Department of Homeland Security is Buying Local Police

KenBy: TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

“We all must recognize that Homeland Security funds should be allocated by threat and no other reason.”-Michael Bloomberg

Never before in the history of the United States of America has the independence of local law enforcement been so threatened. And never has the Federal Government had more power over the lives of Americans. The Federal Government has given the Department of Homeland Security an unprecedented amount of power, and they are using this influence to actually buy their way into local law enforcement all around the country. The Progressive Obama administration now has a standing army, and it is called the Department of Homeland Security…and it is looking more and more Orwellian.

“Since September 11th Congress has created the Department of Homeland Security, more than doubled the homeland security budget and implemented a bipartisan overhaul of our intelligence systems.” -Doc Hastings

A primary economic incentive, for local police, is the acceptance of federal “grants.” By the use of these economic incentives, the DHS, now a militarized federal agency, are designed as a military force to be utilized inside of America. With deep pockets it is now infiltrating local police departments, with domineering strings attached. Strings that can now be pulled internally, taking complete control of local law enforcement from the inside out. Designed as both a hammer and sickle, cash-strapped police departments in a floundering economy are giving up their autonomy for a federal payoff, and in that process, are now subject to federal management… A management that seems to be entirely voluntary for the local police departments, and designed to function without the need for an unconstitutional mandate. How very clever. Pause here, and please give this a moment’s thought.

By the creation and establishment of so called “buffer zones,” also known as “fusion centers”, local police have further relinquished control to an overpowering Federal Sponsor. The plan is to enlarge a communicative net of surveillance by equipping squad cars and precinct offices with new information-collecting technology, table scraps of the military industrial complex…. They would then be the eyes and ears of a Big Brother Federal Government, a Progressive Communistic Government. A government who justifies this encroachment of power by saying it wants to curb crime. But what they are not addressing is their ability can also inadvertently target and track citizens without their knowledge, consent, and in some cases, under the NDAA and Patriot Act, without due process. They will have the ability to spy on any citizen at will, push a cancellation button on any one they so choose, and for any reason. There would be no stops.

“In fact, in 2002, the Secretary of Defense authorized such support on a reimbursable basis to organizations formerly components of the Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury and currently components of the Department of Homeland Security.”-Solomon Ortiz

License plate readers and surveillance cameras at every intersection, facial recognition with newly designed software and super computers… all compiled from hardware installed in squad cars… tied to federal data bases.

Silent infrared drones so high they are undetectable are being promoted as an eye in the sky by 2015, and cell phone GPS signal trackers are monitoring every aspect of our lives… our cell phones are an open mike, and the camera can be accessed from an external source without even a light indication. As our phone and email records were stolen just two months ago, and all of it given to Israel, our buying habits, from grocery stores to pharmacies, are being monitored by so called clubs… and government has access to all of this without a court order. Just last month this 64 year old author tried to purchase a bottle of wine from a large department store here in Lafayette, and was carded. They asked to see my driver’s license, and without my permission inserted in into a special slot in the register. I was incensed, and told the manager so, but it was too late, in spite of his affirmation that only the date of birth was taken… Am I supposed to be so trusting? Everything on my driver’s license now belongs to them, with little doubt, and why? Well, one thing I remember my father telling me from a long ago note, “Knowledge is power.”

Local media all around the country are reporting this phenomena, from the Long Beach (California) Press Telegram, to the Times-tribune in Corbin, Kentucky, and the scenario is the same. In Kentucky, for instance, The New America reported that BPD Detective Steve Owens’ stated to his city counsel that his department was being tapped by the Office of Homeland Security… “Basically, Homeland security came to the Barbourville Police Department requesting an officer to be part of their task force.” They required that a “memorandum of partnership” be drafted to establish this new relationship between his local police force and the DHS. Owens also added that this officer would now have Federal investigative powers… and so…If the city police uncovered anything that may lead to federal charges, that officer would head the investigation. Federal Officers would now be part of the local force, on permanent assignment.

“You know, one of the perceptions, again, about FEMA is that there’s been a demise in the organization since it became the – under – it started to become part of the Department of Homeland Security.” -Henry Bonilla

Other reports, like what, and the New have brought to light… some local Illinois police departments are actually soliciting the Federal Government for finance, and the DHS is jumping at the chance.  Police are applying for a variety of grants with the expectation that they will have complete autonomy, though both a feasibility study and the history of our Progressive government indicates otherwise. Local law enforcement had better read the fine print before taking federal funds for something that should be locally funded. They will relinquish sovereignty, independence, and further dissolve the civil liberties of the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

All police officers and military in the United States have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies both domestic and foreign. When our personal information is stolen from us and then given to another country, without any retribution or accountability, we should take note. It should open our eyes with the greatest alarm! And any officer who betrays that trust is a traitor to America, and he and his commanders should, and I hope to God will be, held accountable. And all of it, from start to finish, depended on you…

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.”-John F. Kennedy

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”-Thomas Jefferson

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