Chlorine Dioxide & Autism … Just the FACTS !!!

By TLB Contributing Writer & Author: Christina England BA, Hons

No medication or vaccine is 100% safe and effective, which means that all medications and vaccines can and do cause adverse reactions. This is a fact that had been confirmed by each and every one of the pharmaceutical companies in their product information leaflets.

An adverse reaction can be anything from a sore arm, a slight fever, a febrile convulsion, through to death. However, despite adverse reactions being a reality, many parents refuse to believe that children can suffer an adverse reaction following a routine vaccination. They are not alone in this belief, because, according to research, many medical professionals agree.

In an article titled Top US, WHO Doctors Address Vaccine Safety, many of the doctors who were interviewed by VOA News told reporters that anyone who did not believe in vaccinations obviously did not believe in the science proving vaccination safety.

Any doctor who was brave enough to admit that vaccinations can cause adverse reactions told reporters that any side effects are minor and amounted to little more than a sore arm or a mild fever. [1]

In fact, when it comes to the topic of adverse reactions, the majority of reporters were more interested in highlighting the fact that vaccinations cannot cause autism than they were about admitting the fact that vaccinations can cause adverse reactions.

This is not a view shared by the majority of parents who have been left caring for an autistic child following a vaccine injury. Even though YouTube have done a wonderful job in removing video evidence to prove the devastating truth about vaccinations, there is still evidence to be found.

What should Parents Do When Their Child Suffers an Adverse Reaction?

Unfortunately, if you believe that your child has suffered an injury from a vaccination, don’t expect any help from someone wearing a white coat, because very few doctors will even acknowledge the fact that vaccines can cause an adverse reaction.

Instead of the understanding that you would normally expect to receive from your doctor, you could find that you encounter a very hostile reaction indeed.

If you are lucky, your child may be referred to a specialist for tests or alternatively offered a medication which could also cause them to suffer another adverse reaction. For this reason, many parents are turning their back on mainstream medicine and searching for alternative ways to help their children to recover from vaccine injuries.

One of the alternative remedies being used by a growing number of parents is the highly effective yet controversial chlorine dioxide (cd) protocol developed by homeopath Kerri Rivera. According to research, her methods have helped approximately 600 children with autism to reverse many of their symptoms and she has also helped many other vaccine-injured children to recover from their injuries.

Lies Being Told in the Media About Chlorine Dioxide

Recently, there has been an influx of extremely disturbing reports in the media, claiming that parents are feeding their autistic children bleach, because they believe that it will cure them from autism.

One such report, titled Parents are poisoning their children with bleach to ‘cure’ autism. These moms are trying to stop it, reported that two ordinary mothers, both with autistic children, had taken it upon themselves to intercept private Facebook groups in their spare time and report parents to child protective services for poisoning their children with bleach.

Journalist Brandy Zadronzy wrote :

“When they aren’t working or taking care of their autistic children, Melissa Eaton and Amanda Seigler are moles.

Eaton, 39, a single mother from Salisbury, North Carolina, and Seigler, 38, a mom to six in Lake Worth, Florida, have spent much of their free time in the last three years infiltrating more than a dozen private Facebook groups for parents of autistic kids. In some of these groups, members describe using dubious, dangerous methods to try to “heal” their children’s autism — a condition with no medically known cause or cure.”

Zadronzy continued that:

“One of the most sought-after chemicals is chlorine dioxide — a compound that the Food and Drug Administration warns amounts to industrial bleach, and doctors say can cause permanent harm. Parents still give it to their children orally, through enemas, and in baths” [2]

In other words, two ordinary mothers, both of whom have autistic children and appear to have no formal medical training whatsoever, are being hailed as modern day heroes simply because they have chosen to play undercover secret agents and spend hours of their free time trawling social media, looking for innocent mothers who they can report to social services.

Whilst many believe that Eaton and Seigier are right to be concerned, others believe that the detective work should be left to the professionals and that these two mothers are little more than extremely dangerous paid informants.

Separating Fact from Fiction

Let’s get one thing straight: chlorine dioxide is NOT and NEVER will be BLEACH. In fact, CD has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food and for the purification of water.

Not only has it been proven to be safe in food and water by the FDA, but it has also been proven to be safe in animal studies carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), who have stated on their website that is used as a disinfectant and for odour and taste control in water and in food sanitation. [3] [4]

Nowhere in their reports does it mention the word bleach, and therefore we can only assume that it is the word disinfectant that is confusing people. Yes, it is used as a disinfectant in food and water sanitation, but when it is given to a patient, it is given to them in a minute quantity that is extremely diluted.

The whole protocol is explained very simply by Kerri Rivera in this video.

Rivera has explained in depth that CD, or Magic Mineral Solution (MMS), as it is sometimes known, is used alongside dietary changes and the use of supplements. The solution disinfects the body; in other words, it cleanses the body of pathogens, parasites, toxins and poisons.

