… Archived Blasey Ford’s high school yearbook disappears… [Pictures & Archive links here]

Website that archived Blasey Ford’s high school yearbook disappears from Google-owned Blogspot

By Thomas Lifson

Now that the high school days of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are the most important issue facing Americans (according to the media, anyway), it is certainly odd that evidence of student norms at Blasey Ford’s own alma mater is being “disappeared” from the web.  First, the yearbook of Holton-Arms High School, the all-girls private academy she attended, was scrubbed from the web on September 17, 2018.

But that effort to withhold from the public pictures like this:

…was foiled by a website – one I had never before heard of – called “The Cult of the 1st Amendment,” which archived the whole thing, making it available for study.

Now, most curiously, The Cult of the 1st Amendment has disappeared from its host, Blogspot, which happens to be owned by Google.  It has been “removed”:


Fortunately, another website, The Washington Standard, also archived the pictures – for now.  Tim Brown writes:

I received an email today asking that I make sure to preserve the information that was obtained and written about at the now removed Google blogspot site, Cult of the 1st Amendment, which quickly grabbed up several pictures of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook and provided at least three articles on various aspects of the yearbook and campus life.  In following through with that, I have preserved both the articles and the pictures on TheWashingtonStandard.com.

The three articles are titled: [Click on Title to read.]

This is very important that the truth of these articles remain in the public square due to the libelous and slanderous accusations that have been leveled at [.] Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

I have no knowledge of why The Cult of the 1st Amendment was removed, but I do know that Google has amply demonstrated that its employees harbor an animus toward conservatives.  The latest evidence, via Breitbart:

A senior software engineer at Google with responsibility for a key feature of Google’s search engine labeled Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) a “violent thug” and a “terrorist,” who Google shouldn’t “negotiate” with, according to internal emails obtained by Breitbart News.  The employee also defended the censorship of her campaign ads on social media.

The comments took place in an internal email discussion that began on June 19 this year.  The topic of discussion was Rep. Blackburn’s Fox News op-ed of the same month, which urged Silicon Valley companies to address bias against conservatives on their platforms.  Blackburn, who has herself been the target of social media censorship, has been a vocal critic of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter during her time in Congress.

The op-ed was not well received within the corridors of Silicon Valley power.  One Google employee, a site reliability engineer, called Blackburn’s piece “hilarious” and said Republicans are becoming “tribalists focused on stirring up outrage to maintain power.”

If you are not alarmed by the power Google, a company dominated by far leftists, you are not paying attention.  I don’t know the specifics of the removal of the Cult of the 1st, but Google has forfeited the benefit of the doubt.  Google should hire Jack Nicholson to be its corporate spokesman:


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