Are Republicans Writing Their Own … Political Obituaries?

Are the Republicans Writing Their Own Political Obituaries?

By: Shama Tobin

The Republican establishment is trying hard to convince President Trump to concede. Some of the so-called conservative pundits are eager to assure their viewers and readers that now is the time to look forward to 2022 and 2024. There is only one perfect label for them: cowards!

There is massive evidence showing that the Left have committed the greatest election theft in history. Anyone with an open mind can find on the Internet numerous highly credible analyses and facts that show the myriad fraudulent practices the Left used to rig the election. To simply ignore it and hand power to the Democrats means that the Republicans will have written their own political obituaries. Few of the current GOP legislative and executive members will survive in the next elections.

One, under the Biden administration, the investigation on the election fraud will be thrown into the dust bin immediately. Not only that, the Left will be emboldened to expand and improve their manipulative practices in both midterm and general elections. It can easily be conceivable that the Democratic Party will control at least 55 seats in the Senate and 240 seats in the House after the next midterm election. They would also have no trouble winning the White House in 2024 as no Republican candidate will ever stand a chance to win the currently disputed states. Donald Trump will be the last Republican president.

Two, it is true that some support Trump due to his charisma and no-nonsense personality. However, a greater number of those who passionately support him are driven by his America First message and his deep love of country. These are the voters who are tired of being ruled for decades by the ruling class from both sides of the aisles. They have seen enough of the collusion of this class with big business to promote their own self-interest rather than national and middle-class interests. They are globalists who use the American public to boost their political and economic interests. In Trump, the U.S. middle class found a man with enormous wealth and a great life who used to have friends from both sides of the political spectrum, and yet was willing to enter the political arena only to be tortured mercilessly by his foes and abandoned by his ‘friends.’ For them Trump is akin to a billionaire Robin Hood. They love Trump because he loves them.

Overwhelmingly, these Trump’s supporters see that Trump won the election until the Left stole it from him. They want their President to fight by all legal means until he eventually wins. If this election theft is allowed to pass, they will not bother to vote for Republicans in future elections.

Third, during the last presidential debate, Biden has made it clear that within 100 days of his presidency, he will be sending to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented aliens. As I analyzed its potential political impact, this initiative could immediately add at least eight million voters to Democrat voting blocs. This would turn Texas, Florida, and Georgia blue and thus eliminate the possibility of Republican president and Senate as well as a House majority for an unforeseeable future.

Losing in a fair and honest political race is natural. In such a case, the best way going forward is indeed to regroup and prepare for the next race. But having your win stolen blatantly and yet concede it without a fight is not a sign of the moral high ground. Instead, it is a death sentence to your political future.

The so-called conservative pundits who have such an attitude have nothing much to lose. They will still have their jobs. But the defeatist Republican politicians have no business being in politics.

The single admirable trait of the Left is their tendency to be united in fighting their political opposition. As President Trump and his legal team are mounting the fight against overwhelming opposition due to the Left’s total control of the media and narrative, the GOP must be united. For starters, all the current and upcoming GOP senators and congressmen/women may need to come together to the White House to express unity. After all, whether they realize it or not, the result of this election fiasco will determine not only the fate of the Republic, but also their own political survival.


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