Autism, and a Vacuous Pox On the Anti-vax Parent

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“Where there is Love there is life.” -Mahatma Gandhi

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

I have decided to take on the idea of vaccinations. As always, to get to the truth, one must hit that ball back and forth, and when the dust settles, hopefully the truth will be visible… hopefully, we will recognize it when we see it!

One might think the argument a simple matter to consider, and yet there is a powerful triangulation that stymies most all civility, and the truth of this matter is covered in both fear and outright lies. If you want to know the truth, which is not always evident in the world of men, follow the paper trail. If there is a corporate profit to be made, more than likely there will be little or no moral compass, as the corporation is compartmentalized just for that purpose… Individuals, except for those calling the shots from the top, do not feel or understand the workings of other departments, and so do not feel responsible for the whole, or its overt consequences. And so, if love and fear is the primary motivator of an individual, there will, there must be a moral equivalent. And that is what I’m looking to find here…Of course, there are exceptions, but I challenge you to find one. Even an individual who might take a stand on a social issue on a television program, or a restaurant perhaps, or other businesses who might make it known that it is opposed to some government mandate, must have indeed calculated that there was a good chance they would survive the ordeal, and even formulate the possibility that it might be lucrative, before coming forth and taking a stand… Yes, so terrible to consider, that goodness may be tainted, but how rare are the kinds that have come forth knowing full well that their take on a particular subject would ultimately destroy their very livelihood? Can you name one? Whistle-blowers come to mind…

On one side is a woman who thinks that her children will be at risk unless it is mandated by government that all children be required, by pain of fine and or imprisonment, to be vaccinated… If they refuse, they must have virtual forfeiture of any further participation inside of that society, branded publicly, marked so that they will be identified everywhere they travel, and will be forever labeled as such, unless of course, they resend…it is the price paid for dissonance on one hand, and an unquestioned and dominating authority on the other…. Civil Disobedience, the Constitution, our civil liberties, freedom, Liberty from tyranny, all morality and ethics, Love and joy, all civility, all politeness, all of science, all of history and our future, everything both artful or speculated by scientific hypothesis, and our undeniable imagination… all of it would be pulverized by a woman guarding her children… and it is well known that she would do anything, anything at all…

And Big Pharmacy knows this… and the paper trail both begins and ends there…

Big Pharmacy is even bigger then the Military Industrial Complex, and Government wants to control that… oh, really? And what is big government?

It is a collection of corporations with a singular mindset, working in conjunction… and by the use of media, and corporate lawyers, they pay billions for their drug adds, at the same time lobbing congress to support them in their monetary-big-Pharmacy endeavors. Lobbying is not a plead for help; it is bought and paid for…It may or may not surprise you to know that “Obama-care,..” you know the one that had to pass so that we could see what was inside? Well, now the thousands of pages are found to be full of doublespeak, and convoluted lawyer loop-holes, and has a Big Brother Pharmacy-fingerprint on every page. They finally had enough from both sides to vote it in, and what prey-tell changed their minds, not actually knowing what was in it? What could change the mind of a man who is bought and paid for?

So lets hit the ball back for a moment…

Why would a loving woman take a stand against another loving woman, unless her mind is filled with something else, like fear. And where would she get this fear? From a long-ago teacher? An inner voice of reason? What if, let us consider for a moment… media propaganda? And who controls this media, corporations do, and what is their primary objective? Is it a cure for cancer? Is it a free drug that cures diabetes? No, no more so then a good surgeon want to tell you that a topical cream will get rid of a planter’s wart. Cutting it out will be far more effective, we are told, and they sleep very well at night, justifying that it is…

