Bill Nemitz and the Portland Press Herald’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following response to The Portland Press Herald is strong worded but it simply does not go far enough. Vaccines cause injury 100% of the time and it is time that we the anti vaxxers stand against all vaccine injury and for the future of humanity.

As a vaccine injured person I am tired of the lies from big phama and I am equally tired of an anti vaccine movement that is too scared to take an actual stand against vaccines!

Vaccine injury is real, it comes in many forms, and it is preventable! We can stop the poisoning of humanity by acknowledging all of the millions who have been harmed by vaccines and by truly rising up and saying never again!

This is about so much more than Autism and I am very troubled that some have decided to make vaccine injury an Autism only issue! Not only does this open the door for the pro vaccine liars to target and systematically dismantle arguments that call vaccines unsafe, it shuts out the billions of people with other vaccine related injures. People who have developed cancer, diabetes, learning disabilities, and horrifying conditions such as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination Polyneuropathy deserve to be represented and advocated for just as much as those who have developed Autism as a result of vaccine poisoning.

Unless we change our tactics we have no right to continue to call ourselves activist because calling for “choice” or advocating for a “delayed vaccine schedule” is exactly the same thing as handing innocent children over to big pharma and saying poison them at will!

We The People NOT They The Elite! (CW)

Bill Nemitz and the Portland Press Herald’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us

By Ginger Taylor

The Portland Press Herald has been an Offit Outlet since 2014 when their “health” writer wrote his first hit piece on vaccine injury families, then three weeks later shared the stage with Paul Offit at the National Press Club as an example of what a great vaccine writer looks like.  Again, he wrote ONE ARTICLE on vaccination.

Their propaganda campaign continues with a new op ed by a popular Maine writer, speaking arrogantly and from a place of profound ignorance about the vaccine program, who opens his article with, “A small but growing number of parents think inoculations carry risks, but the biggest risk for their kids – and the rest of us – is not getting vaccinated at all.”

For the record, it’s a growing number of parents, four federal agencies, The US Congress, The US Court of Federal Claims, The Supreme Court of the United States of America, and all vaccine makers, that think vaccines carry risk… the last of which lists hundreds of those risks on the package inserts, after agreeing with all listed above that all FDA approved vaccines are, “Unavoidably Unsafe.”

In this piece, Nemitz says parents are “self-centered” for believing all three branches of the US Government, and product manufactures because… and I am not kidding… when the writer was young there was a place called Polio Pond, where people were afraid of getting polio, even though no one ever contracted polio there.  This in an article where he exclaims that, “Anti-vaccine movement’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us.”  (Also… MEASLES! PERTUSSIS! WAKEFIELD! SCIENCE!  Did you know that you don’t wanna vaccinate, “Because a crusading quack made claims 20 years ago that have never, not once, been backed up by real science?”  Perhaps some day a piece of science will show vaccines are associated with autism.)

Mr Nemitz diversions from reality in this op ed are many.  I started writing a piece to combat all the fiction and fantasy here, but I gave up at eight pages and just sent him this email.   No response.

Also for the record, Nemitz reports that, “Here in Maine, the first measles case in 20 years was reported last month in Farmington – a female who contracted the virus during overseas travel.”  The case was reported internationally as a dangerous measles outbreak, caused by “anti-vaxxers”, as if the black death had come to Maine.  In fact, no outbreak occurred, no transmission took place, and from what I understand, no Mainer has actually had the measles.

Maine CDC reports that there was a “travel related” case of measles that visited several places in Maine and Canada June 15th to 18th.  They will not confirm anything about the case, but Maine is a small town, so it is my understanding that this was an adult male Canadian citizen who visited Maine after being infected, went back to Canada, then returned to Maine where he was diagnosed.  It is also my understanding that the symptoms were very mild.  It is not unusual for Canadians just north of the border to drive a few hours south to Farmington, Maine to go to the hospital, as it is actually closer than driving to the nearest facility north of them.

