CDC Serving Kool-Aid to Media

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

CDC Serving Kool-Aid to Media

More and more evidence is coming to light that the CDC has known of the Autism-Vaccine connection for many years and covered it up.

“The CDC-led the public on to believe that there were no existing studies showing the link. This information flew in the face of thousands of parents who were dealing with vaccine injury scenarios which were being publicly humiliated for speaking out. The mainstream media buried any vaccine injury events in what is now seeming like the worst media blackout we’ve ever witnessed.”

Think about this for a moment and look at what power the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies actually wield over the media. Thankfully there are brave people who have decided to bring the story of vaccines causing harm into the public eye where it belongs. As most people know Vaxxed was pulled from the Tribecca film festival and this created a firestorm with people demanding to see the film.

Robert De Niro even has come forward telling people to see Vaxxed.
Take a look at what was said on, and please don’t be eating because it is sickening. They have the nerve to quote the CDC and use them as a source of information—WHAT THE HELL???

Think about this the CDC is being accused of a cover up of serious vaccine injury. Do these people even know what being vaccine injured is like? Peppered all through the article are promotions for vaccines with a push for vaccines during pregnancy. Were this not bad enough they decided to insert a random comment about the Zika virus and brain damage. Are they trying to suggest a link between Autism and Zika virus?

Also look at the puke worthy term they are now using “vaccine doubters” they actually have a link to an article called “Don’t Call Vaccine Doubters Dumb.” I guess they have missed the countless statistics showing well educated parents are less likely to vaccinate.

One of the most appalling parts of the piece was them treating governing health agencies as if they were the Holy Grail. “While no drug or treatment is 100 percent safe, they say vaccines are far, far safer than the diseases they prevent.” I think many families would choose a mild childhood disease over lifelong disability. Maybe is unaware that the government that millions has been paid out to families who are dealing with vaccine injury.

Perhaps Main Stream Media (particularly the Today Show crew) should spend less time in the Corporate Break Room drinking “CDC brand Kool-Aid” and more time out in the “real world” exploring it for Truth and Good Science.  (CW)


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