Eradicating Programmed Ignorance Welcomes Tony Olson to TLBTV

Eradicating Programmed Ignorance Welcomes Tony Olson to TLBTV

By TLB Founder & TLBTV Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Our guest today is not a new face to TLB, but he is new to our TLBTV lineup. On this episode we bring you another great discussion with a very interesting individual. Today we are proud to bring you one of TLB’s most creative minds, a published (best selling) author, poet, lyricist, and satirist extraordinaire … Tony Olson.

I am joined every week by my OH SO intelligent Co-Host Rebecca Mahan. Rebecca is the Liberty Beacon Project’s Media Director as well as the host of the TLBTV show Rebecca Sounds Reveille. Rebecca served in the United States Marine Corp and is also a retired peace officer. With her education and service, her contributions to TLB and Eradicating Programmed Ignorance are incalculable.

As a cherished member of the TLB family, Tony Olson stands out from the crowd of authors and writers with contributions that expand the boundaries of creativity. When it comes to creating poetry, satire. commentary, or lyrics, Tony is in a league few can claim membership in! What we present to you here is a discussion that is sure to inform entertain … and prepare you for his new TLBTV show about to launch

Please sit back and enjoy some face time with one of the most pleasant sand taleented individuals associated with TLB …

Here is just a small sample of the highly creative, informative and entertaining creations by Tony. Please take the time to check out these outstanding videos, poems and articles. From brilliant satire to great and timely information, you will find it time well spent!

(Click on Images to see articles/videos)

We are eagerly looking forward to many more outstanding creations and publications from Tony in the future … coming your way form … The Liberty Beacon Project Media.


More about our guest: Tony Olson: Tony is an American journalist, and bestselling author. His book SPIN GAME: Exposing Political Lies And Tactics was an Amazon Top Ten Bestseller. In addition to his great book Tony also authored some outstanding political and environmental articles as well as other outstanding satirical poems that can be found on The Liberty Beacon. Tony currently lives in Boise, Idaho.


All materials presented … Copyright © TLB and Tony Olson 2017 … All Rights Reserved.

Note: Articles and videos my be republished if accompanied by link to source along with credit to Tony Olson and author.


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