This does not mean that it is bleach. Just because chlorine dioxide has the word chlorine in it does not mean that it is actually chlorine. The chemical makeup of CD is explained in depth on the website Chemical Safety Facts:

“Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a chemical compound consisting of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. It is a reddish to yellowish-green gas at room temperature that dissolves in water. It is used for a variety of antimicrobial uses, including the disinfection of drinking water. Chlorine dioxide gas is usually produced onsite from sodium chlorate or sodium chlorite.”

In fact, their information is line with exactly the information that has been provided by Kerri Rivera in her video.

Furthermore, Chemical Safety Facts wrote that:

“When added to drinking water, it helps destroy bacteria, viruses and some types of parasites that can make people sick, such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.”

Once again, their information is exactly what Rivera has stated on her video. Given these facts, it is a complete mystery as to how Eaton and Seigler came up with the idea that parents were forcing their children to drink bleach, especially when you consider that, according to my research, bleach is made up of entirely different chemicals altogether.

Paul May, from the University of Bristol explained that:

“Household bleach is actually made up from a mixture of chemicals. Its main constituent is a solution of ~3-6% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), which is mixed with small amounts of sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and calcium hypochlorite. Its main use is to remove colour, whiten or disinfect clothing or surfaces, and is invaluable in most modern kitchens and bathrooms.” [6]

Interestingly, according to the website The Truth About Chlorine Dioxide, chlorine dioxide is routinely added to drinking water, sprayed on food, used in tooth paste and mouthwash. It is an approved ingredient and it can be found in over-the-counter and prescription drugs and, for this reason, the media-generated hysteria that chlorine dioxide is “toxic bleach” can be easily refuted.

They wrote that:

“The active ingredient in Clorox (a household bleach sold in the US) is sodium hypochlorite.

One of the two ingredients used in the process of making chlorine dioxide is sodium chlorite – a completely different chemical compound.

Another compound with a similar sounding name is sodium chloride which also may sound “toxic” to the misinformed. Sodium chloride is, in fact, table salt.

All three substances are made of sodium and chlorine atoms and it is ignorance of the highest order to therefore conclude they are similar compounds.

For a journalist to call chlorine dioxide “toxic” and compare it to household bleach is literal fraud and is presenting false information in a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.” [7]

If their information is correct, then it is not only journalists who are unable to do the research, because it appears that the two mothers who decided that they would play amateur detectives also did not do the relevant research.

Sadly, because of their foolhardiness, the lives of hundreds of parents with autistic children have been totally destroyed. Many of the parents who were reported by Eaton and Seigler have had their children taken away from them by child protective services and their lives have been destroyed forever.

Furthermore, since these accusations have been spread across the Internet by those individuals who have not researched Rivera’s protocol in more detail, she has been constantly under attack. She has found that many of her videos have been removed from YouTube, and many of her books have been removed by Amazon.

However, no matter how many attacks that she has had to endure, she has continued to stand by what she believes and, as she has stated on her video, if she really had been recommending that her patients drink bleach, surely, they would have been dead by now rather than recovering from their symptoms.


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About the Author: Christina England was born and educated in London, U.K. She received an A Level in Psychology and a BTEC in Learning Disabilities. She has spent many years researching vaccines and adverse reactions. She has an HND in journalism and media and is currently writing for the American Chronicle, Green Med Info, The Liberty Beacon, the Weekly Blitz and Vaccination Truth on immunization safety and efficacy. Christina England has been a journalist since 2008. Her main areas of expertise are researching false accusations of child abuse and adverse reactions to vaccines. She has co-authored three books – Shattered Dreams: The HPV Vaccine Exposed, and Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? with Dr. Harold Buttram and Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth with Lucija Tomljenovic PhD, which are sold on Amazon. 

Christina’s websites are Profitable Harm and Parents and Carers Against Medical Injustice


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  1. COVID has taught us that we can’t believe anything the FDA, NIH, or WHO tells us and that they actually have been purposely harming the world population. Anything they recommend, I suspect and anything they attack, makes me consider as possible real medicine.

  2. A minor point the author touched on that bears repeating is the truth about today’s “journalism”. There is very little to no research going into most reporting that occurs in the mainstream media.

    troll john is a great example of a citizen of the United States of the Offended. Societal commoner’s mentality is like instant pudding in disposable containers. They want their pleasure and they want it now, without the bother of clean up. Recently this mentality has added being offended when they fill the landfills with used pudding containers. I find most people are too lazy to think for themselves.

  3. Well John (TROLL) … You have just proved how absolutely ignorant, and intent on creating panic and chaos you are … also shows you didn’t even bother to read the article (Trolls usually don’t in their arrogance) or the attached article in it, because they easily dispel your contrived bull-crap, and readily show that you haven’t got even a basic clue concerning what you are talking about! … To anyone who has read the article/s … You couldn’t look more stupid right now if you tried … OH wait, you just did …

  4. What BS. If you’re giving this crap to your child, you should have your kids taken away forever. You don’t “cure” autism, unless by “cure” you mean “kill the kid with bleach”.

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