Canada Immigrant Investor Visa Program

Canada Immigrant Investor Visa Program

By TLB Contributing Writer: Andrew

Achieving second citizenship into another country can be a time consuming and complex process, and for some people it may seem impossible. That is where 2ndPassports come in. The company are often rated among the market leaders in the industry thanks to its high success rate and huge number of clients across the globe.

The company is made up of a knowledgeable team with years of experience behind them. Their main goal is to help investors find the perfect Citizenship by Investment or Investor Visa Program for those who wish to acquire a second passport for personal or economic reasons.

Many people find themselves restricted with their own passports, and the ownership of a second has the possibility to be a lifechanging achievement.

Citizenship By Investment

Although the country doesn’t officially have a Canada ‘Citizenship by Investment Program’. This isn’t really surprising, as really there are only eight nations in the world that does have one. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to become a citizenship of Canada however. 2ndPassports can help with this process using the country’s Investor Visa Program, the main difference being this is a much more time-consuming process, which can actually take up to a few years.

The program has been in place since 1986, and was first designed to attract wealthy foreign investors who would be able to loan a huge amount of money to the Canadian government. This money would then be returned to the investor without being taxed after a specified number of years living in the country.

In the beginning, the process was favoured by those from the British Isles, but over the years wealthy Chinese have been attracted to the program, and have been arriving steadily since the late 1980s.

How It Works

The program is quite different when compared with various other country’s investment programs, as for a start, the investor has to have a temporary residency permit for a good few years before they are able to apply for a permanent one. They will only receive permanent residency once they have completed the Federal Immigrant Investor Program. In order to qualify, those investing need to have a minimum net worth of $1.6 million Canadian dollars, have at least 2 years of managerial experience, and be able to provide a loan of $800,000 to the government, which will only be repaid after 5 years.

The Country

The Canadian Citizenship by Investment program has recently been very sought over, particularly for those that are looking for a new and beautiful destination in which to get a new start in life. The Canadian demographic is already very mixed, with large groups from all over the world including the UK, Chin, Italy, the Philippines, US, Germany, Pakistan and many other countries.

It is no wonder that so many people are eager to live in Canada, it offers a huge range of benefits and is extremely beautiful. The country is located to the north of the US, bordering three oceans, the Pacific, Atlantic and Artic. It is made up of three territories and ten provinces, which together make up the second largest country in the world.

Due to its northern location, many people think of Canada as having a cold climate all year round, however to the southern provinces actually enjoy quite a warm summer. Geographically, there are a huge range of forests and mountains to explore, the most famous of rich being the Rocky Mountains. There is also an abundance of wildlife which include the bison, bear, wolf and even whale.

The country has the tenth largest economy in the world, and is one of the world’s wealthiest. It is part of the exclusive Group of Seven, which together make up 65% of the world’s wealth. This fact alone shows the country’s good standing in the finance world. Its major industries are made up of oil, logging, fishing, tourism, software, agriculture and manufacturing, and more recently, its Immigrant Investor Visa Program. It is mainly wealth Chinese investors that make use of this program, looking for second citizenship. In just 10 years, over 100,000 Chinese investors have made Vancouver their home, with many more still waiting to do the same.


There are a huge array of benefits that make the program so appealing. For a start, those that are successful are granted immediate permanent residency in Canada, and after living in the country for three years, are then able to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Residents qualify for provincial, universal healthcare coverage for three months after arriving in the country, with medical expenses covered. It is also an economically and politically stable nation, with the flow of wealth allowing people to gain some fairly handsome wages.

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