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Rep Jim Jordan and other Congressional Republicans are still waiting on impeaching Rod Rodentstein, letting the DOJ make up more ways to delay a day of reckoning. Will someone let the GOP know they are the party in control and they don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to move forward? It reminds us of the classic “Line In The Sand”… 



by Rick Wells

Rep Jim Jordan and other Congressional Republicans are still waiting to pull the trigger on impeaching Rod Rodentstein, letting DOJ connive more delays, cover up…

jim jordan

Congressman Jim Jordan was asked by Neil Cavuto for his thoughts on the release of the IG report on Coup orchestrator and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He runs down the list of people fired or demoted and reassigned in the time that the corruption has been learned of, saying, “Obviously there are big problems at the top levels of the FBI,” that the report simply confirmed what they already knew.   [[WATCHVIDEO BELOW]]

Jordan says the White House has been very clear that they don’t intend to fire Robert Mueller. Rosenstein, on the other hand, appears to be kneeling before the chopping block. Jordan lists a few of the conflicts and compromised positions of Rosenstein, saying, “If you want a great example of the swamp,” it’s the tangled mess between Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey.

Cavuto recaps the actions of the criminals McCabe and Comey in their public attacks on President Trump, and the information contradicting them being presented by the Inspector General, saying, “You do have to sympathize a tad with the President who says, ‘They really are out to get him.’”

Jordan agrees, noting the contrast between a pre-dawn raid on the business and home of Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and law “enforcement” ignoring a question that Jordan himself posed to Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings of if she would agree to have an independent third party decide which emails went to the committee.

He also notes the difference in the raid of Cohen to calling Cheryl Mills, saying, “hey Cheryl, would it be okay if we stop over and get the emails that you think we’re entitled to see, you, as her lawyer?” He says that’s the part that, more than anything else, drives the American people crazy.

Cavuto asks what is to be done with Rod Rodentstein, pointing out that he was at the White House for a previously unscheduled meeting with President Trump. Jordan replies that “If things don’t improve dramatically then “everything should be on the table, from contempt to impeachment to calling for his resignation. I just think that’s obvious.” What’s obvious is that we were told contempt and impeachment documents would be forthcoming immediately if the Thursday pm deadline passed without the document production. Friday is almost gone and nothing’s happened but more threats or promises, dependent upon the recipient.

He describes how unimpressed he was with John Lausch, the new and unprepared point person Sessions selected to handle document releases to Congress. Jordan says he and Rep Mark Meadows met with him a few days earlier, and they couldn’t answer four simple questions.

Jordan says they were stumped when asked, “What’s the universe of the documents we’re entitled to, they didn’t know the number. I said what is the standard you use for redactions, they couldn’t explain that. How many steps are involved in the current process, they didn’t know the answer to that. And then, of course, the important question, when are we going to get what we’re entitled to as a separate and equal branch of government, they couldn’t answer that either.”

He says, “This thing has to improve dramatically and in a very short timeframe or I think everything’s on the table. He points to a stunt by McCabe in which he leaked to the WSJ one day and then called two other people in the FBI asking them where’d the leaks come from the next day, and then later lies about it to investigators.

He says for those individuals withholding documents inside the FBI and DOJ that everything should be on the table, “contempt, impeachment and calling for resignations is clearly on the table because we are fed up. Chairman Nunes to Chairman Goodlatte to members of the Judiciary Committee, members of the Oversight Committee, the American people are fed up with what they see at the highest levels of the ‘Justice Department.’”

The question Jordan needs to answer is, if he and his fellow Congressmen are so fed up, why is Rosenstein still in office, having missed the deadline. Why has no impeachment resolution been introduced? What are they waiting for?


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