Call him Mr. Magoo, Granny as in Bev. Hillbillies or !@#*)(^!! Sessions has to go. [Video]

Call him Mr. Magoo, Granny as in Bev. Hillbillies or !@#*)(^!! Sessions has to go.

Article preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

We were raised by our parents to respect our leaders in Government, as they were elected by the people and had our best interest at heart. We were told that the Voting Booth was the place to take out any disagreement we had with them. As to the bureaucracy, it was intimated they would be held in check by the elected officials in the House and Senate and that was reinforced in school with Government 101. Remember the feeling of security that came with the assurance that the Three Branches of Government would prevent any threat of Tyranny?

As we went through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and just into the 90’s, the majority of Americans went about their business believing what they were taught in Gov 101.

To be sure, there were out spoken individuals and (what we considered) fringe groups during those years warning us that “it ain’t what it appears to be.” We turned a deaf ear, after all they were at some University and we knew all they did there was get loaded on pot and hold anti-war rallys. (Frick’n Hippy, get a job.)

They did grow up and got jobs… some teaching… some became politicians and therefore part of the problem… others joined the print and broadcast media… many in the end just became Mr. and Mrs. America, mom and dad.

While all of this “normality” was going on The Deep State was working in the background building a bureaucracy and Media base to support their Military Industrial Complex that would enforce their Elitist plan for a One World Government already in place in many parts of the world today.

America is out of it’s slumber… Bang… no more security… no more Three Branches of Government.

Ladies and Gentleman… Boys and Girls… Tyranny has been closing in at a lightning fast pace. There are several factors that is starting to slow Tyranny and his friends down… among them the American People’s drive to maintain our Liberty and our freedom of Gun Ownership to enforce that Liberty.

Let’s go back and remember what we were told in the 60’s. It was an upfront warning for all to see and hear….

Fast forward to what keyed this preface…  The bureaucracy and asleep at the wheel, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions needs to go. That is the long and the short of it. He is being Ridiculed by the Media, his fellow bureaucrats/politacrats and Mr. and Mrs. America.

So this is just one of the sad examples of the deterioration of what our Founding Fathers set out to be a Republic for The People and by The People.

We need a “hard course” correction with We The People at the helm of our Ship of State. I don’t know about you but I want to get back to having respect for those that work and are voted for to work in My Government. I want them to have respect for “the boss,” ie: The American People and our God given Freedoms. (~RE)

To further amplify the sad state of affairs with Sessions and what it has come to in Government, read on…


Dobbs, Gaetz – Sessions Incapacitated, Disengaged Front Man For Rosenstein

by Rick Wells

Rep Matt Gaetz and Lou Dobbs agree, AG Jeff Sessions is disengaged and deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is the one running DOJ, managing the cover up of deep state…

Lou Dobbs built upon information about Attorney General Jeff Sessions provided by Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who revealed he has met with the figurehead AG and that his conduct and level of awareness were consistent with President Trump’s description of Sessions as Mr. Magoo.

Gaetz described the meeting, saying, “I did sit down with the Attorney General along with Judiciary chair Bob Goodlatte [R-Va.] and many others and I was disappointed that the Attorney General didn’t seem to be very engaged on any of these issues regarding existential threats to the Trump administration. He was deferring to a team that answered to Rod Rosenstein, for goodness sakes.”

Of course Rod Rosenstein is the last guy who should be running the Department of Justice, given the evidence that he is severely compromised and heavily involved in the Mueller effort to evict President Trump from the White House. Yet Sessions seemed clueless and was leaving policy and prosecution decisions to the enemy.

That revelation prompted Dobbs to respond on Twitter, writing, “Sessions has fallen ill, he’s incapacitated in some fashion, or he’s been co-opted or captured: to preserve any dignity, for the good of the country he needs to resign.”

With all due respect to Mr. Dobbs and his effort to be civil to the corrupt boob occupying the Attorney General’s office, most of us could not care less about preserving the dignity of Jeff Sessions. We’re extremely interested in preserving our nation, though, and AG Sessions stands in the way of us being able to do that. We also want to see the criminals in our government prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, something he opposes.

One would have to be an absolute blind fool or a totally owned tool of the enemy to engage in the conduct that Sessions has. Either way, he needs to be gone. It falls once again to the American people to apply the pressure because without it nothing will happen.

Sessions hold the keys to prosecution and he’s apparently forgotten where he left them. The few honest individuals in Congress, such as Gaetz, Nunes, Jordan and Meadows, can only do so much. Congress has no prosecutorial powers and those who do are the very criminals who are the subject of the investigation.

They’re not going to investigate themselves. Public sentiment must be mobilized against Sessions and Rosenstein in order to provide President Trump the political cover he needs to get rid of them, and Christopher Wray at the FBI. Gaetz, Jordan, Nunez and others have been calling for a second special counsel for months and have been ignored by Sessions. We need to make that stop. Let him ignore their calls from his rocking chair, on his porch, in Alabama.

Sessions has fallen ill, he’s incapacitated in some fashion, or he’s been coopted or captured: to preserve any dignity, for the good of the country he needs to resign. @realDonaldTrump 

MUST-READ: “GOP Lawmaker: Jeff Sessions Won’t Answer Question at Meetings – Defers to Rosenstein’s Aides” 

GOP Lawmaker: Jeff Sessions Won’t Answer Question at Meetings – Defers to Rosenstein’s Aides (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Hannity on Friday to discuss AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the deep state corruption. Gaetz told Judge Jeanine that Jeff Sessions needs…

Gaetz’s statement regarding the meeting with Sessions begins at the 5:55 point in the video below.

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