Chaffetz – Gowdy Spreading DisInfo on Spygate, Wish Sessions Would Just Go [video]

Chaffetz – Gowdy Spreading DisInfo on Spygate, Wish Sessions Would Just Go

by Rick Wells

Jason Chaffetz seems to have doubts about the character of his friend Trey Gowdy given the disinfo he’s spreading about Obama spying on Trump. As for Sessions,..

Jason Chaffetz, who used to chair the same Oversight Committee that his friend and Mueller mouthpiece and advocate Trey Gowdy now heads, holds a much different view of the spying on president Trump. He’s also got some very stark realism for the invisible man at DOJ, Jeff Sessions.

Against a backdrop of criticism by President Trump of the do-nothing obstructionist who is currently occupying the Attorney General’s office, Chaffetz says that “Jeff Sessions is there in name only. He is absolutely worthless as the Attorney General. The single biggest thing that they’re dealing with there at the DOJ he’s recused himself.”   [[WATCH VIDEOBELOW]]

Chaffetz continues, “He’s absolutely absent when it comes to documentproduction and other key things within the agency.” David Asman interrupts, asking, “For the President to have lost all confidence in the highest law enforcement agent in the country is very serious, no?”

Chaffetz agrees that it’s serious, it’s not the first time Trump has expressed those feelings, and “I wish he would leave. He was a good Senator and I think he’s a decent human being but he can’t do the job. He’s not up to it, he’s there in name only, he’s just occupying the seat and they need to get into the process of nominating somebody else.”

Asman talks around the fact that it is Chaffetz’ friend, Gowdy, along with James Clapper, who is spouting the line that you have to be an unsophisticated bumpkin to believe that the spy in the Trump campaign was, in fact, a spy and not a legitimate informant. He notes the ridiculous argument by those caught spying that it was done “to help the Trump campaign” despite not ever notifying them of their supposed concerns, which they would have done if that had actually been their motivation.

Chaffetz points out that it supposedly was not a criminal investigation but counterintelligence, which would be treated differently. He said it was a break from protocol at three different points along the way for them not to inform Trump of their operation as a candidate, President-Elect and President. He says the fact that it was not a criminal probe makes a huge difference in how DOJ treats these things.

Chaffetz says it’s “highly suspicious and we need more information.” He, as much as anyone short of Devin Nunes, knows how similar attempting to pry information from the Sessions DOJ is to pulling teeth. Asman cites a Wall Street Journal article sarcastically titled “The Informant Who Wasn’t Spying,” stating, “The public deserves to know who tasked the informant to seek out Trump campaign officials, what his orders were, what the justification was for doing so, and who was aware of it.”

They ask a very pertinent question that the rest of the media refuses to address, “Was the knowledge limited to the FBI or did it run into the Obama White House?” Of course, nothing as significant as spying on the opposing candidate for President would have happened in the tightly run Obama regime without his personal involvement and approval.

Chaffetz notes the lack of interest on the part of the national media in those legitimate questions and points out, as we did yesterday in our article “RINO Gowdy Distorts Timeline In Coup Cover Up – Contradicts His Own Claims” that, “Their timelines, by the way, they don’t match up at all. So somebody needs to answer a whole lot of questions.”

Get rid of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, appoint an acting AG or a second special prosecutor, and those questions just might get answered, despite Gowdy doing his best Adam Schiff impersonation, running to every camera with a red light on it, defending the establishment witch hunt against our President.

(TLB) published this video report from Rick Wells.US with our appreciation to Rick for making it available.

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