First, let’s begin with a pretty decent map of the situation today:

Here is a small commentary on what we see in this map:

In red the most recent Russian movements today.  The only major progress is inside the purpose square when Russian forces have penetrated deep in the rear of both Odessa and Kiev.  So I have to wonder – are they planning a strategic cauldron??? Dunno, but I decided to add a black bar to show where we might want to look closer in the coming days.

Mariupol is, as already mentioned, totally closed off and heavy fighting is taking place. This city will be forcibly denazified in the next couple of days.

The (much awaited) operational cauldron in the east is still not physically closed by Russian forces. But, as I already mentioned, the no man’s land between the two Russian prongs is completely “shot through” (to use a Russian expression) which means that while small groups can still make it out, it’s over for the heavy Ukie armor, artillery and Nazi death-squads, who are STILL shelling Donetsk (ER: within the Donbass area) which, of course, nobody reports about in the Empire of Lies.

I suppose that they want to kill as many Russians before the inevitable outcome…

On this topic, I got an email from a Chinese friend today, and he made a very astute observation. Here is what he wrote:

Have you noticed how many Battle of Berlin style Wehrmacht tactics are being used by the Kiev regime? We’re less than a week into the war, & so far we’re already seeing:

1. Volkssturm in Kiev (granted an even more half-assed version thereof) (ER: volkssturm is about raising a civilian fighting force from among the local people);
2. Preventing civilians from leaving the warzone (see;
3. Holding festungs down to the last man (e.g. Kharkov, Mariupol, etc.) (ER: ‘festung’ is a German word meaning ‘fortress’);
4. Forced conscription of military aged men;
5. Strafbattalion (ER: means ‘penal battalion’. Meaning that prisoners would be used in military combat.)

Am I missing anything else? 😀

He *does* have a point, doesn’t he?

But he did miss one thing:  The Ukie “Wunderwaffe” of course! (ER: wonder weapon – being used ironically here since Russia is acknowledged to have the most superior military in the world)

Possible candidates include:

  1. Javelins!!!
  2. Bayraktars!!!
  3. NLAWs!!!
  4. Western fighter aircraft!!!
  5. ISIS fighters!!!
  6. Wooden Kalashnikovs!!!
  7. Assorted Soviet era weapons with new names!!!
  8. Nazi volunteers from all over Europe!!!
  9. Polish, British and Estonian special forces!!! and, of course,
  10. Ze’s “nuke!!!! (ER: ‘Ze’ is Zelensky)

So not one, but TEN Wunderwaffen for the Ukies.

Will “Ze” end like Adolf did or will he run?

I bet you he will run.

They mostly already have…

One more thing.

The Ukie Volkssturm is turning into a very serious disaster which might get much worse in the near future.  Here is what is happening.

In some cities, the local authorities were contacted by Russian forces and an orderly change of command took place.  The civilians authorities are working (almost?) as normal and law and order is (mostly?) secured.

The problem are the hardcore Nazi volunteer death-squads who distributed military weapons to anybody and everybody, including convicted felons and criminals. These gangs are now mostly fighting each other because they are taken over by paranoid hallucinations about “Russian Spetsnaz” (ER: special forces) everywhere, and since most Ukies speak Russian, unless on video, even the hardcore ones, they have a MAJOR “IFF” (Identification Friend or Foe) problem.

They are also more getting desperate and even more violent than usual: Russian POWs are being tortured to death as a matter of course (Russian special services are tracking down all their names, there will be a big Nuremberg like trial when this war ends).

I have heard of only one instance were the Ukie Volkssturm engaged a column of Russian national guard troops. They were all killed in minutes.

But here are two very real dangers:

  1. Ukrainian civilians are now at risk all over Banderastan (ER: supporters of WWII Nazi sympathizer and fascist, Stepan Bandera)
  2. Ukie Volkssturm atrocities will be filmed by the western presstitutes and blamed on Russia

Frankly, this could turn into another MH-17, but at a much, much bigger scale.

I hope and pray that any and all Ukrainians who are not Nazis now (finally!) stop waiting for Russia to clean house in their country (yet again!) and do something to disarm the marauding Ukie Volkssturm gangs.  May God help all those who are innocent and preserve them by His Might.

Signing off for the evening,