water their message down further and further.

Unless we take a true stand and stop being afraid of offending our enemies ALL WILL BE LOST!

We The People NOT They The Elite! (CW)

Vaccinated Children More Susceptible to Disease, Learning Disabilities Than Unvaccinated

By Bob Livingston

Vaccinations are created by the pharmaceuticals for huge profits. This is a form of bioterrorism.

It amounts to (in legal terms) an assault upon the population which puts the general health of Americans in great immune jeopardy.

We take our newborn infants and inject into their little innocent bodies one devastating poison after another. The chemical balance of their body cells is disturbed, becoming polarized and defenseless against the external environment.

In 1940 there were four shots required before the age of 2. In 1980 there were eight shots required before the age of 2. Now there are 50 doses of 14 vaccines required by the age of 6. This is nothing less than assault upon these helpless youngsters in the name of preventing disease.

Vaccinations are the big cause of immune malfunction. They have nothing to do with disease prevention and everything to do with commerce.

The germ theory of disease is the basis of modern medicine in the western world and it is a lie. Charlatans and sociopaths saw the vast empire of wealth that could be created on the theories of Pasteur. Hence we have the multi-trillion dollar synthetic chemical pharmaceutical colossus that has medically imprisoned the whole planet.

You don’t hear politicians exposing this madness that is crushing the American people economically and killing millions of people yearly. Talk about murder incorporated and population control all in the same bucket!

Will anybody ever be held responsible for this crime?

The stated purpose is immunization, but the real purpose is to enrich the pharmaceutical houses which create and sell vaccines. Vaccines are toxic and foreign substances injected into the human body. Long-term effects are not known because time separates cause and effect. Who can determine and assign liability? Short-term effects are shielded by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which is taxpayer-funded and government-managed liability insurance absolving the pharmaceutical giants of any blame for the injuries and deaths they cause.

Vaccines are a huge profit business with a shield of propaganda that few can decipher. A few medical giants have penetrated this myth and they have been persecuted.

No double-blind placebo controlled studies of these vaccines have been performed. The reason, we’re told, is that the medical establishment has determined that vaccines are essential and to deny them to a segment of the population would be unethical.

And when you point out that vaccines do in fact cause harm – as evidenced by the $3.6 billion paid for 5,353 claims to the VICP since 1988 – the medical establishment will call those dead and maimed children “collateral damage.”

Still, orthodox medicine has refused or neglected to perform studies – or at least publish studies if any have been conducted — on a comparison of health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

But now Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi has made such a comparison and published it in The Journal of Translation Science. What it found is big news and all important.

It found that vaccinated children are on the whole much less healthy than unvaccinated children.

While unvaccinated children were more than 17 percent more likely to have had chickenpox and 5.9 percent more likely to have had whooping cough, vaccinated children were more likely to have had ear infections (3.4 times more likely) and pneumonia (5.3 times more likely). Additionally, vaccinated children were significantly more likely than unvaccinated children to have been diagnosed with the following:

  • Allergic rhinitis, 26 times more likely.
  • Other allergies, 3.2 times more likely.
  • Eczema/atopic dermatitis, 2.6 times more likely.
  • Learning disability, 4.75 times more likely.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 4.7 times more likely.
  • Attention deficit disorder 4.7 times more likely.
  • Chronic illness 1.76 times more likely.

But here’s the biggest news of all. Vaccinated children were 4.7 times more likely to have autism. This, of course, jibes with a study we told you about in July that showed a link between mercury and autism rates.

Childhood autism, one of the more tragic childhood disorders, has increased at least 10 to 15 times in the past several decades. From 2002 to 2012, autism rates climbed from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 68, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The notion that vaccines are required to prevent childhood diseases has become so ingrained in conventional wisdom that to challenge the assertion subjects the challenger to immediate ridicule and scorn.

At best, vaccines only stimulate temporary immunity – hence the need for annual vaccines and repeated boosters. By trading lifelong immunity for temporary vaccine-induced immunity, people become vaccine dependent and subject themselves to diseases and medical protocols down the road.

Repeated studies show that the more we are exposed to germs the stronger our immune systems become. They also show that herd immunity is a myth, and the more vaccines we have the less effective they become.

How do we get natural immunity no matter what we are exposed to?

Viral or bacterial infection is preceded by low ionized calcium. Likewise peak immunity comes with ionized calcium in the tissue cells.

We need four critical nutrients to build natural immunity at all ages. They are: calcium lactate, vitamin D3, vitamin F, and vitamin C complex.

In the event of sickness (fever or infection), there should be a check for blood calcium levels (ionized calcium). It is a rare event for a doctor to check this or to even be aware of it.

To repeat again: There are two very important signs or indicators of any sickness or disease. They are high body temperature and low ionized or blood calcium. Likewise low body calcium comes with high body temperature. Very simple but important to remember.

Calcium is needed in the stomach. I like calcium lactate powder because it is easy to get enough of it dissolved in water. Second, we need vitamin D3 to absorb calcium from the gut into the bloodstream. Third, we need vitamin F (fatty acid) to move calcium from the blood into the cell tissue. Fourth, we need C complex to arm the plagacites for war with and on pathogens.

This foursome is dynamite nutrition and unless an insufficient amount of these four is taken, immunity is certain in the midst of any viral or bacterial epidemic. This is the basis of complete immunity. This, however, does not exclude good food and nutrition as most of you understand it.

Vitamin D3 is the only effective vitamin D to make this foursome system work. This system of immunity will work if enough is taken.

Finally, whenever I write about vaccines someone inevitably chimes in propagating the myth that the polio vaccine eliminated polio. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is polio’s rise in the United States coincided with an increased use of pesticides in the 1950s, many of which were byproducts of chemical weapons manufactured during World War II. These pesticides were found to increase susceptibility to viral infections, studies showed.

Exposure to pesticides also came through milk, which was heavily contaminated with pesticides — including DDT — from crops being dusted with government-approved pesticides. Much of the milk had to be destroyed, according to a U.S. Senate report.

Polio was transmitted through contaminated milk, as was tuberculosis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, diphtheria and infantile diarrhea. Patients undergoing tonsillectomy surgery had a greater chance of contracting the worst kind of polio: bulbar poliomyelitis. This is perhaps related to the milk contamination, as tonsillectomy surgery patients were given ice cream to eat.

The pharmaceutical companies — which benefited financially from the polio outbreak — funded the writings on the history of polio and its treatment. As such, the pharmaceutical companies were presented in the best possible light. Americans were not told about the many people who developed paralysis after being vaccinated against polio. Nor were they told about David Bodian, M.D., Ph.D., from the Poliomyelitis Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. Bodian told the International Poliomyelitis Conference in 1954 — the year before the polio vaccine was introduced — injections and other vaccines, such as the DTP vaccine, “may be causing polio.”

In 1955, when the Salk polio vaccine was introduced, polio was considered the most serious post-war public health problem. In 1956, six New England States reported sharp increases in polio rates, from more than double in Vermont to 645 percent in Massachusetts, despite — or rather because of — the polio vaccine program. Idaho and Utah saw such an increase in polio cases and deaths they halted the vaccine program.

In Congressional testimony in 1962, Bernard Greenberg, Ph.D., head of the Biostatistics Department at North Carolina University, said there were sharp increases in polio rates from 1957-1959 and that the Public Health Service had conducted a whitewash to suppress this knowledge. In 1977, even Salk admitted that mass inoculations caused most polio cases since 1971.

Salk was, in fact, a medical criminal who used Federal funds to conduct medical experiments on helpless patients at a Michigan insane asylum.

Personal Liberty Bob Livingston founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.


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