It would have been nice if Maine CDC actually told us if the person involved was a Mainer, being influenced by Maine vaccine policy, or a Canadian, not subject to vaccine mandates, before the case was used to try to influence vaccine policy in Maine.

What we can know for sure now is that Maine CDC has confirmed that no measles transmission took place, there was no outbreak, and the time for any transmitted cases to appear expired two weeks ago.  This is the second time in the past three years someone has come to Maine with measles, without a single transmission.  Which means Maine’s current vaccine policy, with all three vaccine exemptions, works to prevent outbreaks of measles, while respecting the rights of families to have their children attend school regardless of vaccine status.

However, I doubt that this will be the last we hear of this non-event from PPH, as they continue their fictitious fear campaign to keep all eyes off the current scandals that plague the vaccine program.

The Portland Press Herald does love its fantasy.

Subject: Your op ed on vaccination
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 18:38:40 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor <[email protected]>
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Mr. Nemitz,

It was difficult to read your piece from last week. It is full of misinformation, the most important of which are the “whys” of parents choices to decline one or more CDC recommended vaccines. It is understandable that you know so little about the problems in the vaccine program, as the media does not report them, rather merely repeating the false claim that a 20 year old retracted paper is to blame for vaccine rejection.

This January, the Johns Hopkins journal, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics dedicated their issue to discussions on vaccine choices, and published my piece on why we no longer participate in the National Immunization Program. I hope you will read it carefully and with fresh eyes, so you can understand that vaccine skepticism is not based on unfounded fears, and are because families ARE dealing in reality, while those espousing your views are not.

The full article is behind a pay wall, so I have attached it here, or you can read it on our web site so that you can have easy access to the links provided for the supports for the arguments.

I have made the point repeatedly to the media both in and outside of Maine, that the failure to take vaccine injury seriously, and calling vaccine injury families “anti-vaccine” merely drives down vaccine uptake, as pieces like this one only prove our assertion that the vaccine program is broken and will not address its myriad of safety and credibility problems. I hope that if you truly want a functional vaccine program, you will stop insulting families who know more than you do about the program, investigate their concerns, and join them in reality.

One of the most ironic things about your article is that you quoted Mr. Michaud fretting over falling uptake, when he is directly responsible for some of the loss in confidence in the vaccine safety because of his public testimony in the vaccine hearings in 2015. [Age of Autism readers will remember the representative of the Maine chapter of the American Medical Association for his absurd testimony, from the video we ran two years ago.] Mr. Michaud testified against LD 1076, asserting that MMA physicians should not be required to be educated on the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, then when asked by a legislator about the program, he said he didn’t know anything about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Proving that the MMA must be forced to be educated on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Why exactly should parents be confident in the safety of the program when medical professionals know nothing about vaccine risk, and yet are confident that they know everything about vaccine risk?

You should also know your claim that the film “Vaxxed” has being discredited is a false one. Dr. Thompson and a colleague at CDC were deposed by the House OGR Committee earlier this year, and Thompson has been subpoenaed by the judge in Hazelhurst v. Jackson Clinic (Jackson TN) to testify to his claim that CDC hid MMR autism links later this year. It is the first vaccine injury case to be heard in civil court, before a jury, in more than 30 years in the US, as well as THE first vaccine induced autism case heard in the US. CDC is currently trying to block him from testifying.

It does not serve the vaccine program, or children, to keep a corrupt and unnecessarily risky vaccine program in place. Reform needs to take place, up to date screening needs to become the norm, vaccine industry liability needs to be restored, and the longer the fraud and injuries are denied, the greater the harm to confidence in the program and vaccine uptake will be. Because the current claim of those in your corner is the surrealistic stance that the US vaccine program is the ONLY program in government or medicine that works perfectly and has no need of reform after 30 years of completely liability protection, and that the only problem with the program is that not 100% of Americans are fully participating by receiving approximately 170 doses of vaccine over their lifetimes, sometimes 8 at once.

If you are interested in learning more about the problems in your op ed, please let me know.

Ginger Taylor, MS
Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice



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