Are Criminal Medical Interventions Damaging Everyone?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

I find it hard to imagine that a system this corrupt can be a good thing, or that it is worth the vast amount of money spent on it.

Marcia Angell [1] Former editor, New England Journal of Medicine

I have spent most of my professional life evaluating the quality of clinical research, and I believe it is especially poor in psychiatry. The industry-sponsored studies usually cited to support psychoactive drugs—and they are the ones that are selectively published—tend to be short-term, designed to favor the drug, and show benefits so small that they are unlikely to outweigh the long-term harms.

Marcia Angell [2]

It used to be that drug companies simply gave grants to academic medical centres for the use of their clinical researchers to do a study and that was it. It was at arm’s length. The researcher did a study and he or she published the results, whatever those results would be. Now, it’s very, very different. The drug companies increasingly design the studies. They keep the data. They don’t even let the researchers see the data. They analyse the data. They decide whether they’re going to even publish the data at the end of it. They sign contracts with researchers and with academic medical centres saying that they don’t get to publish their work unless they get permission from the drug company. So, you can see that the distortion starts even before publication. It starts in determining what’s going to be published and what isn’t going to be published. This is no longer arm’s length. It’s treating the researchers and the academic medical centres as though they were hired guns or technicians or something. They just do the work. And the drug company will decide what the data show, what the conclusions are and whether it will even be published.

Marcia Angell [3]

What health effects accrue to—and cost or penalize—healthcare consumers as consequences from the allegations made in the above statements by Marcia Angell, MD [4], who, by the way, is very qualified to offer those remarks. No one in Congress, which has oversight, or other federal agencies, seems inclined to investigate and/or divest Big Pharma of its bear-trap-like stranglehold on the U.S. healthcare system and its ‘lackeys’, the medical profession. And humans are harmed, plus pay the ultimate price—mental, physical and financial suffering.

The stakes get higher and direr while consumers obligingly bow at the altar of medical monopolies. However, there are some men of medicine, who understand what’s going on, and expose it in their work and books. One such prominent medical doctor is Peter C Gotzsche, co-founder of both the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration and The Nordic Cochrane Center. His 2013 book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, How big pharma has corrupted healthcare contains a chapter about Merck & Company, the premiere vaccine maker in the USA, titled “Merck, where the patients die first” [Pp. 155-163] that distills some of the unknowns about pharmaceutical science shenanigans.

With 49 references to authenticate that chapter, Dr Gotzsche can’t help but make us question, and even wonder, why we’re so gullible to believe in scientific smoke and mirrors, medical research shell games, lies, public relations campaigns, and Big Pharma’s fake journals. Since I can’t make up this kind of stuff, let me cite Dr Gotzsche’s words verbatim:

Merck also misled the readers by publishing a fake journal, the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine, which looked like a peer-reviewed medical journal but was a marketing tool. Most of its articles presented data favourable to Merck products, including Vioxx, without disclosing the sponsorship. [5]

In that chapter, Dr Gotzsche puts Merck’s anti-arthritis drug Vioxx under the microscopes of research, marketing, and science-based medicine—and the results turned out to be seriously flawed, and even deceitful, according to voluminous references Dr Gotzsche provides. Furthermore, Merck allegedly knew that Vioxx caused thrombosis, but withheld that data from the FDA and the public.

Certainly, readers can recall the class action lawsuit [13] against Merck regarding Vioxx. To quote Dr Gotzsche, “the jury in a court case stated that Merck showed ‘malicious, oppressive, and outrageous’ conduct and found it guilty of four counts of fraud in marketing rofecoxib (Vioxx), which Merck voluntarily withdrew from the market September 30, 2004, after having been legally prescribed by medical doctors for ten years! [CJF emphasis added]

Merck withheld Vioxx trials information regarding heart attacks

Furthermore, Gotzsche says, “The FDA reviewer found a death from a heart attack on Vioxx that was coded as something else…” [Pg. 156] Merck had ghost writers who wrote favorable Vioxx study results to which they allegedly applied medical doctors’ names! Note this:

The first author on the trial report said that Merck came to him after the study was completed and asked him to help with the editing. He was paid, which is highly unusual for a first author of a trial report, and the report was already written up by Merck; a Merck employee was thanked for ‘assistance with manuscript preparation’. [Pg. 158]

Now, this is what is so appalling about these kinds of stories:

What Merck did was to discard all deaths that occurred more than 2 weeks after the patients got off the drug, e.g. because of adverse effects, in violation of Merck’s own protocol that stated that such deaths should be included in the results. In fact, the risk of thrombosis may be increased a whole year after patients come off the drug. Merck spokespeople lied to the FDA and Congress about what and when the company knew that Vioxx is deadly. [Pg. 160]

Dr Gotzsche asks, “How many patients did Merck kill with Vioxx because of thrombosis?” [Pg.160]

