COVID Vaccines: What If The Silenced Scientists Warning Against Them Are Right?

Vaccines: What if all the silenced scientists warning against them are right?

By: Patricia McCarthy

Is there anyone on the planet who does not know that the media and big tech have sought to control the COVID narrative from the outset?

Probably. Just as there are most likely people who do not know that volumes of contrary information about COVID has been suppressed, which includes valuable information about available therapeutics such as ivermectin and HCQ.

Dr. Fauci knew of the efficacy of those drugs years ago but was determined to ensure that the public was deprived of that knowledge. Any mention of these prophylactic treatments has been quashed by the mainstream media, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Anyone posting information in contradiction to the Biden administration’s pandemic porn has likely been banned or cancelled. But while one may have to go searching for pertinent information from doctors and scientists other than Fauci, there are plenty of them out there and they have been sounding various alarms for eighteen months.

There are those the administration has called the “dirty dozen” who, they say, are guilty of misinformation and so must be silenced; but there are many others who have been writing, have given interviews and have posted videos in their attempts to apprise the citizenry of the facts they’ve been denied via the mainstream media. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a long-time anti-vaxxer, is among that group as is Joseph Mercola who has for years had a massive following.

But there are many, many others — doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, biologists, pathologists, et al who have opposed the CDC and WHO narratives from the outset. They are all routinely banned from social media, their columns suppressed, their videos disappeared into internet neverland. The entirety of the leftmedia mocks them and sets out to permanently discredit them, all of them. The people running this country, including social media barons Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, and their cohorts in the media, many of them compromised by the CCP, are deciding for themselves what information we can see and read.

Not one of these self-appointed censors is a medical professional but all have the effrontery to censor actual medical and science professional experts as if they know better. There are arrogant censors all over the country who, if in positions of minimal power over small newspapers, print or online, or neighborhood sites that function throughout the country, are suppressing any postings that deviate from the mandated government propaganda. For example, post a link to an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA, and you will be cancelled. Dr. Malone has much to say about the long-term safety of the vaccines, especially for children and teens. His interviews are removed and now he is getting death threats! The Atlantic (of course) has a hit piece on him right now. The writer who accuses him of spreading misinformation is not a doctor but assumes he knows better.

One has to ask, Who are these people?

Along with Dr. Malone are many others from around the world, all with impeccable credentials: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Vernon Coleman of the UK, Dr. Ryan Cole is especially good at communicating the science in lay terms. Dr. Denis Rancourt of Ontario, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, The Children’s Health Defense Europe, Dr. Tom Cowan, the late Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, Dr. David Rasnick, a Ph.D chemist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. David Martin, Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Simone Gold of Frontline Doctors, Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly of Pfizer, Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford, Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University, authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, and Dr. Martin Kuldorff of Harvard. These are just a few of the doctors and scientists whose expertise has led them to entirely different conclusions regarding the treatment of COVID and the safety of the vaccines.

These people can be found on the internet, in large part thanks to Rumble, but are all banned from the sites too many Americans depend on for information – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the NYT, WaPo, CNN and MSNBC, and YouTube. The “fact-checkers” at those sites, again none of them medical professionals, are allowed and have been directed to bury the available opinions and conclusions that differ from the Biden administration’s possibly, potentially dangerously wrong “guidance.” So America has officially become a facsimile of Orwell’s 1984 in which only the government-sanctioned “facts” and ideas are allowed, tolerated. All deviations from the party line are forbidden.

The unvaccinated are being threatened with job loss and with being banned from their college and workplace campuses. Democrats want them on a no-fly list and to see them segregated from the vaccinated, à la Jim Crow.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, thinking he is king, has just ordered all California teachers to be vaxxed. That state cannot be rid of him fast enough.

The mystery is that so many Americans have so mindlessly complied with all this nonsense, like masks on children or masks on anyone for that matter. The masks do nothing but harm, but Oregon Governor Kate Brown has just mandated them for everyone, indoors and out. If all those who have so willingly submitted to the whims of our tyrannous elites had done a bit of their own research, beyond Facebook and Twitter, CNN and MSNBC, they might have given masks and vaccines a second thought and been better off for it. If the goal of Big Tech was the thorough indoctrination of 330 million people, they have been wildly successful. A bit more than half of the population has succumbed to their hypnotic, subliminal inculcation of COVID fear and the propaganda needed to maintain control of the masses.

Do all of the censors who are operating as if trained by the Soviets know they are part of a massive cover-up, a calculated plan to deny the American people free access to any and all information actually available and which may be valid?

