Dems like four-year-old saying ‘blah, blah, blah, I don’t want to hear it, I’m going after Trump impeachment…

Dems like four-year-old saying ‘blah, blah, blah, I don’t want to hear it, I’m going after Trump impeachment…

by TLB Staff

Blah, blah, blah, is right. Before Russiagate, Impeach Trump. During Russiagate, Impeach Trump. After Russiagate, Impeach Trump. After all this time and talk, one would think no body on “The Hill” knows how.


According to a political analyst, calls for impeachment from Elizabeth Warren are actually helping President Trump.

In an interview Monday, former adviser to the 2016 Trump campaign Jack Kingston said the president has benefited from the findings of the Mueller report. Kingston suggested calls for impeachment discredit the Democrat agenda after the Russia probe found no collusion or obstruction by the Trump campaign.

Kingston also suggested voters don’t take the self-proclaimed Democrat-Socialists seriously, which could also help President Trump and the GOP in the 2020 race. (OAN Newsroom)

TLB offers up just the right guy with just the right answers as to why there is no Impeachment and why there will be NONE….

Bill the Butcher

You know what gets me? All the Democrats screaming “Impeach!” Ok, there is a group called Political Reality, run by a friend of mine so let me give you some political reality. No president has ever been removed from office. Nixon quit, don’t even go there. The Speaker of the House is staunchly against impeachment. And if articles of impeachment survived the house they would die in the senate.
Yet, the watchword for Democrats is impeachment. While all of this is going on a whole tribe of contenders is vying for the nomination. And THEY too are hollering impeachment. One is not. He pushes free collage, Medicare for all, and reinforcing Social Security. Bernie Sanders! As of this morning the lead in the race.
Yet Democrats still believe that impeachment is the way to go. In a little over fourteen months America will go to the polls again. If the Democrats pull their heads out of Mr. Ass a strong candidate such as Sanders will give Donald Trump a run for his money. If they rally behind people such as Beatoff O’Rourke or Booker (excuse me, I have to spit) then Trump will be dancing with his wife at his SECOND inaugural ball. And the Democrats will be bitching about the cost, still screaming IMPEACHMENT!
The senate will never remove a president from office. Don’t you wanna know why? Because if they ever did it would show that impeachment is a real possibility. THEIR jobs would be quickly on the line. Right now you couldn’t even impeach that silly girl with a rag on her head no matter WHAT she says about the Jews. But once the door is open the wrong dogs will come home.
Caligula, “Little Boots” was assassinated by his own Praetorian Guard. Once it was realized that this was a viable option the Romans killed emperors by the six pack! The senate exists in a well insulated cocoon. That’s why they don’t listen to you. That’s why your health care is all jacked up. And that’s why they can’t hear the word “impeachment” through those thick oak doors.
But, Democrats, keep on keeping on. Sabotage your front runner. Have some silly wench screaming, “NOOOOOOO!” at the next inauguration. Join hands down at the border and try to catch all them Mexicans as Trump catapults them back over to Tijuana. See you at the ball!


We apologize (no we don’t) to the other Dems that want to put their feet up on the desk in the West Wing, for using just Warren as an example of a blah, blah, blah, to  impeach Trump.

Down Stream Media and the Left are running out of narrative to get rid of a duly elected President of The United States. The harder they try, the more it assures victory in 2020 for one Donald J. Trump.

Editorially hoping on the part of TLB? Nope. Watching and listening to the people who get paid to be in the know gives insight that is more than hoping.

One good thing Down Stream Media has done for the American People, over the last three years, is show how Propaganda works and how mis-management can cause it to Back-Fire.  (TLB)



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