by Pam Jones, TLB contributor

My life’s 30+ year career has been spent, manipulating the public to buy my clients products & services. Design, Print, Air & REPEAT is the name of the game…      REPEAT – REPEAT & REPEAT until the message presented becomes the norm. Never in a million years, would I have believed that my profession would be taken over, high jacked by….. what appears to be dangerous Non-human entities with one goal in mind, the complete REPROGRAMMING & TERRA-FORMING or our REALITY and OUR PLANET!

Our children, their children and their children’s children stand to NEVER know what CLEAN AIR or a SUNNY BLUE SKY is! Slowly and methodically the entities in charge are terra-forming our planet as well as OUR MINDS.

Everywhere I look I see, ‘WHITE LINES’ embedded in all forms of marketing & media. I am even witnessing old movies, commercials etc being MODIFIED to show this atrocity….

WHY, would anyone go to such lengths? We must now ask ourselves, are with dealing with an off planet, non human species that intends to bring humanity to extinction by all means necessary? Do these entities need a more highly toxic environment, more radioactive, more metallic, darker environment then we do??

These are real questions that need real answers. Until we know what & why we are under attack, WHAT ACTION DO WE COLLECTIVELY TAKE? Or do we just complain and let the cards fall where they may for our children to correct, if that will even be possible.

As always be blessed, pam


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