Democrat Party Declares War on America

The Democrat Party Has Declared War on America

By: Steve McCann

The American Left and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat party, has declared war on America by openly and ruthlessly attacking American society, its norms and foundational principles. While they previously had been somewhat restrained in their efforts to transform the nation, any pretense of subtlety has now been abandoned. Consequently, their asinine and self-indulgent theories and totalitarian tactics are on display for all to see. Yet this coterie of the credulous does not grasp the irrational absurdity of many of their cultural and societal pronouncements.

Now that they control Congress and have a questionably elected and addled dissembler in the White House, these jaw-dropping policies are center stage. It is little wonder that an increasingly flabbergasted citizenry, as well as many nations throughout the world, are beginning to question what sort of future is in store for the United States.

The cornerstone, foundation and primary weapon of the left’s war on America is to berate the nation for its supposed never-ending and irredeemable racism. An iniquity which they claim seeps through every pore of nearly 70% of the population. Thus, these wannabe autocrats are framing virtually everything in American life and society with fictional “systemic racism” and its corollary “white supremacy.” Yet their declared solution to this imaginary national stain is the promulgation of renewed racism.

In the six decades prior to the 1960’s, racial segregation (i.e., racism) was an institutionalized government sanctioned reality. “Separate but equal” was the Supreme Court-endorsed (Plessy v. Ferguson) directive of the land. Thus, segregation, which particularly benefited the Democratic Party and trade unions, was sanctioned and promoted in varying degrees in a number of states.

In the 1960’s, thanks to the bravery and perseverance of the African American community in league with a vast number of white citizens, this final racist aberration was tossed upon the ash heap of history. After nearly a decade of marches and demonstrations, entrenched racism was fully and finally toppled, but not without violence and militant confrontation directed towards both Black and White activists. By the mid-1970’s all vestiges of official institutional racism, which stemmed from laws, customs and regulations issued under the rubric of separate but equal, ceased to exist. No one, except those who despised the United States, could honestly claim that this was a racist country.

This movement succeeded because an overwhelming majority of white Americans (which then accounted for 80% of the national population) were determined to right societal wrongs knowing full well that racism, which has always existed in the hearts of individuals in all countries and among all races, would continue to persist and that only time and exposure to others would mitigate those mindsets.

The radicalized American Left has seized upon the existence of those attitudes in a small number of Americans combined with disparities in income and education to claim that “systemic or institutionalized racism” endures — when it does not. They do so to:

a) Intimidate the nonsensically guilt-ridden and oblivious segment of supposedly well-educated white America;

b) Incite resentment and raise expectations among minority communities;

c) To make certain racial animosity engulfs the country;

d) To exploit the education establishment and corporations through the obligatory hiring of diversity bureaucracies.

All of which benefits the left in their quest to seize power in perpetuity.

They are deviously convincing minorities and gullible whites that white Americans are the only ethnic group in the history of mankind that has ever fueled racism. They are implicitly leaving the impression with these groups that they will make certain the white populace pays the price for centuries of bigotry through their so-called solutions to “systemic racism”. Solutions which entail: 1) proclaiming that the white population will be punished through reverse discrimination and reparations and 2) reinstating “separate but equal” under the banner of equity.

On college campuses, dormitories are now segregated by race, graduation ceremonies are also segregated by race as ethnic studies (promoting anti-white radicalism) proliferate and students are choosing to isolate by race. Previously illegal racial quotas, now favoring minorities in hiring, are becoming the norm. Reparations are being openly discussed and the door opened in the recent $1.9 Trillion Covid relief package wherein only Black farmers received taxpayer funded $5 Billion for debt forgiveness up to 120% of the loan balance.

Not content to limit using the “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” canards to create racism and foment racial animosity, the American left is utilizing these fig leaves to initiate unfettered censorship and the abrogation of free speech. Every despot in modern times has isolated and targeted a specific group of people as apocalyptic threats to their nation and thus censorship and denial of free speech for the citizenry becomes mandatory to “save” the country. The militant adherents of Fascism and Communism were particularly adept at this practice.

The modern American left are the new Fascists as they have declared “white supremacy” to be the existential threat to the nation (even though less than 3% of Americans express strong support for white nationalism). Therefore, any articles, current or previously published books, social media entries or speeches by anyone of European ancestry that does not conform to the approved language and philosophy of the radical left must be censored and the author ostracized for the good of the country.

While deliberately fomenting racism and instituting censorship on a massive scale reveals the megalomaniacal nature of America’s newest and most dangerous threat, the Democrat party, their treatment of women exposes the irrational absurdity of the movement as a whole.

For centuries women have fought to be recognized for their abilities and worth as independent and full-fledged citizens, meriting respect and equal protection under the law. Women in America have, more so than any other nation on earth, achieved that status. However, the radical left and the Democrat party have chosen to promote and mainstream transgenderism, another vehicle to undermine the Judeo-Christian basis of the founding of the nation and American society.

Recently the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill euphemistically entitled the Equity Act which would lead to the death of virtually all the rights women have fought for over the past century. The radical left has chosen to allow any biological male who simply declares himself to be a woman to participate in women’s sports, have access to women’s locker rooms as well as bathrooms, be imprisoned in an all-female prison and have access to any favorable treatment or group activity involving women. In essence women would cease to exist as a distinct and irreplaceable gender.

When the Democrat party’s self-serving mishandling of the Covid pandemic and determination to alter American society to their benefit through unfettered legal and illegal immigration is added to the above, it becomes clear that these quislings are racists and misogynists in their manipulation of the citizenry and Fascists in their tactics. I say this as someone who has experienced first-hand the tyranny of Fascism and lived amid the death and destruction it wrought.

The time has come for Americans of all races to snap out of their complacency and stop being played for fools and understand that the American left and the Democrat party have but one goal: to assume in perpetuity the reins of power and transform the nation into a one-party hybrid socialist state. They do not care if someone is African American, Hispanic, Asian, or White as long as they can manipulate these groups by pitting one against the other. They are ruthless in their tactics and determined to prevail.

This is a war the American people must win.


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