Bud Light & The Brown Dirt Cowboys

Bud Light & The Brown Dirt Cowboys

Satire by: Bill the Butcher

Who can understand the reasoning of the board members of a corporation that owns a huge portion of all the beer in the United States? You know who I’m talking about, don’t act like you don’t. I hit Facebook jail this morning for putting a picture up of Janis Joplin reclining on a couch enjoying a half pint of Southern Comfort in an attempt to satirize the new Bud beer can that had some guy (I think it was a guy) in a dress, where I pointing out that Janis was twice the man (it) is!

Now this is double funny because Janis was bi! Yeah, you heard it right. Her private choice was “Any dab’ll do ya!” And we of the Austin constituency didn’t care. Look up that picture. I can’t run it here ‘cause Janis is copyrighted out the kazoo and I don’t have a spare hundred grand to toss around. Just Google Janis Joplin, Couch, Whiskey, and check out them legs. I’d hit it!

But, you must ask yourself, what makes a beer company cater to a demographic that traditionally doesn’t drink beer? I’d think that guys in a dress would lean more toward a Shirley Temple, but I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin so what do I know?

Anyway, they done it. First things first. Let’s do a taste test. Bud Light as compared to Ozarka Water. Very little difference. You can down a six pack of either and still blow clean. Miller Lite is practically the same, but at least it hails from Texas, and they will not follow Budweiser’s lead because they don’t want the brewery burned down.

There’s not enough alcohol in there to sanitize a bee sting, and i know this to be true because I’m a drunk. I’m not an alcoholic because I don’t wanna go to all them damn meetings, but I know booze, believe me! You will never get a fetching lady to lean your way by filling her up with this, especially Texas ladies. You want a cowgirl to go happy you gotta bring out the Jim Beam. Now, where was I.

I don’t have the percentage of Transsexual beer drinkers but I am sure it ranks well below fifty percent. But . . . and that’s a big butt, Budweiser pulled off a real dilly. A two for one. Catering to people who don’t use their product while alienating the ones who did!

The outrage was practically universal. Hey fellas, if you were drinking Bud, I can’t help you. Years ago I discovered that it gave me a hangover while I was drinking it! If I drink beer it’s Dos Equis or Corona. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re both Mexican beers, I’m from Texas, deal with it!

My interaction with Facebook was not the exception. I have lots of cell mates. But look at the CEO of Facebook. What beer do you think he’d drink? Ace of Spades? Before you call racism Google it! That’s a real beer!

Now for the political ramifications. Playing to sections of the population is not new. NASCAR, Monday Night Football, strawberry flavored vodka, just good business. But, selling beer to the trans community? That’s a little like selling footballs to Paraplegics, wouldn’t you think? A picture of Hitler in a synagogue! Now, don’t got me wrong. When Walt proposed Disneyland his family tried to put him in the crazy house. J.C. Penny had to invent what we know as the credit card to get out of the crazy house. History is strewn with crazy airplanes that actually flew like the Spruce Goose. Only time will tell. Ideas can crop up anywhere, any time. A market can be identified and expanded where no market has ever been. We have such a market as soon as the Texas Legislature sees fit to bless a small herb we all know and love. See ad below. Judge not lest ye be judged. That having been said, I don’t think Jesus would have served Bud Light at the last supper. Cheers!

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1 Comment on Bud Light & The Brown Dirt Cowboys

  1. from Bud, to Target, to ADIDAS, Calvin Klein, and so many more…. Learning the hard way…. (Um… no… no sexual reference pun intended, but LOL anyway)…

    Yep the original TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE days (long gone now) had ZERO “PRIDE” (in the Hubris, and boastrous, and other senses of the terms) but today it is all #GAYtivists engaging in #GAYtivism (yep, I coined those terms ages ago) for #GROOMing Children (recruitment, NOT ACCEPTANCE)….

    more: https://beforeitsnews.com/awakening-start-here/2019/06/pridemonth-gaypridemonth-some-in-lgbtq-community-ask-where-is-the-real-hate-words-vs-actions-deeds-12308.html

    We (Mike and I) discuss AT LENGTH in @SavagedUnfiltered S4E439 Show the whole Budweiser thing…

    and the MILLER LITE controversy too, this one NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE…

    “Miller trying to ‘toe’ the WOKE-line ‘want it both ways?'”
    As they say ‘No Press, is Bad Press’ well Bud-Light can/will tell you otherwise. HOWEVER, dancing along the lines of controversy hoping not to FALL OVER IT into the Jaws of Death for Publicity will always remain a Marketing strategy. And, indeed, MILLER BEER got Savaged Unfiltered (for better or worse? remains to be seen) to talk about them and get them FREE PR value (again for: better? worse? – you decide).

    in: https://rumble.com/v2oxli4-s4-e454-from-good-shit-to-bad-shit.html

    NOTICE how the “Miller trying to ‘toe’ the WOKE-line ‘want it both ways?'” is denoted AS A QUESTION, for good reason…

    [my Rumble comment for that episode:

    SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING from a few days ago: As you will hear during Show, I am a bit “conflicted” and “confused” myself on/with this one! I am somewhat “keeping my powder dry” as the saying goes to avoid praise or condemnation til I learn more myself as we get further along as the News around this unfolds. Logic, Reason, Common-Sense, NOT knee-jerk Emotional Hysterics jump-to-conclusions potential over-reaction…. Miller Beer “Women’s History Month” Ad… I am going to be a bit GENEROUS and “understanding” here and say… I do honestly believe that Miller wanted to try and be CUTE, CLEVER, MOCK THEMSELVES (their entire Industry and even recent controversy their competition got into), be TOUNGUE-IN-CHEEK over where things were and the hyper-sensitive times today, and to be “gentle” say: THEY MISSED THE MARK. They mis-read and mis-gauged, with the hyper-sensitivity following the whole BUD-LIGHT fiasco, that people would react the way they did and “MISS” (if indeed I’m reading their intent correctly, I could be wrong) what they were aiming for. Sometimes things do NOT GO AS PLANNED OR INTENDED – just ask Budweiser!!! Clearly, it was NOT RECEIVED WELL (and obviously they hoped for better reception of/with it). Many I know indeed did LAUGH AT THE AD as attempts to be over-the-top and self-depricating humor. Given the current climate, no-one is in ANY MOOD to give a break or “benefit of doubt” right now so WHY would you even take the chance at something that MIGHT NOT COME ACROSS WELL when you could PLAY IT SAFE, avoid anything new/different and ANY CHANCE at failure (when your competition is in free fall for their “attempt at ‘different'”). ]

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