Wait, lets bounce it back again…

Isn’t Anti-vaccination parents deemed by Pro-vaccinated parents to be dangerous and irresponsible? And that without that particular vaccination, as all others are required by law to do, the individual, along with their entire family, will be scorned as irresponsive to the collective needs of our civilization, and the decision to withdraw from the system irresponsible. Some, but not all, who are Pro-Vaccination, say the chance is worth the risk, even in the wake of admitting that the increase in autism is not readily understood. 10,000 to one a decade ago is now 50 to one… and looks to be still escalating… Yes, escalating, with an unknown trigger. Is it as simple as one person not being able to put their feet in another person’s shoes? Surely, you would think differently, question the official narrative more closely, if your child contracted autism on the very day they got a shot…

Your child had a slight fever, but some had not symptoms at all, and that is not enough to show that each individual reacts differently to the shot! If there are differing reactions, why can’t we concede that some people may be more susceptible than others? We are not allergic the same, so what is the problem?

The nurses, practitioners of many kinds, and doctors that I know, some in my family and some who I see professionally, overwhelmingly agree that vaccinations are a powerful force, and tool, for good. Now this may be entirely true, or wrong, but shouldn’t we consider that the primary reason for this strong supportive stance might be that they have, for their entire career, believed that vaccinations are a power for good, and that even the mere suggestion that it is not is an affront not only to their intellect, but morally as well? Who, with so much education, making daily life and death decisions, would readily admit the remote possibility that they have been duped. Surely, a doctor three hundred years ago would look at how medicine is being practiced today as magic. And surely, without a doubt, with computer compilations that create new data, with the ability to save it all, and making it easily accessible to all those working on similar projects…. That, for the sake of reason, we are doubling our store of knowledge in most all of the sciences, every 2.2 years? Could there be, Lord forbid, something that might curb this expansion of knowledge? Perhaps a reluctance to relinquish power, control, and a black bottom line?

If everyone would just back up a moment, and look into each others eyes, they would see the same thing: Goodness, Love, accountability, responsibility, obligation, duty, honor, and all of it motivated by fear.

Points to consider...

1.) There is the trust issue. Both big corporations and government, all modern governments, work together for a common cause. Some corporations in Russia feel competitive with some Western corporations, and central banks too. Do you think that Western inventions are protected by law beyond the borders of China, Russia, or India? International law? Ever wonder why our current Progressive government is so opposed to being under the jurisdiction of a system of international law? No, it has nothing to do with your right to bear arms, but of the profit margin in arms and drug trafficking. If you really want truth, do a bit of homework using this question:

“What does Afghanistan Poppy, Medicinal Marijuana, Benghazi, Iran, Saudi and Israel, Cuba and North Korea, have in common?”

Want a hint? Its Profit. Corporate profit.

2.) If you vaccinate your children, and it works, then they surely must be safe from those who are not vaccinated. Unless, of course, the vaccination did not work. So what moral justification does one woman have over the other, if both ideals are flawed? Both are love and caring, responsible parents, who want to do what is right. If there are no guarantees, why then is the argument so cut and dry?

3.) Read the Public Health Service Act (PHSA). And how it deals with something they term “Quarantine.” Any resistance against the proclamation martial law, is futile, with unconstitutional draconian enforcement backed by the military. Yes, we trust them. We trust everything that is said on the black box too. They have never lied to us!

Now, you might be surprised to know that I have not yet made a decision on this issue here, but after seeing the video above, you just might see the light….

I did know a woman in Crowley. LA, who has been raising a child who was normal the same day it was inoculated, over thirty years ago.

“While we were driving home, I saw the change in her. I saw her alert, with sparkling eyes that recognized me and reacted to me, and I watched them turn dull and without light before we got home. She didn’t die that day, only her future did, because she is still four years old. There is no way anyone can tell me that shot had nothing to do with it. It can’t be proved, so they told me, but I live with it every day, and I know damned well the shot did it.”

This year she will be 38. She still plays with the same teddy bear, has never learned to read, and is barley potty trained. She can not be trusted alone, and has to be monitored from the time she wakes up till she is bathed and put to sleep. She is diagnosed with having autism, and no one can explain how or why. Don’t we have an obligation to ask these questions? Any loving and responsible parent would.

“I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” -Voltaire

This is the essence of Libertarianism.

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