Commentary by Karrie (The Puck!) #3 – I Think, Eat, & Do Austin

I Think, Eat, & Do Austin

Commentary #3 by Karrie (The Puck!) – For TLB Project

After being born in Austin, and raised in Utah I found myself in Tennessee. Believe it or not, there was and are big differences between the three.

Since I was born in Texas I was used to the heat, the temperatures got up to the 100’s, all year round! It’s always summertime down in Texas. I get amused at all the hubbub concerning the current “heat crisis”. All the tourists coming down in July, or August, and going straight to the RiverWalk in San Antonio. Who goes to the RiverWalk in July? Texas is on preheat then. Even Santa Anna attacked the Alamo in March!

I always dressed in shorts and a tank top. When I was eight and was walking around everyone would ask if I was lost. Now that I’m sixteen they seem more interested in me. In Utah it’s layer upon layer of clothes and long underwear. Totally different vibe. In fact, you can’t “vibe” at all up there. Up there being key because in Utah with the altitude everything is way up there!

I love spicy food! I eat everything spicy. Hot wings, guacamole dip, Mexican rice. If it said spicy it said “Eat it up! Now, compare that with what Americans call “Mexican food.” First, a definition is required. Texas does not have Mexican food ! Mexican food is tortillas and a lot of cheese and beans. Texans eat Tex-Mex! Taco Bell is an example but if you want real Tex-Mex you have to go to some little place called something like “Rosita’s” and order the sampler. Get iced tea too. Tex-Mex doesn’t make friends in a hurry! Utah and Tennessee are one and the same. Just try to find any place that’ll serve you a taco for breakfast. And that’s a taco for breakfast, not a breakfast taco! Two completely different things. One is Te-Mex and the other is, well . . . not!

When I went to a restaurant in Tennessee to order spicy chicken wings, they served me fried chicken wings and a hot sauce bottle with a, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t make spicy chicken wings here.’ If you could have seen how judgmental my face was. My papa would say I was pretty poli-tickle that day, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that. But, he did call me ma’am!

If I fell on my knees and elbows I’d get right back up brush myself off and continue were I left off. As a Texan if you fall you get back up, it’s just that simple. I died when I was three and mama just told me to walk it off. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are mountains in Utah. Big ones. I’m way into mountains. I’m a hiker. I’ll hike anywhere there is a trail. God keeps all the clean air up there. Tennessee doesn’t have mountains; it has hills that they call mountains.

But Utah was cold! I couldn’t wear my shorts and tank, I HAD to wear a long sleeve shirt, coat and jeans and near knee high boots. I did not enjoy that, but at least there were mountains.

Like I said, Tennessee thinks it has mountains. It doesn’t, but it makes them feel good. No, it’s all hills. Mountains are where there’s snow on top in the summer. And there’s the oxygen thing. There isn’t any on top of a Utah mountain. There’s lots of air on Tennessee mountains. And it blows and rains and makes tornadoes. Utah has earthquakes, but they don’t get all upset about it like they do out in California.

When I fell down on the concrete in front of a staff member at my elementary school, he walked over to me as I was getting up and said, “Your knees bleeding!” And I was like, “Oh, it’s fine, it’ll stop.” And as soon as I turned to continue to play, he said “You need to go to the nurse!” I gave him the biggest side eye! These people worry too much, I thought.

Here in Tennessee I wear a lot of comfort clothes like sweatpants and an oversized shirt. Literally all the men here sound the exact same which made me make up a joke I’ve titled Tristian football player!

My papa asked me a very dumb question earlier today “Why are you single?” Well, I’ve been single for 16 years! 6,019 days five months, 3 weeks and 3 days because my mom holds onto me like a bungee cord and because I barely ever leave my house (and Covid has fault in that too!!!). There’s your answer papa! But wait! I’m not really single. I have PaPa, and Roger, and Luca, and Vic, and . . . and. . . Is that what you were asking about?


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