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Here’s why they really named it “Corona-Virus”

Screenshot from: Here’s why they named it the “CORONA Virus”

State of the Nation

Coronavirus: An Alt Media definition

Coronavirus: A highly contagious and deadly virus that is put on super-steroids whenever and wherever they flip the switch on 5G … while amping up the flu vaccination programs … and chemtrailing overhead with toxin-laden aerosols that further trigger influenza symptoms.  The “corona aspect” of this virus is directly related to one of the greatest silent killers of the modern age—the generation and conveyance of electricity used to power the entire planet.*

*There are multiple instances where the production and conveyance of electrical energy create a corona in high-voltage systems.  The “corona discharge” can be seen as a bluish glow which is explained as follows:

corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought
on by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged.[1]

Much more significantly, there are also unseen (but detectable) coronas that are produced in lower voltage systems.  Some of the more common examples that follow, when viewed in the aggregate, represent the invisible sea of electropollution that every human being is immersed in from cradle to grave:

(i) widespread ambient electropollution indoors,
(ii) signal ranges of electromagnetic frequencies necessary for 3G and 4G networks (e.g. cell towers),
(iii) high-level radio-frequencies and microwave radiation emitted by 5G power grids (e.g. microwave towers),
(iv) stray voltage from both transmission lines and overhead power lines,
(v) generation and conveyance of energy from nuclear, coal-fired and hydroelectric power plants,
(vi) electrical substation and transformers.

Because every resident of Earth is exposed to all of these types of EMFs and EMR to varying degrees, each individual will develop some level of electrosensitivity over the course of their lifetime.  Some unfortunate folks will even experience full-blown Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.

Once the city of Wuhan, China was established as an official 5G Demonstration Zone, all of the residents became exposed to the highest levels of radio-frequencies and microwaves necessary to activate a fully operational 5G network.  Not only that, Wuhan was also being set up to be a model Smart City as it was undergoing an accelerated urban build-out of the Internet of Things.  In point of fact, their exposure to all sorts of electrical coronas were reaching unprecedented levels, but it was the 5G activation that really set them ‘aglow’.

Corona = Radiation

Exactly what is a corona according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary?

Answer: See the dictionary entry in blue highlight below located at 2.(d).

FACT: The glow of an electrically induced corona is a manifestation of radiation being discharged into the environment.  The degree and distance of the discharge beyond the visible corona is much less understood by scientists, physicists, electrical engineers and electricians. However, one thing is certain, and that is that this type of radiation is harmful to the human bio-organism the longer it is exposed to it.

What follows is a list of documented “problems” that are caused by electrical coronas, especially anywhere near power transmission lines.  If coronas can cause “equipment failure”, O-ring degradation and compromise capacitors, imagine the damage that can be inflicted on the human body.

Screenshot from: Corona discharge

5G in Wuhan

Of all the preceding examples of electrical assaults, electropollution and EMR toxicities, the ongoing military deployment of 5G clearly represents the single greatest EMF threat to human life and the biosphere. See: Hard evidence proves US gov’t lied about 5G. Navy research report confirms numerous health dangers.

The US government has long been aware that 5G is exceedingly dangerous and unsafe.  In fact, countless scientific research studies have been conducted which have proven the harm to human health that much less powerful radio-frequencies and microwave radiation have caused.  As follows:

MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

Whenever intensive 5G roll-outs occur in major metro areas where the coronavirus has also been unleashed such as in Wuhan, China, the world will witness an epidemic superstorm of truly epic proportions.  There are specific reasons for this quite predictable and devastating outcome in Wuhan since it was designed that way by the perpetrators. See: There’s a [DIRECT] Connection between Coronavirus and 5G

Wuhan is where 5G was deliberately deployed as a weapon system just prior to a planned release of the bioengineered coronavirus.  Everything points to the activation of 5G transforming the coronavirus into a super-bioweapon that was so fatal and incapacitating it required an immediate lockdown of the entire megalopolis in order to contain the massive outbreak.

