BREAKING – Illinois Social Worker Threatens to Arrest Teen Isaiah Rider When He Turns 18



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In a stunning new development on the Isaiah Rider case, a social worker from Illinois told Isaiah Wednesday that if he were to decide to move out on his own when he turns 18 next week, he would be arrested.

Missouri resident Isaiah Rider is not a criminal, nor is he in any way incompetent. Far from it. He is a good student with ambitions of becoming a doctor in the future.

But another state is controlling his life, and a caseworker from the state of Illinois DCFS (Child Protective Services) is making it clear that there will be serious repercussions for Isaiah when he becomes a legal adult if he tries to escape the control of DCFS.

The Rider family is reeling from this new revelation.

Like most normal teenagers, both in their familial homes and in foster care, Isaiah has eagerly been anticipating that magical day of freedom – his 18th birthday. That will happen on August 27. But after a visit today from a Missouri social worker, those hopes have been dashed.

Allegedly, Illinois DCFS is paying for a Missouri social worker to drop by the home on occasion where Isaiah is living in Missouri. He currently resides with his grandparents, who are acting as foster parents, because DCFS seized Isaiah from his mother’s custody 16 months ago while he was having a surgical procedure done at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.


Though he has a painful neurological condition, neurofibromitosis, Luries and DCFS accused Michelle Rider of Munchausen by Proxy, in what many Rider supporters believe was an attempt to get her out of the way so that they could enter him into a medical research study. Children who are wards of the state may legally be entered into drug trials and medical research studies without their parents’ knowledge or consent. See: Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

Some supporters have theorized that Isaiah is the control subject, which is why he has frequently been denied pain medications on the occasions when he has a pain crisis. The theory is that, if they lose Isaiah in the study, a great deal of money stands to be lost by the pharmaceutical company conducting the drug research trial with Isaiah.

Others suspect that this has more to do with attempting to prevent a lawsuit, for alleged malpractice in Isaiah’s care at Lurie Children’s Hospital. If he remains a ward of the state, he may not be able to file a lawsuit.

Regardless of the motivation, it is clear that DCFS of Illinois is going to great lengths to keep Isaiah in their custody.

During Wednesday’s visit by Missouri social worker Gaylene, Isaiah asked what would happen if he decided to move out on his own when he turns 18. Gaylene allegedly phoned the Illinois caseworker on Isaiah’s case, Joe Madden. That is when things got ugly, according to Isaiah:

He said if I were to move out on my own, when I’m 18 … that there will be a juvenile arrest warrant out for me, and child protective services would be looking for me, AND if I were to be picked up, which is if I were to be found, that I would be sent to Illinois.

That’s CRAZY!

You know what that is? He was threatening me. That’s what was going on. That’s how I took it. It sounded like a big threat.

Isaiah continues to speak in a video released late Wednesday evening, begging for his freedom. He is begging for Illinois DCFS to stop controlling him.

A court hearing is scheduled for today, August 20, but oddly enough, another one, a “status hearing” is scheduled for November. Isaiah turns 18 on August 27, which lends credence to the assertion made last week by Illinois DCFS caseworker Joe Madden that Illinois intends to keep Isaiah in their custody after he turns 18. Isaiah and his family are asking, “Why?”

He has done nothing wrong, and Isaiah continues to assert that his mother, who was never charged with a crime, is innocent of any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, he believes he should be free upon his 18th birthday.

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One claim made by DCFS is that they want to keep him in their grasp so that they can continue to “provide” him with medical “services.” Yet, requests for needed medical care has often been denied. A recent appointment with the Mayo Clinic had to be cancelled because Illinois DCFS refused to pay for it.

Though they profess to have Isaiah in “protective” custody, he and his family are angry that they placed Isaiah in harm’s way and failed to protect him when they placed him in a foster home in a Chicago ghetto, where he was raped, and had guns and knives pulled on him. These things had never happened while he was under the loving protection of his mother. As of this date, nothing has been done about the crimes committed against Isaiah when DCFS not only failed to protect him, but were the very ones who forced him into the harmful situation.

Isaiah is not free. Though some readers have taken comfort that he is currently residing with his grandparents in Missouri, Illinois DCFS is the one who is pulling all the strings, and has all the control.

  • He cannot travel anywhere without his grandparents.
  • He is still forbidden to see his own mother for more than 4 short hours per week.
  • He is not free to obtain medical care when he needs it, because everything must be pre-approved by an agency over 500 miles away. He isn’t allowed to choose his own care.
  • There is no freedom even in the home, because social workers from Illinois have been known to pop in unannounced, while taxpayers pick up the tab for their flights.
  • They live in fear every minute of every day that DCFS will come in and take him back to Illinois, to the place where so much trauma occurred.
  • And now, he is forbidden to move out on his own or travel out of state, because he could be arrested, although he has never committed any crime.

Supporters are asking that people melt the phone lines of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner: 312-814-2121312-814-2121 and call for Isaiah Rider’s immediate release from DCFS custody. He may also be contacted here, and he is on Facebook.

Also, here is the number for the Illinois DCFS – 217-524-2029217-524-2029.

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