Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population


Dane Wigington/January 24,2015

If you live in the eastern half of the North American continent you may be convinced that the planet is actually cooling instead of warming even though 2014 is officially the warmest year ever recorded on Earth. Those that have come to such a conclusion the whole planet is cooling should carefully examine the map image below. This is a GISS “departure from normal temperature” map for the entire 2014 year. What does this map reveal? The darker the colors, the further above normal the average temperatures were for the 2014 year. The light colors reflect departures from average to the below normal side. Where was the most consistent anomalous cold region on the entire planet for the 2014 year? The eastern half of the North American continent. How can this be when most of the world is far above normal temperatures? Climate engineering, is how. The engineered cooling of the Eastern US is very much a psychological operation. Most people cannot accept the possibility of a warm world if it is cold where they live. How short many people’s memories are considering 2012 was the warmest year ever recorded in the continental US by far. In fact there were 362 all time record high temperatures set in the US during 2012, there were ZERO all time record lows. Why is it so important to know the facts in regard to the true state of the climate? Because spreading the “global cooling” propaganda is exactly what the power structure and the geoengineers want us to do. To push the “global cooling” myth is in effect helping the geoengineers sell climate engineering as an effective method of climate mitigation when in reality the exact opposite is true. Climate engineering is making the climate scenario far worse overall, not better. Worse still, the ongoing climate engineering fallout is contaminating the entire planet with toxic metal and chemical particulates.


For any that are wondering how 2015 is shaping up for the Eastern US, the same scenario we saw in 2014 is being engineered all over again. The West fries with temperatures 20 degrees or more above normal with almost no rain as the Eastern US gets the toxic engineered cool-downs.

Were the record overall global temperatures in 2014 the biggest climate story? No, Earth’s ocean temperatures are going off the charts, this should be of grave concern to us all. Though there are countless sources of negative impacts to the climate system of our planet, global climate engineering is likely the greatest single source of damage and disruption. Those that cannot bring themselves to believe any of this data (because Al Gore is just too easy to hate), should consider what is happening around the globe. Formerly frozen methane deposits are thawing and releasing around the globe. Forest fires are burning at rates many times higher than the historical norms. Tuna are being caught off the coast of Alaska, sea turtles off the coast of Oregon (again, due to extremely warm ocean temperatures), this cannot happen on a cooling planet. Global ocean warming is off the charts. If we are to have credibility in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering we must stand on facts, not ideology. The planet is in meltdown, geoengineering is making it far worse overall, not better.

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  1. Dear TLB:

    Although your article is factual about weather geo-engineering and its purpose, there is one fallacy in your article. That fallacy is that 2014 was the warmest year on record. That is wrong. In fact for the past 16 years we have been in a cooling trend. I suggest you look up articles and videos of Lord Christopher W. Monckton and his presentations concerning the Global warming/Climate change hoax. Yes the climate is changing, it always does. Also the earth is warming by a normal and natural amount of .5 – 1 degree Celsius per century. Thus do we really need to spend billions of dollars to change something that is changing so slowly and as a result destroy the worlds economies. Thereby transferring wealth from the west to the east or from the rich to the poor. If so you are a Globalist Bankster Carbanazi that wants to create carbon taxes and cap and trade exchanges to benefit you and your friends. I consider you to be an Al Gore shill. Just to set things straight: when Al Gore tried to show his film “The Inconvenient Truth” in the UK, his documentary was taken to court by Global warming deniers like Lord Chris Monckton. The result of the lawsuit was that the Judge forced Al Gore and his Documentary to make 9 retractions or corrections in the film. Besides, if Al Gore really believed in his preaching would he buy a beachfront Condo worth $4 million on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco if it would be destroyed? Also why would he setup a Carbon Cap and Trade exchange in Chicago? Thus Al Gore is really in it for the money! Now in Davos during the Economic Forum there, he advocates spending $90 Trillion to change cities around to remove personal vehicles from the street and encourage public transport. The global economy from just the G20 nations is just over $100 Trillion. Thus lets destroy the global economy so everyone can take the bus/rapid transit to work. Do that and there won’t be an economy. Geo-Engineering is taking place and for the reasons you claim, but stop this propaganda concerning Climate change. Climate Change is a false religion preached by special interests and politicians not real scientists. The IPCC is a PR corporation with an agenda and nothing else. That agenda will not be good for the average citizen/normal earth dweller. Thanks, Norbert.

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