He goes on to elaborate that

More than 80 million patients have been treated with rofecoxib, and since about 10% of such events are fatal, a crude estimate is that rofecoxib has killed about 120 000 people. The patients were treated for 2.4 years, on average, and as many patients in practice are treated for shorter periods, this could be an overestimate. However, other factors tend to lead to underestimation: only events that occurred within 2 weeks after the patients stopped their drug were recorded and the patients were only 59 years of age, on average, and at low risk for thrombotic events. This is a general problem with Merck’s trials. [….] In addition, Vioxx has killed many thousands of patients because of ulcer complications. [Pp. 161-162]

So how much did that deliberate pharmaceutical fraud cost Merck & Company? Dr Gotzsche says,

In 2007, the company announced a settlement worth $4.85 billion. At that time the company had already spent more than $1.2 billion on legal fees. The crimes involved off-label marketing of Vioxx and false statements about the drug’s cardiovascular safety. [Pg. 160] [CJF emphasis added]

What’s wrong, illegal and criminal about the perception that pharmaceutical companies are “too big to fail” [16]? Think about that for a moment, please. Why are they allowed to continue apparent criminal activities regarding vested-interest medical science and patents?

But here’s the clincher:

“That same year Merck pulled rofecoxib off the market, its CEO received performance-based bonuses worth over $36 million in addition to his base salary and he was never indicted.” [Pg. 160] [CJF emphasis added] Why?

All that leads up to this question

What’s going on with the vaccines that Merck produces, especially Gardasil® and Gardasil 9®? When will Congress investigate both vaccines which are causing deaths [236 per VAERS to Nov. 2015]; 12,995 emergency room visits per VAERS to Nov. 2015; and, ironically, actually disproving the vaccines’ “claims to fame” of ‘preventing cervical cancer’, when there are 104 cervical cancers, 268 cervical dysplasia, and 606 abnormal pap smears reported to the CDC’s VAERS up to Nov. 2015 [6] after receiving the HPV vaccines?

Since Merck is not the only vaccine maker, healthcare consumers have to question the politics of shady science-based-medicine and trials for vaccines from every vaccine maker, who legally ought to understand and implement ethical science, un-skewed biochemistry, including the Precautionary Principle [14], rather than deliberately use the neurotoxins and toxic chemicals they put into vaccines injected into newborn infants, toddlers, teens, adults and senior citizens.

Questions need to be asked, investigated and answered legally and publicly

Recently I came across a published paper that I think needs to be factored into the autism and dementia/Alzheimer’s equations and also posed to William Thompson, PhD, epidemiologist at the CDC who admits to fraud being perpetrated upon healthcare consumers regarding the association, causation or effects of aluminum in autism in young African-American boys less than three years of age. Thompson’s on record [7] of admitting relevant data were trashed literally in a trash can, and not included in the CDC’s published study. That’s big time fraud involving a lot of folks at federal health agency levels. Who’s going to be prosecuted and what will be their penalties?

The paper, which I think ought to be factored in to the autism association with vaccines, is “Aluminum Chloride Induces Osteoblasts Apoptosis via Disrupting Calcium Homeostasis and Activating Ca2+ / CaMKII Signal Pathway” authored by Zheng Cao, Dawei Liu, Qiuyue Zhang, Xudong Sun, Yanfei Li.

Apoptosis, which is cell death more commonly referred to as “cell suicide,” is induced by disordered calcium homeostasis, which aluminum promotes, especially osteoblast [bone cell] apoptosis. If aluminum is capable of doing that in rat studies, don’t you think we have to get someone in authentic—not pseudo—medical science to investigate what four forms of aluminum (Al) (Al Hydroxide, Al Phosphate, Al Potassium Sulfate, Al Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate [15]) in vaccines are capable of doing, especially to infants, toddlers, and teens, since many of the vaccines given to them at 2, 4, and 6 months old are loaded with aluminum?

Gardasil’s Aluminum

Gardasil® Each 0.5-mL dose of the vaccine contains approximately 225 mcg of aluminum (as Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate adjuvant), [8]

Gardasil 9® Each 0.5-mL dose of the vaccine also contains approximately 500 mcg of aluminum (provided as AAHS), [9]

GARDASIL 9 has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity. [9] [CJF emphasis added]

That last sentence on that package insert ALONE should disqualify Gardasil 9®, or any vaccine that makes such a statement in its package insert—which they all do in some format, from being injected into human beings. If any vaccine manufacturer cannot tell you their products, with all those toxic chemicals in them, won’t cause cancer or adversely affect cells’ DNA and RNA, then it should not be on the market legally; promoted by public health agencies, both federal and state; nor should it be injected—or mandated to be injected—into male and female preteens, or anyone! And Congress should make certain to that!

Furthermore, shouldn’t the U.S. CDC/FDA and HHS be sued for promoting false information about vaccine safety? Remember Vioxx!

And then there’s epilepsy, which is on the rise

Epilepsy is now affecting one in twenty (1:20) children less than five years of age. Parents are very concerned that vaccines are implicated—if not causing epilepsy, especially since vaccine package inserts admit that seizures can occur after vaccination. More and more parents claim their children were fine with no history of seizures or epilepsy [10] until they received a vaccination. One of the conditions that can cause seizures is “exposure to poisons” and vaccines are jammed packed with all kinds of poisons and neurotoxins [15]! Is THAT really what medical science should be about—pushing toxic chemicals—and at such vulnerable stages of life: newborns and only-months-old children? Hitler’s Dr Josef Mengele [17] probably would have envied all the toxic chemicals in vaccines [15] being injected into children—and legally, too, with state laws mandating such practices!

