Are Americans (And The Rest of Us) Already Sovietized?

ER Editor: Part of that ‘sovietization’ is also the application of a year of on-off lockdowns, economic destruction, maskwearing and creation of mass psychosis among the populations. We’ve added a few comments of our own to the useful list of features Victor Davis Hanson has supplied for us, plus one extra feature.
Let’s not forget, however, that when our governments are SERVING THE CORPORATIONS, as they are doing now with the virus garbage, that is a definition of FASCISM. That the governments of our countries are now serving China’s interests would commonly be called TREASON.

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized?

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Authored by Victor Davis Hanson, op-ed via The Epoch Times

What ultimately ended the nihilist Soviet system?

Was it not that Russians finally tired of the Kremlin’s lies and hypocrisies that permeated every facet of their falsified lives?

Here are 10 11 symptoms of Sovietism.

Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same road to perdition.

1. There was no escape from ideological indoctrination—anywhere.

A job in the bureaucracy or a military assignment hinged not so much on merit, expertise, or past achievement. What mattered was loud enthusiasm for the Soviet system.

Wokeness is becoming our new Soviet-like state religion. Careerists assert that America was always and still is a systemically racist country, without ever producing proof or a sustained argument.

ER: We’ve seen this in police and military training programs everywhere, Europe and the UK included. Ideology permits other topics to be off-limits and crowded out, such as citizen protest against the economy. IDEOLOGY NOW INCLUDES DANGEROUS GENETIC TREATMENTS …

2. The Soviets fused their press with the government.

Pravda, or “Truth,” was the official megaphone of state-sanctioned lies. Journalists simply regurgitated the talking points of their Communist Party partners.

In 2017, a Harvard study found that over 90 percent of the major TV news networks’ coverage of the Trump administration’s first 100 days was negative.

ER: Does this ever apply to every western country right now, and for decades!

3. The Soviet surveillance state enlisted apparatchiks and lackeys to ferret out ideological dissidents.

Recently, we learned that the Department of Defense is reviewing its rosters to spot extremist sentiments. The U.S. Postal Service recently admitted it uses tracking programs to monitor the social media postings of Americans.

CNN recently alleged that the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security is considering partnering with private surveillance firms to get around government prohibitions on scrutinizing Americans’ online activity.

ER: Cue Big Tech censorship and algorithms.

4. The Soviet educational system sought not to enlighten but to indoctrinate young minds in proper government-approved thought.

Currently, cash-strapped universities nationwide are hiring thousands of diversity, equity, and inclusion staffers and administrators. Their chief task is to scan the admissions, hiring, curriculum, and administration at universities. Like good commissars, our diversity czars oversee compliance with the official narrative that a flawed America must confess, apologize for, and renounce its evil foundations.

ER: See recent school system initiatives in CA and VA to disallow enriched math programs before grade 11 for brighter math students. Witness the sexualized nature of teaching materials for young students who, in addition to learning wokeness, now learn about anal sex. Dumb down ALL curriculum and abolish competitive exams; keep kids in school until 18 instead of 16 so that they’re on a conveyor belt of state-run indoctrination. Then make university access easy (and terribly expensive). You thus have young people successfully indoctrinated until at least the age of 22 and fully in debt.

5. The Soviet Union was run by a pampered elite, exempt from the ramifications of their own radical ideologies.

Now, woke Silicon Valley billionaires talk socialistically but live royally. Coke and Delta Airlines CEOs who hector Americans about their illiberality make millions of dollars a year.

What unites current woke activists such as Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Obamas are their huge estates and their multimillion-dollar wealth. Just as the select few of the old Soviet nomenklatura had their Black Sea dachas, America’s loudest top-down revolutionaries prefer living in Martha’s Vineyard, Beverly Hills, Montecito, and Malibu.

ER: Communist systems have always had their hidden oligarchs and industrialists for whom the peasantry toils in the factory system. Henry Ford and Armand Hammer benefitted enormously from Bolshevism.

6. The Soviets mastered Trotskyization, or the rewriting and airbrushing away of history to fabricate present reality.

Are Americans any different when they indulge in a frenzy of name-changing, statue-toppling, monument-defacing, book-banning, and cancel-culturing?

ER: We’ve been prepared for this well since post-WWII, when the history of that time and ever since has been re-written to favour certain groups. You don’t hear much about the real Illuminati, and which famous family was funding them, creating anti-Catholic havoc and murder in France in the name of a glorious ‘Revolution’. Everybody’s been a slave of somebody else at some point in history, including white poor people in the UK. The rewriting of history has been going on forever, merely to reach its zenith now

How much of ‘present reality’ has been fabricated around the virus? It’s been a tour de force of omission and hysteria-creating propaganda.

Wokeness gone mad —

7. The Soviets created a climate of fear and rewarded stool pigeons for rooting out all potential enemies of the people.

Since when did Americans encourage co-workers to turn in others for an ill-considered word in a private conversation? Why do thousands now scour the internet to find any past incorrect expression of a rival? Why are there now new thought criminals supposedly guilty of climate racism, immigration racism, or vaccination racism?

ER: The virus is meant to terrify us all by itself; the vaccine is our saviour. Now we’re encouraged to shop on our friends and neighbours when they don’t wear a mask or when they invite healthy friends round to their house. Fear over the climate failed … 

8. Soviet prosecutors and courts were weaponized according to ideology.

In America, where and for what reason you riot determines whether you face any legal consequences. Politically correct sanctuary cities defy the law with impunity. Jury members are terrified of being doxxed and hunted down for an incorrect verdict. The CIA and FBI are becoming as ideological as the old KGB.

ER: Courts are now refusing to see any evidence of industrial scale voter fraud in the US, REPEATEDLY. Courts in France rushed through appearances and conviction for Yellow Vest protestors in record time for Macron, and admitted as much publicly when Macron turned on them.

9. The Soviets doled out prizes on the basis of correct Soviet thought.

In modern America, the Pulitzer Prizes and the Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, and Oscars don’t necessarily reflect the year’s best work, but often the most politically correct work from the most woke.

ER: Corrupt officials get to keep their high-profile jobs for relentlessly pushing lies instead of truth. Think of Fauci and the UK’s Neil Ferguson.

10. The Soviets offered no apologies for extinguishing freedom.

Instead, they boasted that they were advocates for equity, champions of the underclass, enemies of privilege—and therefore could terminate anyone or anything they pleased.

Our wokists are similarly defending their thought-control efforts, forced re-education sessions, scripted confessionals, mandatory apologies, and cancel culture on the pretense that we need long-overdue “fundamental transformation.”

ER: THE ENTIRE VIRUS FRAUD & LOCKDOWNS … meant to also destroy our advanced economies for the sake of China.

11. Centralized State Power must increase, taking away political power from regions.

We have this already in the EU by virtue of having a centralized governance structure from the get-go. The intended EU Green Pass instituting medical tyranny is the most recent expression of that. Merkel has just ramped up federal power by decreeing that any region in Germany with 100 ‘cases’ must submit to federally-dictated covid measures. God bless the PCR test.


So if they destroy people in the name of ‘equity’ (ER: or a ‘dangerous virus’), their nihilism is justified.



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