Wuhan City Was expected to have 10,000 5G base stations operating by the end of 2019

It has already been scientifically proven that electrical fields, which are only 50 Hz in strength, can induce the activation of various viruses. See: Exposure to a 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field Induces Activation of the Epstein-Barr Virus Genome

Why, then, did China flip the switch on 5G in Wuhan during the months leading up to what already promised to be one of the worst flu seasons on record in China and throughout the world?!  Health authorities worldwide had already seen a dramatic uptick in flu-related deaths and illness during the early Fall of 2019 which only worsened throughout the Winter of 2020.

CHINA Activated 60 Ghz Throughout the Country with Wuhan City Hosting the Pilot Project (Video)

Complex Criminal Conspiracy

Given those highly misguided initiatives carried out in Wuhan, other ill-advised developments discussed in the exposés posted below, as well as several suspicious circumstances surrounding this so-called spontaneous outbreak, it’s now clear that the intentional release of the coronavirus and deliberate 5G activation in Wuhan in 2019 were purposefully timed events. See: The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup

The only remaining question is “Who are the real perpetrators?”.  For only by way of a highly organized and extremely complex conspiracy could such a convoluted criminal plot have been executed so efficiently.

As for “Why they did it?”, that’s fairly easy to answer as explained in great detail in this exposé: OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020.

There’s now no question that there was a highly coordinated conspiracy between the Chinese Deep State, American Deep State and British Deep State in carrying out the various 5G and coronavirus implementation plans which were each required to pull off the genocide in Wuhan.  However, there was also another state actor that was deeply involved in this immense black operation and global psyop. See: Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

There is ample proof that both United States and the United Kingdom played pivotal roles in this nefarious scheme to blow up China’s economy in the interest of preserving the U.S. petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency, among achieving several other furtive objectives.  The hard evidence presented in the following post reflects the sheer depth and breadth of this “patently” Anglo-American conspiracy to wage biowarfare against China.

CORONAVIRUS: A Globalist Bioweapon Created by DARPA, Big Pharma and Its British Overlords

As for the actual strategy for getting the coronavirus to China so that it could be released via multiple vectors of dissemination, the following video offers just one possible scenario bearing in mind that there were quite likely several stratagems utilized.

In this interview, the Author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the Wuhan Coronavirus known as COVID-19 was in fact weaponized.

Professor Boyle also discloses where he believes the virus originated and the extent to which the US government and lab at University of North Carolina was involved in selling the weapon to China.
(Source: Top Scientist Claims China Purchased Covid-19 From University of North Carolina Lab — Video)


Isn’t it very interesting that the English word “influenza” comes from the Italian word — “influenza” — which literally means influence?

A deeper study of the word “influenza” indicates that it originally came “from Medieval Latin influentia; from the belief that epidemics were due to the influence of the stars”.[2]  Of course, what was conveniently left out of that lexicological account is that the “stars” always employ various types of agency here on Earth to carry out the mandate of heaven.  In some cases, malevolent agents are used to carry out the most evil deeds and heinous crimes.

The literal meaning of the word influenza is “to flow out”, as well as “to flow into”.  The following insights come from an excerpt from Word Stash by Bill Casselman:

Among all of these different denotations and connotations of influenza is the unmistakable notion of INFLUENCE which any influenza outbreak certainly has in the lives of mortal men.  Nothing shuts down a human being quicker than a severe bout of flu.  It debilitates man, woman and child as fast as you can say “flu season” … … … and The Powers That Be know that very well.  Which is precisely why they are ready to roll out the latest and greatest vaccine, falsely pitched as the single best defense against the coronavirus.  Now that’s some serious INFLUENCE exerted by the TPTB, yes?!?!

By the way, isn’t it also a little coincidental that Scientists are warning of potential serious health effects of 5G including many influenza symptoms.

COVID-19: The Psyop

Doesn’t the very name — COVID-19 — reflect a newfangled and chilling techno-virus that was meticulously bioengineered in one of those underground bio-labs at Area 51, Dulce Base or the now-defunct Plum Island.

