Attorney General Eric Holder Responds to the Zimmerman Trial

abdden_telekulak_savunmasi_h137754[1]By: Beth Janelle

Civil Rights are a class of rights that protect individual’s freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the states without discrimination or repression. Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, (AG) has expressed his concern and desire to move forward with a federal lawsuit against Zimmerman as a civil rights violation, namely ‘hate crimes racially motivated’. Holder said “We opened an investigation last spring, and we must not let this ‘opportunity’ pass,” he continues, “we are determined to stand with the people of Sanford and deal with underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs, and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these two common incidents.”


Folks, we have a demagogue AG politicizing a tragedy for personal and political gain. To presume that race was the basis of this crime is contrary to findings of the arm of the Department of Justice, FBI. The FBI’s conclusion, after interviewing 35 witnesses and collected dozens of documents, stated there is no evidence of a racially motivated crime. To bring federal charges against Zimmerman, in light of the facts, the jury’s verdict, and due process, is a vile misuse of power. Where is the evidence to support a civil rights violation perpetrated on Trayvon? In fact, it was Trayvon who called Zimmerman a “Crazy A** Cracker.” Is that an underlying attitude? Mistaken beliefs and even a stereotype? Why apply this standard to Trayvon and not to Zimmerman? It appears the bemoaning AG, is pushing an unwarranted government infringement on Zimmerman.

Holders’ pomposity is palpable. He uses phrases that mean something to him, however leave the public muddled. Holder fails to bridge this gap of misunderstanding during his comments of “underlying attitudes and mistaken beliefs.” A detailed explanation is in order within the context of this issue. Eric Holder has posed as a neutral arbiter of law. Yet under his tenure he has warped the rule of law. This is a man who has added more fuel to the fire when it comes to racial division. In fact, several who have worked under Obama and Holder have said he literally carries a race card in his back pocket. Selective enforcement is the hallmark of this administration.

Holder lost all credibility when he claimed to seek the truth yet refers to this incident as one that has failed, in Holder’s words, “my people.” Holder has a grand canyon gap between his words and his actions.

We have an Attorney General beset by high seas of scandals; Namely, Benghazi and Fast and Furious, where he was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to deliver documents related to the Fast and Furious Scandal. Lest we forget, the ongoing investigation as to whether Holder lied under oath, to Congress, when asked if he had any knowledge of the NSA’s invasion into the privacy of Fox news reporter, James Rosen. Seems Holders denial of spying on journalists is a flat out lie when he in fact signed the subpoena allowing this spying to occur.

The department of Justice is rapidly becoming a colloquialism for the Department of social and selective justice.

If justice is blind, then Holder missed that memo. Selective enforcement, cherry picking, and politicizing one case over another, becomes unfair and biased. There are a plethora of cases of which Holder can choose from. For Holder to pick this particular case to run with, while ignoring black on black crimes, black on Hispanic crimes, black on white crimes, increasing crimes in Chicago, New Orleans, Cleveland and Detroit, to name just a few, equates Holder to one carrying a biased, unfair agenda beyond the scope of his duties and responsibilities.

President Obama said “the jury has rendered its verdict.” Yet he uses Holder as his mouth piece to invite the Department of Justice to intervene implying he is not satisfied with the jury’s verdict. This type of dictatorial leadership lends itself to an acceptance and approval of the incitement of riots and racial tensions. It would behoove both the President and the Attorney General to lend confidence to the American people, to support peace and unity, not division and bias. When Chicago has 70 murders in one weekend, and the Obama Administration remains silent, one can only conclude that Obama’s rhetorical speak is merely lip service sans justice for all.

Furthering this case, to the Department of Justice and a grand jury means the prosecution would have to reject the outcome of the Jury’s decision, reject the finding of the FBI, and prove Zimmerman’s actions were based on hatred for the race of the person who was killed. Does the DOJ have the time and resources to try cases in court where blacks have committed racially motivated crimes, murders, and theft?

As always, I will end my article with a quote: “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  1. Yes we do, and sometimes that is the BEST prayer we can honesty offer for those in power here. Keep in mind that His plan is working out right on schedule too; and it has a better outcome!

  2. So true Sandra. The enemy within is doing his work with ease. They have been captured and controlled by the deception which is the devils bloodline. We must pray, in Ernest, that our heavenly fathers’ WILL be done!

  3. King’s quote will only come to pass when our Lord establishes His kingdom on Earth. Holder and O are working as hard as they can for His opposition, which is why everything they do is such perversion, particularly where justice is concerned, or any fotm of honesty!

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