Everyone should know by now that the CDC says and does only what the Biden administration and his union allies tell it to say. We cannot trust a word that Fauci or CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky say; not one word. The WHO is under the effective control of the CCP, so is equally untrustworthy. We should all realize by now that Fauci, Dr. Francis Collins, and the doctors who show up on CNN and the networks are government apparatchiks who say what they are told to say and/or what benefits them. Not one of them can utter an anti-vax word. Fauci owns numerous patents on both viruses and the drugs being pushed, and being a patent man, what we see of it now is that the existing therapeutics are disparaged. After all, no one would make money on those two old off-patent drugs HCQ and ivermectin.

People can meander through the articles, essays and videos linked above and decide for themselves who and what makes sense to them and wonder why these voices have all been if not erased, hidden from the casual news viewer. Why have non-professional twenty-somethings been ordered to block them from the social media sites, serving as the establishment’s useful idiots?

The most serious question though is: What if a few of them, some of them, or even all of these dissenting doctors are right about the vaccines, COVID treatments, the variants, etc.? What if they are?

What if the millions of Americans who have masked, rushed to be jabbed, have had their kids vaxxed and masked, did so with faulty, insufficient information as to the truth of these experimental injections that are not actually vaccines?

They were not adequately informed as to the possible side effects or any potential long-term consequences? If that is the case, if the vaccines are, as some or even all of these shadow-banned doctors believe, exacerbating existing co-morbidities, damaging hearts and other organs, affecting fertility, causing miscarriages while the TV docs tell us they are safe for pregnant women, then half of the American population is in for a shock if not some serious disappointment and accompanying medical crises.

The people at VaccineTruth2 have made an offer:

We are willing to enter into a written $1M bet contract w/anyone in the world. We bet $1M that over 10,000 Americans have been killed where the vaccine elevated the primary symptom of their death. Court of law decides if we disagree. $ escrowed both sides. Any takers?”

This certainly suggests that, whoever these folks are, they too believe the vaccines have made death more imminent for many. Let us hope the naysayers are wrong.

But what if they are right?

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell


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8 Comments on COVID Vaccines: What If The Silenced Scientists Warning Against Them Are Right?

  1. Poem 8/14/2021
    Approaching darkness, the coming upheaval
    Applied by fools, designed by evil.
    Demons tell lies calling it science.
    Cowards fall weeping in bitter compliance
    The brave are mocked and fall in battle
    While slaughter awaits the vast herd of cattle.

  2. “Not one of these self-appointed censors is a medical professional . . .” and NEITHER are ANY of their so-called ‘fact-checkers’, as far as I can tell. As a retired microbiologist I challenge ANY of them to verify that there are ANY cases of SARS-CoV-2 ‘virii’ out in the wild.

    “The mystery is that so many Americans have so mindlessly complied with all this nonsense, like masks on children or masks on anyone for that matter. The masks do nothing but harm, …” in fact it’s been shown in many videos that the measure CO(2) concentration exceeds 5,000 ppm within 10 seconds – which is a level the OSHA says requires continuous safety monitoring if that happens in an industrial or other company setting, because it presents a health hazard to employees.

    “What if the millions of Americans who have masked, rushed to be jabbed, have had their kids vaxxed and masked, did so with faulty, insufficient information as to the truth of these experimental injections that are not actually vaccines?” – unfortunately they will succumb to the next season’s NATURAL cold and flu season, experience the ADE induced cytokine storm and become the casualties of the global war being conducted against us by the ‘elite’, who are nothing more than atheist, diabolical narcissists who think they have some claim to superiority over the rest of us just because they’re richer than us.

  3. Have you noticed Moe Bitem calls it “misinformation” and not the WRONG information. Big difference.

    For with one you can sue and call it a lie but they won’t because they know.

  4. The mad pressure to get vaccinated makes no medical or scientific sense. It is obvious that the people behind this pressure have ulterior motives not being revealed to the American people. What is the real motive behind this vaccination campaign? Big money for the Big Pharma? Depopulation? Or perhaps something else?

  5. Right On!
    Our society and health is in great danger led by the current administration and fake experts. America has become like sheep led to the slaughter. Wake up America!

  6. Yeah calling it the “China virus” just means you’ve lapped up some of their propaganda.

    If you’re not properly calling this the “Rothschild Virus”, then you haven’t read enough.

    If you haven’t yet learned of the goldmine found in patent searches…

  7. A cure of the China virus prevents the gov from using the fear factor in controlling the peopld. Additionally, it keeps big pharma from making billions in tax dollars.

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