Democrats wake up to what indulging the Clinton corruption has brought them

Democrats wake up to what indulging the Clinton corruption has brought them

By Monica Showalter

Leftists haven’t stopped yelling about the 2016 election, but at least some of them are starting to wake up and smell the coffee they brewed themselves.

Josh Barro, a prominent and respected writer on the far left, has written a widely circulated article with this nut graf:

Here’s one reason the Trump corruption scandals aren’t connecting as much as they should: Before Democrats spent the past 18 months telling everyone this is not normal, they spent years reassuring voters that this was normal.

While I am a bit baffled about his claims of ‘Trump corruption scandals’ (what is he talking about?) the second half of his statement is dead on. Two can play that game. Or more accurately, the Clintons lowered the bar.

Up until now, this phenomenon has been quite opaque to leftists, who have repeatedly dismissed Clinton (and Obama) behavior as business as usual. Spying on political opponents, spying on the press, taking cash for foundation donations in exchange for policy decisions, was all claimed to be nothing, just as ‘it’s just about sex’ had been. Democrats systematically corrupted the system with their ‘we’ll just have to win it, then’ mentality, courtesy of the Clintons, and now have to contend with a rigged Democratic Party, they can’t even blame Republicans for that one, it’s all their own doing. Their Alinskyite ‘by any means necessary’ mentality has come back to bite them in the butts now. And now they have Trump to deal with. The very Trump of rising poll numbers, so lucky them.

What they did through this short term gain was open the door for someone else to take obvious transgressions that should have been nipped in the bud to ever greater extremes. The Stormy Daniels controversy, for instance, is a nothingburger to us now, because Bill Clinton and several Democrats before him already lowered the bar, thinking that if Democrats do it, it’s all O.K.

Net result, voters just don’t care.

Pat yourselves on the back for that, Democrats, because you are living in a ‘new normal’ of your own making.


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