Are Unsafe Vaccine Factories a Potential Doomsday Scenario?

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TLB Note: You would expect that something that will be injected directly into your body, bypassing the its natural protection mechanisms would be produced in a very careful and precise fashion, taking ultimate care not to allow for contamination of any sort. What you are about to read will shake you to the core and further erode any confidence you ever had for this mechanism.

What would happen if a vaccine that is administered to a large portion of the population, say the flue vaccine, was contaminated with a harmful or deadly virus due to poor sanitary conditions or lack of adequate safety procedures or oversight?

Understand a compromised or contaminated vaccine could be a tragic scenario, especially as it relates to infants with a still developing immune system, the elderly, or those with an existing immune system dysfunction.

As we in the know discuss the dangers of vaccines in general … this is a topic that never gets much attention. But after reading what is presented here, maybe it should, because,

“Are unsafe vaccine factories a potential Doomsday Scenario …”


Safety Dangers Exposed at Vaccine Factories

vaccine-factoriesBy: Blanche Levine

Here’s something you won’t find published in the mainstream news – yet it’s true – vaccine manufacturers run contaminated, poorly-managed facilities. These factories fail to sterilize their equipment; allow cross contamination; produce uneven doses – with some vaccine lots having higher amounts of cancer-causing substances.

In truth, the great number of vaccines pushed upon the uninformed public are providing a fertile environment for a doomsday scenario.

Contamination of vaccines are particularly dangerous because all vaccines bypass an intact immune system.

Most organisms enter the body through the mucous membranes of your nose, mouth, pulmonary system or your digestive system. All of these areas have their own immune system with the help of immunoglobulin (IgA). IgA acts like your first line of defense, helping to fight off invading organisms at the point of entry.

Bypassing the immune system is one of the reasons why accepting a toxic vaccine could be a tragic mistake.

Are vaccine producers ignoring safety concerns?

The Prevnar (vaccine) is for the prevention of streptococcus pneumonia and is given to infants 6 weeks and older and adults 50 years of age and older. This means two of the most vulnerable populations are given this vaccine.

Two whistleblowers have accused the vaccine producer of making false statements to the government concerning the manufacturing problems with this vaccine.

Anthony Sokol, a manufacturing scientist was fired after he raised concerns over the vaccine. He claimed that Wyeth had concealed and misrepresented the data it gave to the government.

He stated that they hired large numbers of new employees with limited backgrounds in vaccine production. Because of the complex nature of biological vaccines it takes lots of training to understand the entire process.

Livington, the second worker, complained about the dangerous working conditions which also affected the safety of the vaccine. He pointed out that many manufacturing technicians didn’t want to work in the manufacturing area for fear of the chemicals used in the production process – including cyanide.

Sodium cyanide is dangerous and mixed with water forms hydrogen cyanide, the gas used in the Holocaust chambers. Wyeth uses it in the manufacturing process, but trace amounts remain in the vaccine itself.

Many toxic substances are in the vaccine and some of them aren’t labeled such as sodium cyanide. Unsuspecting parents are never told about the presence of these substances and the harm they can cause. He further stated that “employees have to keep their mouths shut or face losing employment.”

The history of vaccine dangers continues…

Merck Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Gardasil, has been cited with warning letters from the FDA as far back as 2008 for sub par manufacturing practices. As of 2011, Merck was found not to have produced the changes.

The specific manufacturing concerns stated that more than once Merck has failed to check the dosage strength on batches of vaccines prior to distribution. These discrepancies were found in the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine that they produced.

Vaccine risk may be a difficult thing to precisely assess, but – without a doubt – every vaccine includes a significant risk. Merck compounded the risks by not investigating why some batches were outside of specifications and its failure to maintain production and process control, according to the FDA.

They also were cited because vaccine vials were over-pressurized and leaking, while rogue fibers were contaminating some of the vials. In addition, it was found that filters used in the bioprocess had material leaching out.

In 2008, inspectors found cases of contaminated children’s vaccines. Samuel Young – a retired FDA deputy director – stated that vaccine makers were suppose to investigate vaccine lots if their use was associated with either someone losing their life or experiencing a life-threatening event from the shot.

The FDA reported that Merck had failed to investigate such cases. For example, the Merck plant in Pennsylvania was cited for 49 items related to poor manufacturing practices at the facility. I wonder what their doing about all of these problems?

Before your next flu shot – you better read this…

Sanofi Pasteur is the vaccine division of Sanofi – the largest company devoted to human vaccines. They distribute more than 1 billion doses of vaccines a year. And, they are capable of vaccinating more than 500 million people.

They were by far the largest producer of seasonal influenza vaccines in 2012; they provided more than 200 million doses. The U.S. government awarded Sanofi Pasteur a contract to ‘improve’ the egg supply for vaccines.

Sanofl Pasteur restructured its bird flock management so that embryonated eggs would be available to support vaccine production. These can be potentially susceptible to avian influenza so flocks associated with vaccine production are under strict contract and must be completely housed, monitored by veterinarians, and raised under biosecurity regulations.

Can we trust Sanofl Pasteur with our health?

The FDA found objectionable conditions and deviations from good manufacturing practices at Sanofl Pasteur. Bloomberg News reported that the plant was cited with 24 violations including failure to follow procedures to prevent vaccine contamination.

The Sanofi vaccine unit was sent a warning letter from the FDA in July of 2012 containing a laundry list of infractions. The things found were inadequate product sterility and environmental monitoring, unapproved manufacturing changes and a failure to follow training protocols.

Their Canadian plant was sent a warning letter because they failed to follow proper procedures to prevent microbiological contamination of their products or to test products adequately to ensure they all met the same scientific standards.

Safety violations are routine at drug factories and so are filthy conditions. Contaminated vaccines can contain black fungus, wrong dosages and a larger quantity of cancer-causing toxins to be injected into the body.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Vitamins and whole food supplements have a manufacturers name on them, vaccines do not. Pharmaceutical companies spend an enoormous amount of money on lobbyists, lawyers, and media but very little on safety issues. A disaster may be brewing behind the walls of vaccine manufacturing plants – let the buyer beware.


About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She has the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in natural healing including Naturopaths, scientist and energy healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.



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