Ironically, a 2011 article published stated, “Many children with Autism Spectrum Diseases (ASD) present with seizure activity, but the pathogenesis is not understood.” [11] Not understood! Remember Vioxx!

Many parents provide their opinions to the Epilepsy Foundation’s forum about seizures and vaccines being associated. Here’s one such comment:

My daughter had her first seizure about 12 hours after her mmr shot at 12 months. When I contacted the administering gp we were told it was a normal reaction to the vaccination febrile seizure, and it will not happen again. from then on she started having myoclonic seizures where her eyes would roll for a split second. when i mentioned this to the GP they said, those will go away with time. Instead of going away they have increased in length and frequency. [12]

That doctor ought to forfeit his/her license to practice medicine, in my opinion.

Here’s another parent’s comment about what happened in the doctor’s office within minutes of a vaccination:

My son had his 1st seizure IN THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE 1-2 minutes after receiving two vaccinations. The seizures continued from that day forward. [12]

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

And this very tragic comment:

My son is now 6 years old and has been having seizures since he had his first vaccine at 2 months of age. He had his first seizure about 36 hrs after his needle. He did not have any fever, actually has never had a febrile seizure ever, but has had a multitude of others. [12]

What do you tell this mother?

My daughter started having seizures within 48 hours of her 6 month shots and I still can’t get any doctor to listen to that. She has myoclonic seizures and one of the rare side effects of DTaP is absence or jerking seizures. [12]

A Grandmother has this to say:

My grandson and his mother lives with me and my husband and when he received the 1st series of dTap shots he had his first seizure at 4 months within 12 hours after receiving the shot… We spent 4 days in the hospital where 5 different doctors couldn’t agree on why he suffered a seizure… I used to wonder why my grandkids were getting so many vaccinations shots at such a young age when my generation didn’t nor did my parents! My grandson suffered another seizure after my daughter was pressured to continue his vaccination shots (I wasn’t there to provide support in her decision not to vaccinate him anymore) at 6 months. Still the doctors wouldn’t admit it was the vaccination shots. After his 2nd seizure I wouldn’t allow my grandson to be vaccinated anymore but I believe the damage is done. [12]

A grown person in the military experienced seizures after vaccinations:

I am a soldier in the U.S. Army and I did not start having seizures until I had vaccinations to go over seas… It was my first seizure ever and now they have gotten worse. [12]

Another service person’s seizures:

My name is Joe and my wife and I were also in the Army. She began having seizures days after deployment vaccines as well. [12]

A 31-year-old adult’s lifelong seizure experience:

I’m a seizure patient I’ve had them since I was 6yrs old. I’m now 31 and I recently just got a tetanus shot and since then I’ve been having twitches all over my body. [12]

And this, the last one I will cite from that page of comments, which I encourage everyone to read to understand what’s happening to your children that can be prevented by the medical profession, if doctors were not under the Svengali-like spell of Big Pharma and its generous perks for promoting and pushing their prescription drugs—remember Vioxx for ten years—and most of all, Pharma’s sacred cows: vaccines!

My son has been having neurological problems, seizures, movements that doctors aren’t sure what to call, etc. since last May. He was a healthy 18 mos. old little boy and then 11 days after his checkup (vaccines) he vomited and had a 1+ hour seizure. We lived in the hospital for over 50 days on and off with different doctors looking at different things. He has had genetic tests including a muscle biopsy and everything was normal. Different people, family members and friends have mentioned the possibility of this being caused by vaccines. All of his doctors dismiss that right away. My son has several developmental setbacks. He no longer sits up or stands or uses his hands. [12]

If doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with children, who are suffering like the boy in the last comment, then they should turn in their stethoscopes and clean latrines for a living, in my opinion, as they really don’t care [aka “don’t give a damn”]; are too much in to “taking the cool aid” ($$$); and should be barred from treating or going near sick or healthy persons—similar to how sex offenders are ostracized, in my opinion.

Where’s accountability

What is happening to children after vaccinations is nothing short of legal criminal activity on the part of the product manufacturers and their pushers, the medical profession. Both must be made accountable for ruining two or three generations of kids, I offer.

Congress is to blame with its National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that basically gave Big Pharma “get out of jail free” cards, which encouraged them to produce even more toxic vaccines.

Remember Vioxx! Congress MUST correct pharmaceutical crimes against humanity! Remember Vioxx.

What will you do to protect your children from their poison needles?

Big Pharma and the medical profession cannot be trusted. Didn’t Vioxx prove that?


[1] Angell, Marcia. The Truth about the Drug Companies: how they deceive us and what to do about it.  Random House, 2004 [2] Marcia Angell replies:
[5] Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, How big pharma has corrupted healthcare, Pg.158
[8] Pg. 12
[9] Pg. 11


Faking Medical Reality / Jon Rappoport

The Truth About the Drug Companies

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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