The Common Sense Show Presents Sheriff Richard Mack: CSPOA

Dave and Mack

TLB is proud to present one of our longest running, most loyal and prolific contributors to this project Dave Hodges in a great, must hear radio show


My recent guest, Sheriff Richard Mack, appeared on The Common Sense Show at the beginning of this week. Sheriff Mack certainly needs no introduction. Sheriff Richard Mack has faced off against the gun confiscation crowd, over the Brady Bill as he prevailed in the defense of liberty before the Supreme Court.  Sheriff Mack is tireless in his pursuit of liberty.  He discussed how America’s Sheriffs are the last line of defense against the over-reaching and often tyrannical Federal government. Sheriff Mack also discussed how  CSPOA and he is asking for the audience to support their noble efforts in the defense of our freedoms.

CSPOA is the last line of defense from an overreaching Federal Government.

“If the peace officers in America do one simple thing – keep their oaths of office – we can save our constitutional Republic tomorrow.” – Sheriff Richard Mack

Don’t miss this riveting interview with Sheriff Mack beginning at six minutes after the start of the recording.

(interview begins at minute 6.5)


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