Intentionally Destroying America … Just to Beat Trump … FACT!

Destroying America … Just to Beat Trump

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Are Americans being intentionally lead to the slaughter house … ???

I never thought I would live to see the day (although I suspected it was inevitable) when massive suffering and ruination of this entire nation was the intended goal of a self-professed elite cast (including the likes of Soros). These ‘would be emperors’ believe Trump, a duly elected President must be removed, or his re-election thwarted … at all cost.

Also consider the fact that they realize they have no chance at the ballot box with Dementia Joe (despite massive and continuous MSM poll lies), so they have decided to literally destroy America and all our lives to ensure a victory for themselves. REALLY ??? This is NOT a freaking joke, it is absolute reality happening right before your eyes, something that anyone doing even basic level research can determine for themselves.

I seems that is makes little difference whether that cost be the destruction of a society, an economy, or an entire nation. We are living in a time where treason and sedition against We The People is ignored or secretly enhanced by those we elect to protect and lead us … so do these words still carry their original meaning … and are these evil progressives untouchable as they continue to ruin millions of lives and this nation!


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Are we now so impudent as a reasoning society, so dumbed down, so buried in programmed ignorance that we cant even get off our ignorant asses to save ourselves, our loved ones, or this nations future?

This economy is now broken and will take years to fix … if at all. Our society is now fractured by ‘SPONSORED’ Racial and Marxist riots that do nothing but increase the level of fear and promote over-reaction (intentionally). And this nation is still dividing as you read this … that in itself may take a generation to repair … if at all.

Here is a short paragraph from my last article on this topic:

What you are seeing is a funded movement to take America to its knees via a bought and paid for civil war … to pave the way for a communist style global governance. But please remember (as I have stated multiple times in the past) our future masters are very aware that this cannot be accomplished as long as We The People still have any say. And that say is evaporating right before our eyes as you read this!

Here is another  short paragraph from another of my recent articles on this topic:

As a result of all above (and how much we are yet to learn about) the America we all grew up knowing is gone … never to return no matter what you are told (more fake info). This is a fact, NOT a guess. Our inability to push back on the absolute tyranny being slammed down our throats due to said programmed ignorance, is EXACTLY what these traitorous ass-hats hoped for and We The People delivered in spades !!!

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So who has been called to the carpet, who is to blame, Who will be prosecuted for the massive property damage, personal suffering, and yes even death they are responsible for … ???

My Guess … NO ONE …

You and your families (anyone you care for) lives and futures are being destroyed right before your eyes so that a global elitist faction can massively overpower We The People’s choice of leaders and continue our enslavement … using you, me and all we care for as their weapon of mass destruction.


Why doesn’t this enrage the hell out of you ????????????

In the attached article that follows there is yet another great accounting of the massive shifts taking place all across America … and indeed the world right now. NO (before you ask) none of this is naturally occurring. Trump and COVID-19 just happened to offer a perfect platform for the intended/choreographed destruction of America …



Hurting Americans to Beat Trump

By: William L. Gensert

Democrat governors are not giving up their lockdowns no matter how much they hurt people’s lives. With a total lack of irony, they ignore the real science calling for reopening the economy and schools, while at the same time they label “deniers” anyone who disagrees with fake climate change science.

Science is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

Samples of science: Don’t wear masks, wear masks; coffee will kill you, coffee is good for you; chocolate will kill you, chocolate is good for you; fatty foods will kill you, carbs will kill you; the world will freeze in a nuclear winter, the oceans will bubble away as “kettle’s on the boil, [when] we’re so easily [led astray].”

Even though science does not always live up to its reputation, a decision must be made and when the preponderance of the science says open, you should open.

Governors, who had no problem sending peoples’ mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers, the highest risk age group, to certain death alone in nursing facilities while preventing their loved ones the opportunity to even say, “Goodbye.” Later, they unabashedly, took a victory lap while bragging to the world how successful they were. Now, they insist on quarantining the least at-risk segment of the population by keeping schools closed.

The risk to school-age children COVID represents is infinitesimal, but they claim schools should stay closed, “for the children.” The median age of those succumbing to the virus is 78 years old. 99.96% are adults. Nothing matters, fulsome Democrats fully plan to keep the economy shut down through November 3, 2020.

Many children who took online classes during the pandemic never even signed onto a computer for classes. It is a function of motivation and just as many adults cannot work effectively from home, so it is with youth. Sitting in your living room with mommy’s laptop is not a situation conducive to learning. In addition, going to school has as much to do with social interaction as it does with acquiring knowledge.

Yet, knowing all this, Democrats are making a conscious decision to hurt our children’s lives and future prospects to gain a presidency. And the left pretends they are on the side of all that is right and just when ironically, they will do anything not right and unjust to get what they want. And they want closures until the election.

One of the worst lessons learned by America’s Democrat mayors and governors through the COVID and the riots, is the enormous, almost unlimited power they have in an emergency. They literally can rule by decree. And not only do they relish the opportunity to be dictators but also are loath to give up their newly acquired power — especially because it allows them to ratchet up the misery for all those non-elite Americans so it can be used as a cudgel to bludgeon Trump and perhaps cost him the presidency.

That and racism…it is always something and “racism.” The “something” changes depending on what Democrats and media thinks they can sell, but the charge of “racism” remains static.

People think America is a democracy. This is wrong; this country is a republic, and as a republic, it is an agglomeration of 50 variegated states. In reality, we have 50 separate and distinct fiefdoms, ruled by governors who are essentially kings.

They are not giving up the lockdowns and the attendant increased authority. They can dictate which businesses can open and which will remain closed. People can be forced to stay in their homes, and when allowed out, told where they can go and what they are permitted to buy.

The riots were even better for our new royalty, they could simultaneously ignore the large, non-social distancing crowds and all the destruction and violence while forcing healthy constituencies to remain quarantined.

For the first time in the history of plague and pandemic, we decided to quarantine the healthy — something that would have been unimaginable a short time ago.

The rioting, combined with the damage to lives, careers and wealth done by the lockdowns, all the arson, looting and destruction of property, and the ruination of the economy is meant to give the King of Aphasia, Joe Biden the opportunity to run against Trump’s lousy economy and riots. And now, closed schools as well.

They are refusing to reopen schools even though youth has almost zero risk with COVID — it might have something to do with mothers and fathers being unable to both go back to work if their children are still stuck at home.

As for all the damage, destruction, and job losses, the Democrat governors are making worse, as Michelle Obama when selling her school lunch program, once was rumored to have said, “Let them eat…nothing!”

Democrats are assuming that with full control of the media, they can convince people that all this is Trump’s fault. And if they can keep the election close enough, they can steal it with illegal voting, illegals voting, and illegally stealing votes — that’s why they are now questioning, with frightening synchronicity, whether Trump will leave office when he loses, while simultaneously warning that it will take weeks to count the votes (they’re loading their car trunks with “lost ballots” as we speak).

The Democrats have created an agglutination of economy-killing lockdowns; closed schools; property-destroying, sanguinary riots; electoral fraud; and media calumny and lies. All to be used against a president who was virtually guaranteed reelection mere months ago.

Instead of coming up with policies they believe would match or surpass the success President Trump has had with the economy, the stock market, employment, wealth creation, etc., Democrats choose to destroy this country so Americans can suffer for the sin of not electing Hillary Clinton in 2016 and be given the government they deserve, “good and hard.”

It is one thing to ruin the lives of adults over something political but another entirely to do it to children. The saddest part of it all is they just might succeed.

The author can be found on Twitter @williamlgensert


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