I’m a Nuisance & Proud Of It! – A Vaccine Activists Rant

I’m a Nuisance & Proud Of It! – A Vaccine Activists Rant

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

TLB Project has the extreme privilege of partnering with so many excellent and intelligent contributors. Their value lies in their talent to ferret out a stream of truth from an ocean of lies.

This does not always endear them to the establishment, acquaintances, friends, or even family. Most can be quite boisterous when necessary, and most can easily be considered at times ‘off balance’ or ‘misguided’ by the ignorant aforementioned.

What we present here is one such TLB contributor.

We who dig so deep for the truth … what we know to be true, via the time and effort we invest in its revelation, can be bold and even blatant with our hard earned knowledge, unwilling to succumb to the lies and misdirection’s so many others are caught up in, and blinded by.

We can in fact be a deemed a ‘nuisance’.

Lori, like many of us on occasion, has her fill of the push back from what she knows to be the truth, and a rant (of more or lesser degree) is sure to ensue … What we present here is just such an occasion. Now Lori was not even considering this would ‘absolutely’ be published by TLB and forwarded it to me mainly as a written vent of her frustrations … but I see the wisdom and truth in it as many in similar circumstances also will.

Mind you what you are being presented with below is not a deeply researched article or an in-depth statistical commentary, rather it is the written representation of the feelings we are all only too familiar with.

Sometimes you just have to say what you are feeling!

May we all find our common experience and need to vent in her words, and offer her our appreciation for her prolific openness!

So for all of us vaccine activists, truth seekers, prolific researchers etc… I present Lori’s rant.


I’m a Nuisance & Proud Of It!

A Mini Rant by TLB Contributing Author: Lori

My job can be quite stressful at times so I like to start my day with a laugh.  My laugh of the day came from a relative that called me a nuisance. My response was “Really?”

But let me expound upon this.

If I’m a nuisance (and I am not doubting that I can be), then whom exactly do I intentionally and consistently pester?

Why don’t we start with …

I’m a nuisance to the CDC.

My goal in life is to expose them for the liars they are. To expose them for being so greedy when it comes to getting money from Big Pharma to push their toxic vaccines. To expose them for hiding the truth about the vaccine-autism link.

I’m a nuisance to Dr. Paul Offit.

He is a liar. He is making millions a year by pushing vaccines. He lies continually to parents that vaccines are safe and effective, and he lies to the public via the media continually.

I’m a nuisance to the Iowa Public Department of Health.

If Patricia Quinlisk pushes the toxic flu shot, I get on the news outlets and post the facts that are being omitted in the news stories. When Quinlisk declared a Public Health emergency because of one measles case, I posted a blog calling her out on it.

I’m a nuisance to doctors, nurses & ER doctors.

They can’t keep up with me when I tell them the facts regarding vaccines that they are clearly missing or omitting. Then I tell them the facts about how toxic Tylenol is to kids after vaccines. I’ve lost track of how many doctors I’ve sent scurrying from the room.

I’m a nuisance to my pro-vaccine family.

The common argument that I get from my husbands family is that these diseases are making a come back as a result of us anti vaxxers. When you look at the actual facts, the outbreaks are occurring mostly among the fully vaccinated population!

I’m a nuisance to my family that blindly trusts the medical establishment.

In my home we don’t trust the medical establishment any further than we can see them.  We question anything and everything they say. They don’t like to be questioned since they have medical degrees, but they can’t possibly have everything memorized. I’ve lost track of misdiagnoses that have occurred over and over again, until I stopped trusting them. I was sick much of my childhood because of blind trust in the medical establishment. No more, that trust is gone.

So, there you have it …

I AM after all, a nuisance!

Until next time …



Visit Lori at her outstanding blog Vaccine Free Health



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