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CAN WE LEGALLY TAKEDOWN CNN?  Well, YES!  It Already has happened and the case was WON!

On August 24th, Joni Turner with Joni Turner Law held another live periscope on her twitter to update the American People on the potential of an upcoming Civil Lawsuit against CNN for their continuous bullying and defamation of the American people. She was excited to announce the launch of her new website which will allow ALL American Citizens to sign up as plaintiffs should she decide to move forward.  Within minutes of the websites launch there were 600 who had signed up and by yesterday (Friday), in less than 48 hours, just under 10,000 had joined the movement! This morning as I write this article that number has skyrocketed and she estimates that there will be 20,000 by Sunday!

Joni Turner Annouces “

Joni explained to the viewers that a Civil Lawsuit is nothing more than a “Cry from the People” to find justice in an unjust world.  She told her viewers that civil law is really just “Common Law” and that these days its been thrown out the door saying ,  “Non-Common sense has Hijacked our courtrooms.”  Pretty bold words from a very bold women!   As with any great rise in our country, this movement is us up to the American people. Stating that “America was built on stuff that has never been done before!”

Watch Joni’s latest Periscope here

She went on to say that, “We have allowed the left – hollywood – billionaires, that are brilliant and who have had this planned this for a long time to do this. They are similar to a cockroach infestation.” Stating that we are seeing many out in the daylight so imagine how many are still hidden within the walls of our country. A scary thought.

Joni and her team have been busy studying the laws that would apply to our current situation and she read the 18 U.S. Code § 2385 Advocating overthrow of Government to her viewers.   Honestly, when I heard what she read I was floored and left wondering why out of a Million plus attorneys in the United States, no one has taken any action to shut down this hate speech and hate talk coming from CNN 24/7. CNN has even gone so low as to now compare American’s to Nazi’s and Rapists who are suffering from dementia.

There is no doubt Ms.Turner has set Twitter on fire!  Her following has surged and #OurTakeDown is on fire everywhere I looked.  Upon checking her twitter account this morning I was excited to see a post from her that not only is filing a civil lawsuit against CNN possible but that it had already been done and WON!

In a civil lawsuit against CNN in 2015, it was disclosed CNN did a piece on the infant heart surgery program at  St Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach where they reported that the infant mortality rate was stunning, three times the national average as compiled by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.  “According to former CEO Davide Carbone, that just was not true. He filed a 200-page $30 million defamation lawsuit against the network. He said the network aired a “series of false and defamatory news reports,” and “intentionally” manipulated the statistics. In particular, he claimed, the “three times the national average,” statement was a straight out lie.”  “CNN filed in an Atlanta court to have the case dismissed, as a SLAPP (Strategic lawsuit against public participation) suit. However, on February 15, the case was heard by federal judge Orinda Evans in Atlanta, Georgia. Judge Evans overruled the network, allowing the case to proceed. She said that Carbone had presented enough evidence to suggest that the network, “was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its reporting.” She ruled that the personal interviews with parents were fine, but that the statistics they presented were in fact, subject to libel claim.”   CNN was Found Guilty In that Lawsuit and Fined $30 Million For Publishing Fake News!

Read Full Article By RedFlagNews:  CNN Found Guilty In Lawsuit, Fined $30 Million For Publishing Fake News!

No matter how we slice it, Americans are hurt and very anger by the attacks being perpetrated on them by CNN and the other MSM outlets. It is clear, there is an agenda behind all this, it is a very well tought out and long term plan for the take down of our country. and Joni Turner just may be Americas best chance to shut it all down.

I for one have signed on to this civil lawsuit, Will YOU?

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4 Comments on CAN WE LEGALLY TAKEDOWN CNN? Update – Joni Turner Law

  1. Thank you for the suggestion Dan. We will pass it along to Joni and her team. Follow up. We just heard back from a Team Member and they are working on that very thing.

  2. I’m wondering if Joni Turner could team up with people like Tom Fitton at Juducial Watch and combine resources to throw the knock out punch to the deep state controlled opposition media. I view this as America’s WW3 against its own “Fake Government”.

  3. Though I favor free speech, CNN is distasteful propaganda favoring enemies of Freedom and Justice. If this move succeeds, I wonder if some of our “educational” institutions could be subject to the same action.

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