Bankrupt California City Tells Residents to ‘Lock Your Doors, Load Your Guns’ After Police Force Slashed

(NaturalNews/Photo AP) In a sign of things to come in this day and age of forced fiscal austerity, officials of a bankrupt city in California are warning residents they will need to accept more responsibility for their own safety because services are going to be cut – including the police force.

The city of San Bernardino – one of four California municipalities to declare bankruptcy this year – is now under fire for being honest with its residents, telling them that, in wake of the coming police cuts, they should “lock their doors and load their guns.”

City attorney Jim Penman, who made the comments during a recent City Council meeting, said he doesn’t regret the warning at all, adding that it was entirely appropriate given the gravity of the situation and the slashing of public safety budgets.

“You should say what you mean and mean what you say,” Penman told local media.

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