The Clinton “Blatant Hypocrisy” on Racism – How a Black Man sees it

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff

I don’t know about you, but I am way past being weary of hearing how Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party is on the side of Black America, while Donald Trump is a raciest to the 10th power.

Let me make it clear right now… I also don’t think The Donald is “squeaky clean” in all aspects of his life… as it would be foolish to think that someone like Trump that has been immersed in Corporate Gamesmanship could be nominated for Sainthood anytime soon. But at least Trump has way more transparency than Hillary and the Clinton Foundation Machine.

Back to the Hypocrisy on Racism as projected by Hillary and her MS Media Lackeys.

If you have never heard of Kevin Mcgary, I am about to introduce him to you. Kevin is “a man of color”… he is an American Patriot. I don’t know Kevin personally, but after following his Videos and Commentary I consider him “a brother.” (Yes my skin color is different than Kevin’s… But that is the only difference. )

Please take a few minutes to watch and listen to ‘a man of reason’ as he explains how it really is and not what the Dems and MS Media want you to believe.

If that is your first exposure to Kevin McGary, how does it feel to know you have a new friend and brother in the battle for Truth? I hope you will look at the many videos Kevin has on Youtube (link at end of article) as he brings his unique perspective for your consideration.

Two views from the trenches, Two very different people

View of Trump: Friends of TLB that live in New Jersey and worked on Trump projects. Comment: “Donald Trump always treated us with respect and concern. Skin color or nationally meant nothing to him. He was always willing to negotiate and work things out.”

View of Hillary: Military friends of TLB with POTUS backup and experience. Comment: “When Hillary would board “Chopper One” for a flight, we would immediately refer to that Craft on our secure channel, as “Broomstick One.”

Over my good many years of observation, it has always served me well to give serious consideration to what ‘the common man with reason’ says and what people that have served ‘in the trenches’ of the military and industry say. During their time of service, much of it from the 60’s through the 80’s, they were there with a personal mission to enrich life for humanity, not destroy it as the Globalist are now doing. ie: Geo Soros, the Clintons and the Criminal ‘War Mongering’ Bankers to name just a few of the 1%.

Just as the Power Elite as stepping up their programs of control and domination of our freedoms and liberties, so must we step up our Activism by making others aware and bringing our many groups together to act as ‘A Whole.’ When we act as 99% only then will we win over the 1% that is turning our world into a ‘living Hell.”

Start by Sharing this post to your friends and all of the groups you belong to. Don’t just give it a ‘thumbs up like’ give it a ‘boost of exposure.’ If we all do a little… it will do a lot. (RE)


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