Truly, there’s something quite sinister about this whole COVID-19 psyop.  What other ongoing mass casualty event, with such profound and pervasive global impacts, could the globalists have conjured up.  It’s as though the coronavirus bioweapon was fabricated as a very scary franken-virus to freak out the entire planetary civilization.

Really, what else could so negatively influence ALL of humanity so swiftly?!

That’s right!  There is nothing quite like COVID-19.

Clearly, the power elite who produced and bankrolled this “ultimate horror flick” rolled it out in 2020 to have maximum dramatic and distracting effect.  And so it has!

After years of a completely irrational bull market, the toughest bulls out there have become so skittish at the mere mention of COVID-19.  While the whole house (i.e. Global Gambling Casino known as the financial markets) has been falling down for years, it took a microscopic franken-virus to transform the bulls into bears overnight.  Some are even calling it the Corona Crash of 2020.

Others are predicting that the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is the long anticipated Black Swan that will serve as the trigger event whereby The Biggest Market Bubble Burst of All Time Begins.

So, there’s no question that the continuing COVID-19 psyop is a premeditated act of bioterror which has several goals.  With each passing month, the true objectives of this unparalleled psyop will be revealed.  Likewise, the reptilian perps at the top of the food chain will be exposed.

Furthermore, because there are so many super-sleuths working on this case 24/7 around the globe — LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW — the actual scheme behind these bio-attacks, which are still being perpetrated, will likely be unveiled so that they can be terminated post-haste.  Otherwise, we will all be soon be staring at a full-scale ELE.*

*ELE = Extinction Level Event


Because of their determination to complete the military deployment of 5G in China, the bioengineered coronavirus pandemic is being covertly spread to provide cover for the diverse symptoms, medical ailments and health conditions directly caused by the rapidly expanding 5G power grid worldwide.

Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend that what we are all either experiencing or witnessing is an ongoing series of bioterrorists attacks in countries large and small.  As follows:

SPECIAL NOTE: The Wuhan bio-attack appears to be
just one in a series of ongoing biological attacks being
conducted throughout mainland China. This Zio-Anglo-
American bioterrorist operation is being stealthily
perpetrated to give the appearance that the national
epidemic started with a single case in Wuhan City, when
it’s still being surreptitiously spread in other Chinese
cities via similar modes of propagation. Because the
vectors of dissemination of this weaponized coronavirus
are mapping worldwide at rapidly expanding rates, there
are quite likely multiple methods of proliferation which
are being cunningly implemented to confuse the medical
investigators as well as to avoid detection.

Lastly, it’s important to note that there is yet another significant reason why they named it the “Coronavirus”! See: How the coronavirus was traced back to the British Crown

BEST ADVICE from The Coronavirus Coach: The single best way to respond to a coronavirus outbreak near you and your family is to avoid getting it.  Protect yourself by strengthening your immune system and fortifying your body by following the excellent guidance provided here: Here’s How Everyone Can Avoid Getting The Coronavirus.

State of the Nation

Author’s Note: People, the key takeaway from this exposé is this: that the coronavirus was bioengineered as a complex bioweapon that not only morphs and mutates in a highly unique and elusive fashion in vivo, it can also be triggered to significantly exacerbate the virus symptoms via (i) specific electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation disseminated by the 5G power grid, (ii) the spraying of specific chemtrail aerosol formulations, as well as (iii)  specific vaccine ingredients after receiving a flu vaccination.  In the unique case of Wuhan, there was also the additional triggering technique of releasing specific types of toxic industrial pollution which that greater metro area is notorious for.  In short, the coronavirus is the “King of Bioengineered Viruses” — a super-bioweapon the likes of which humanity has never experienced before.


[1] Corona discharge

[2] Influenza

Editor’s Note: For a more complete treatment of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic saga, please consult the following series of informative exposés:

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020

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  3. I have been telling my friends that all the guns and ammunition in the world would not protect you once 5G is implemented worldwide…and this doesn’t even include the nanabot threat, whioh I felt might be implemented eitehr nationwide, or worldwide, once enough 5G infrastructure is in place.

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