Common Core Concepts: Teaching Our Children How to, Murder Their Children?



By: Roger Landry (TLB)

We send our children off to school every day expecting they will learn something useful to help prepare them to compete in a cutthroat world. Whether it be the acquisition of social skills or academic prowess, these are necessary lessons to learn, and the reason we acquiesce to government mandated education.

But what if your child told you at the dinner table one evening, “Hey, Mom and Dad, I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow because we are going to learn exactly how to shake a baby, how hard and just right so that we kill it, with a doll that screams until it is dead, cool!” If you think I am kidding … I’m not … THIS IS REALITY! I can see the reason to teach children a lot of things but the damn line has to be drawn somewhere!

Is this a required life lesson, something they may need to fall back on in a future scenario, “Gee how hard can I shake my baby without murdering it? So glad I paid attention in school!” Why the hell are we even putting this scenario into our children’s heads? What we are teaching them is THIS … If you only shake your baby this hard it will put them in severe discomfort but it won’t kill them … So in order to kill them you must shake them this hard and in this fashion … really … I mean Freaking REALLY ??? TELL ME WHERE I AM WRONG HERE …

For those who will push back against the title of this article by saying, the lesson is supposed to teach these children how NOT to accidentally kill their future child by shaking it, must first realize the actual force required to accomplish death. Having stated this, the most obvious lesson these children will take from this experience is “I can actually shake my baby quite hard and not kill it” is in fact encouraging future child abuse. And must I also point out the obvious, by demonstrating the amount of physical force and technique required to commit murder in this fashion … are you not teaching any future psychopath or parent who snaps mentally, the proper procedure and fashion to accomplish exactly that? Why the hell ever put this in a child’s head to begin with? Why not just say it is dangerous to shake an infant because the brain is still developing … But what do we know … we are not mega corporations stealing your parental rights … so don’t listen to us!

And now the real kick in the treeth !!! The manufacturer of the doll claims that this curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards … Gee, why am I NOT surprised? I thought Common Core was a set of national standards for math and English only? But now the commercial world is jumping on-board and aligning with these destructive standards to stake their claim and cut their pound of flesh away. I can’t even imagine the cost of a doll like this … but it is you and I (taxpayers) who will foot the bill so our children can learn how to properly murder their babies. How did you and I ever get along without this knowledge … we were obviously seriously deprived.

Who the hell is writing these curriculums, Charles Manson? You need to understand that states that adopt the Standards (or future standards via commercial endeavors aligning themselves with Common Core now) must accept them word for word and will have no ability to modify or to add curriculum content; the states forfeit their constitutionally mandated authority over public education, which is also resulting in the denigration of parents’ rights.

It is very disturbing that it remains unclear what governmental organization will be created in the future (if any) to address issues related to the Common Core Standards. What is clear is that the Standards are owned and copyrighted by nongovernmental (NGO) entities unaccountable to parents and students in individual states.

When your middle school child comes home from school today … ask them if they learned the proper way to kill someone today …

We sure hope you are angry about this … REAL ANGRY !!! Because TLB sure as hell is !!!

Please read the attached article to see NOTHING we have been RANTING about is fiction …

Baby 1

Middle School Kids Learn How To SHAKE BABIES UNTIL THEY DIE

Seventh-grade students at Churchville-Chili Middle School in the suburbs of Rochester, N.Y. learned exactly how to shake babies until they die during a lesson concerning shaken baby syndrome.

The training occurred on Friday in a class called family and consumer sciences, reports

A tip about the lesson came from a parent who said her 12-year-old son had returned from the taxpayer-funded school visibly disturbed. The boy explained the lesson, saying that it involved a video and a worksheet.

The video warned of the dangers of shaking babies. It showed a baby who was shaken and badly injured a well as the baby’s father, who ended up in jail because he had shaken his infant child.

After the video, the teacher picked up a specially-made doll and shook it in front of the class.

Then, according to the 12-year-old boy, the teacher informed the students that it was time for them to demonstrate their own prowess. She told them to shake the doll good and hard – and continuously – until several parts of its doll brain had lit up to show that they were all sufficiently injured.

As the shaking occurred, the doll emitted screams. Once all its brain parts had lit up, the doll went quiet — presumably to imitate death.

“Just don’t go crazy,” the teacher allegedly warned. “The doll is heavy.”

The parent said her son refused to shake the baby, which left the teacher surprised.

Half a dozen students did shake the doll to death, though, with various degrees of cruelty.

Students in the class responded in different ways. Some were sickened and averted their eyes. Others were highly amused. The parent alleged that one kid yelled “YES” as the shaking activity was happening.

The teacher’s website describes the family and consumer sciences as preparation for students “to meet their responsibilities as family members, consumers, home managers, wage earners, and parents” — “to become ‘Life Ready.’”

Realityworks, the company that makes the shake-to-death-ready baby, claims that its “Total Parenting Experience curricula align to the Common Core” even though Common Core is currently a set of national standards for math and English only.

There’s also a “drug-affected baby” and a “fetal alcohol syndrome baby.”

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  1. That’s not school that’s desensitizing children and putting negative behavior into their mindset.

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