Commentary by Karrie (The Puck!) #4 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Commentary #4 by Karrie (The Puck!) – For TLB Project

Things I wrote in my journal when I was fourteen.

Women have taken the blame for man ever since Eve ate of that special tree. A little known historical fact was that there were mushrooms on the trunk of that tree and being an Austin girl I think that was the reason the snake started talking. But, that having been said, of course the man rolled over on Eve and God put her in the maternity ward, and Adam on a farm. And they wonder how we know that God is a man! 

But women today are stepping up. They are being themselves; they are becoming unafraid, brave. Yet this makes most men mad, and insecure. They believe that women should be controlled, that they should be defined by what men want them to be, not what they are. Most men believe woman are soft and formable. Obviously, this isn’t how all men are, just most of them. To me, I would call this a conflict. Woman’s rights Vs. Mans ego.

This is why woman in Iran are fighting for the right to not wear hijabs while woman in India fighting for their right to wear a hijab. This is why woman in New York get cat called and woman get harassed outside of bars. This in my opinion is one of many conflicts in the world. This and many other reasons is why I ask myself ‘what is a world without conflict’. Our world has so many conflicts, can we truly end them all, because I don’t think we have or ever will. We have simmered a few down, but never truly extinguished them. Woman’s rights are just one of the many conflicts in this world. The concerns of women take a back burner to men’s priorities. Uh, that would be the back burner as on the stove. Stove as in a kitchen. Kitchen as in that’s where women belong! We all say what we think femininity and masculinity are, but we can never truly gave a definition for femininity. When a nominee for the Supreme Court was asked to define what a woman is she saw herself as a deer because from her blank stare the headlights were painfully apparent! So women are left clinging to a Walmart explanation of womanhood and men took that too. Don’t believe me? Check out the sports page.

It was men who gave the definition of what women should be, not women saying what we are. Truly the difference between men and women is a little more than their body shape but there are similarities. Both genders have a brain which they use for good or bad. Both genders have feelings. Both genders walk past each other every day but still we are labeled as the weaker sex? Now men are claiming they can have babies. I’d pay money to watch that!

I have been called ugly so many times I’ve grown used to it. So many people have asked ‘why don’t you make a big deal about the things they say’. The truth is I never respond because I don’t know how to keep my responses short. So, in this writing I have responded. All through my life I have been called so many things… ugly, weird, stupid, crazy, unimportant, useless. Even much more vulgar words, but this is a family show (LOL), and I’m sixteen so I have to keep it clean. But a fellow Texan, Kinky Friedman says it quite well. Let he who has ears let him hear.

But at the same time, I have been told the opposite. All depending on the aging process I am pretty. I am kind. I am unique. I am loved. Our world is filled with many arrogant and thoughtless people, but our world has gotten used to that. We have gotten used to so many things that our world should never have gotten used to. Twenty years ago, was different from today and twenty years before that was different from then. When black men were allowed to vote they were counted as four-fifths of a white vote.

Women were counted as no/fifths because they weren’t allowed to vote! The most misogynistic place in America, Utah, was the second state to allow women to vote in 1870, after Wyoming gave the go ahead in 1869. Now that didn’t mean they did vote, it just meant they could. After breakfast, laundry, and dishes, of course.

Time runs but never stops. I’m sure that’s a quote somewhere, and if it isn’t it is now! Our world is getting too used to whacked out ideas, adapting to them and trying to make a difference. Our world is getting too used to it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


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