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I know for a fact that Jade Helm 15 (JH-15) has the “experts” concerned. Even the operational leaders of JH-15 are leery about what they are being asked to do. I am aware that retired members of FEMA, DHS and various branches of the military have felt the need to go into extreme isolation (i.e. hiding), or have decided to leave the United States all together.

Meanwhile, mainstream media accounts of Jade Helm ridicule those with verifiable information about JH-15. They make fun of eye witness accounts and documents which demonstrate the appropriate level of concern we should all have with regard to this issue.

This morning I received the following email which is emblematic of the many that I am getting with regard to JH-15.


Typically I keep a low profile given some of my activities but thought I’d drop you a quick note….On Jade Helm, well, I think it’s one of the most important issues you’ve written about.

My brother is retired from US Army Special Forces. He was a REDACTED special ops for nearly 25 years with multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He now works for a REDACTED AT REDACTED. I don’t usually talk about certain things with him because I don’t want to jeopardize his clearance which is pretty high. Yesterday I finally asked him – “What about Jade Helm”. He paused for a moment and said just a few words – “I’m very concerned”. And then went on to describe how much money will be spent and how it may play out. I live in rural Maricopa County which may see some people deployed here. I told him it would be interesting to see what happened if I encountered anyone and confronted them about what they were doing. I’ve been around these guys enough to know who they are. He simply said – “These people are so brainwashed and most have a chip on their shoulder. Be careful or you could get the shit beaten out of you.” I hung up the phone and just shook my head.

Sometimes I get concerned about all the “prepper porn” sites and misinformation out there that is simply another mechanism of fomenting fear. However, Jade Helm is an authentic exercise and could be a turning point in history. My brother said he’d never seen anything like it from a planning and implementation perspective. Furthermore, there is only one reason for it and I’m sure you can guess what that is – the total subjugation of the American people. As I commented yesterday a lot of attention has to start being paid to the people who will actually carry this out. Shaming those in the military publicly. I challenged my own brother yesterday and he got the message.

To the Washington Post, Google and all the other minion media sites who are increasingly making their living by debunking the truth and legitimate concerns, I present to you the following video which appropriately asks the questions: Who are the real conspiracy theorists and who really comprises the new lunatic fringe?


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