Can Concerned Parents Stop Schools From Grooming Children?

Can Concerned Parents Stop Schools from Grooming Children?

By: James Stansbury

Parental involvement with schools is essential to stop kids from being sexually corrupted. Yet, many parents do nothing because they fear being canceled on social media, called homophobes, or raided by the FBI. Others naively believe their kids are immune to the woke indoctrination process. However, there is an example from a century ago in Mexico that proves concerned parents can stop public schools from grooming their children. This virtually unknown incident followed the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution and provides parents of today some encouragement.

This horrid episode was reported from eyewitness accounts in the 1936 book Mexican Martyrdom. When the new anti-God socialist government gained control in Mexico, Catholic churches and schools were closed and replaced with new socialist-run public schools. However, many concerned parents did not want their kids indoctrinated with this godless doctrine and placed them in underground (home) schools (often run by clergy who could risk execution). In some regions fewer than 35% of children showed up at these socialist schools.

When the elected Mexican dictator, General Plutarco Elías Calles, learned of this, he decided to enter into what he termed “the psychological revolutionary period” to take possession of the minds of the children. The current more sophisticated equivalent is mass formation psychosis. He ruled that children belong to the Revolution, not to the parents (sounds familiar) and immediately directed his Secretary of Education, Narciso Bassols to separate them and introduce a “modern” system of sexual education designed to corrupt children’s sexual morality and thereby undermine the influence of traditional families that are resistant to socialist indoctrination.

Today’s woke, sexually explicit children’s books and audio-visual resources were unavailable in 1920s Mexico, so children were taken to the stockyards to see the ‘coupling’ of animals. In classrooms, children of both sexes were undressed and had explained to them the process of copulation. It was reported that one teacher sponsored a dance in which boys and girls were unclothed. However, this experiment was short-lived. When parents found out, they arose as never before. Passions were so intense that some offending teachers were killed by overenthusiastic mothers. General Calles had pushed too much too soon, and this parent’s revolt quickly ended both the sexual indoctrination and his reign. He was exiled to the U.S. and soon Catholic churches and schools started to reopen.

Concerned parents in old Mexico made a huge difference a century ago, and the results were immediate. So why haven’t concerned parents achieved equal success in 21st century America? There are many encouraging news stories about concerned parents taking over school boards across the country. In my state of Virginia, novice politician Glenn Youngkin (R) owes his surprise victory in the 2020 governor’s election in large part to parents showing up at school board meetings. One common objection was about school policies allowing biological males who identify as female in girl’s private areas and vice-versa. His opponent, Terry McAuliffe (D), a popular former VA governor and well-funded Clinton crony, made a huge political blunder when he announced during the campaign “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

More recently, the Bud Lite, Target, and Disney-type boycotts have helped instill fear into increasingly woke big corporate CEOs. The Washington Stand reports that Pride messaging was down 40% from 2022 after the boycotts. In addition, parents are finding ways to identify and avoid the flood of woke sexually explicit children’s books into school libraries. Movies made outside of the woke Hollywood bubble like surprise box office success Sound of Freedom have also helped to expose the darkness of child sex trafficking just as Pride activists are on the threshold of normalizing pedophilia and Biden’s DoJ is helping them by downgrading child sex trafficking as a concern.

Despite the many significant successes, conservatives still have a long way to go if our constitutional republic is to survive beyond its 250th anniversary. Many American public schools (and colleges) still teach a “modern” all-inclusive version of sexual education that idolizes drag queens, promotes false gender fluidity theory, etc. and has already graduated perhaps hundreds of thousands of woke, sexually confused, and oblivious millennials and Gen Z young adults into society. Some are now woke teachers.

Founding Father John Adams explained why ending the left’s anti-morality, anti-family, anti-God agenda is critical: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Adams, like most religious people understand that when God is absent from people’s lives, something evil will likely fill that void.

Based on John Adams’ warning, the solution requires a religious great awakening. However, this option will be difficult in “modern” America because new data shows a steep decline in church attendance and warns that “…it spells disastrous implications for a nation that is already spiritually on edge.” One likely cause for the decline is that most mainstream church denominations and even Pope Francis have swallowed the (woke) LGBT pill. If your church actively celebrated Pride Month, it may be time to shop around for one unafraid to preach all of God’s word.

Government leaders worldwide are also blocking a religious path to redemption. The Biden administration and the United Nations are similarly arguing that religious beliefs must change to accommodate LGBT ideology. And don’t dismiss the similar pressure on big corporations from the globalist Davos lunatics and their ESG social credit (extortion) system.

While these roadblocks do not mean resistance is futile, it is becoming clear that ending government sponsored sexual grooming of children in the 21st century will not be as quick as it was in the once 97% Catholic Mexico of the 1920s. One major difference a century ago was that a majority of Mexico’s population had deeply held religious beliefs. That attribute has diminished in American culture so a much smaller share of the population is available to support the resistance.

In summary, the central reason why American resistance to the grooming of children has not been as easy as in deeply religious old Mexico gets us back to same above quote from John Adams. He knew that if America ever reached the point when the majority of its population lacked religion, it would also lack the level of morality and honesty necessary to effectively govern itself. That point is near. However, it is not too late if enough concerned parents, citizens, churches and legislators wake up and help turn the tide.


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4 Comments on Can Concerned Parents Stop Schools From Grooming Children?

  1. I have attended school board meetings. Some excellent parent speakers who articulate the ‘trans gender curriculum.’ So far just talk, the perverts on the board just ignore us and go on their merry way destroying our children. The only way I feel, is to sue them all. If I could get a class action suit, but I need parents to do this. It will take backbone, and do they really care about their children??

  2. It confounds me to no end why parents continue to hand over their kids to these government run indoctrination centers, to have their minds perverted and destroyed, to be turned against the very parents who are sending them there.
    The single easiest thing to do is to remove, in every conceivable way, you child from the government crime syndicate’s influence.
    I saw this shadow on the horizon long before it began in earnest for most people. I removed my kids from the jurisdiction of the municipal corporations and it was the best thing I ever did.

    It really shouldn’t confound me. Most parents and their kids reside well inside the lower half of the average I.Q. spectrum.

  3. Yeah, give the public schools the Bud Light treatment. Remove your children. Educate them in private schools. Home educate. Losing 30%+ of their students (and funding) would get some serious attention.

    Come on people.

  4. At some point parents will come to the conclusion that Arming-Up is the only way things are going to change in America, especially with those sick school boards who think parents are just a hindrance to doing what they want with our children.

    When school board members start dying, they will try and lock down every meeting, that is when whole school boards may find their rear ends in too deep to back up which means that it may cost them their lives as parents storm the citadel of self righteousness !!

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