‘Bald Eagle To A Pig’: A Musical Tribute to the Mainstream Media (LOL)

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By TLB Contributor: Mona Fishman

April 2015 – Mainstream media. The boob tube! The song titled “Bald Eagle To A Pig” is is not only about mainstream media lies and how gullible their viewers are, but it is also about prisons for profit, the Fed, corrupt election practices, the impeachment of Obama, and includes a personal “wish-list” of mine.

“Bald Eagle To A Pig” is basically about how our once proud strong mascot has transformed into a greedy unrecognizable pig!

With lyrics about crony capitalism: “Bilderberg and Cronies, Love their killer Dronies, Wanna take our guns man, What a bunch of Phonies!” and the chorus “Mainstream Media – Look at what they’re feeding ya’, Bald Eagle to a Pig – And they just keep getting Greedier,” this song should make any patriot smile.

The original recording I made of the “Bald Eagle To A Pig” is with male vocals if you prefer.  This song has both a Ron and a Rand Paul version, or as I put it, I “Rand-ified” the song.

I have chosen to feature in this article the recording of the amazing Dale Bozzio, singer of the band Missing Persons, singing my song in her style. Dale is the Original Lady GaGa , and has had several hits such as “Destination Unknown,” “Words,” “Walking In L.A.,” and “Noticeable One.” Dale was discovered by her friend Frank Zappa and was Mary in his “Mary’s Restaurant.” Dale and Missing Persons were also in the late Frank Sinatra’s video “L.A. Is My Lady”.

I met Dale in 2013, after the polluted presidential election, through my friend Nadir D’Priest, patriot and singer of the heavy metal band London.  London was started by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. Some of you know London from MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, or maybe some of you saw London perform at PAUL-FEST in Tampa prior to the corrupt GOP convention in 2012. London has had all of the original members of Guns ‘N Roses other than Axle in it at one time or another.

Nadir and London were featured in the Penelope Spheeris’ movie ” The Decline Of The Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years” along with KISS and Ozzie, which is currently being re-released in a boxed set and Nadir is on the cover! Spoiler Alert: London has agreed to record my Liberty song “Sin In The Game,” so look for that in future months. I am very excited.

Besides my own Liberty song “Bald Eagle To A Pig”, I’ve also included a video by Dale of a recent live performance televised live on NBC, as well as a favorite song of mine by London called  ” Russian Winter ” which was featured in the movie The Metal Years.

Remember I am a grassroots supporter and do NOT speak for either Dr. Rand Paul nor Dr. Ron Paul.

All of my Liberty songs are available for free downloads on my soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/Mona-Lidji-Fishman.

I hope you guys enjoy and share….and support Ron & Rand Paul! Turn It Up!

What do you think of the songs? Let us know in the comments.


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