Do Unto Others BEFORE They Do Unto YOU!

Do Unto Others BEFORE They Do Unto YOU!

Meditation by: Bill the Butcher

This Thing Called Life

When you dip into what people think, what they believe, value, hold dear, you delve into uncharted territory. There are over eight billion of us now in all variations of the species from Neil deGrasse Tyson to that little girl in Appalachia who just learned to make biscuits, and they all have different opinions of this thing we call “life!”

The God Hole

You will never get a consensus among them. Did you ever wonder why there are so many religions with assorted holy books constructed to guide the lost, looking for answers in an ever increasing complex existence? There are far more religions than there are genders and there are now over a hundred genders in Riverside, California alone! That’s because of something I call The God Hole. That expanse of nothing right behind your eyes that you are born with, just waiting for your senses to fill it with something, anything that will make the world make sense. And after it’s all said and done, and you hit that inevitable brick wall you will invoke God, or atheism, of psychosis. But, you will invoke something!

God did not give man dominion over man

If there is a God, and if He did create man, it says right there in Genesis 1:26 that God put man in charge of the creation. All the fishes in the sea, the various animals, birds, and creepy crawly things in Ocatillo Wells. If you will notice, God did not give man dominion over man. Man created politics for that. All were equal, some more equal than others.

God made man, man made religion, and religion made theology

And those who rose to power looked to the stars for inspiration. And they got answers, or at least they said they got answers. And they wrote the answers down. God made man, man made religion, and religion made theology. Theology supposedly gave us rules to make life better, but mostly it gave us fourteen year old virgins once a year to offer to the stars in exchange for good crops. Nice work if you can get it. Sacrifice a kid, you get cornbread. A drought comes along you kill two kids and hope for manna from Heaven. And civilization was up and running.

They invented priests, holy men, who devised complex formulas governing every facet of everyday life. Formulas such as thirty days after the first full moon, after the spring equinox was the right time to plant. You do that and you have to kill far less virgins. The problem then arose as to what to do with all the excess of virgins. They invented social structures involving polygamy, concubines and just plain ol’ girlfriends. Women became a prized commodity. It is a paradox at how this most valuable of the citizenry always drew the short end of the stick. The broomstick!

It’s good to be the king

And we continued to look to the stars. But, the stars remained silent. You couldn’t even hear the explosion of a super nova through the vastness of space. Eclipse? Kill another virgin. Then we began to codify the rules and regulations devised by the senior star gazers. Forget the Egyptians, let’s just start with the Ten Commandments. Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t screw your neighbor’s wife (Unless you’re the king,) and don’t marry your sister unless you’re the king. (It’s good to be the king!)

Praying to the Holy Hey You

The Jews took those simple laws and developed over six hundred supporting rules to keep the faithful on the straight and narrow. And if you broke any one of them they’d beat your head in with a rock. Progress! Then along came Jones. Or Jesus, or Yeshua, or any other name you choose to call Him. With all the deviations His name might as well be, “Hey You!”

A better use for girls

Jesus was truly a wise man, but like the words from the song said, Why did you pick such a backwoods place in such a strange land? He had a simple message for a simple people. And, after some executions and a few hungry lions His message began to catch on. And it caught on, and caught on all the way from Pope Peter up to the Prophet Joseph Smith, with all the divisions thereof! Let us pray, and pray, and pray. At least modern day spiritual leaders seemed to have found a better use for girls other that cutting their hearts out.

But that leaves the core of humanity still looking for answers. The earth is warming up, we’re eating ourselves out of house and home, and our leaders can’t even lead themselves. There isn’t enough gold to go around so your new priests print money and tell you it’s gold. Your private lives have become so profane that you have to devise new and improved genders just so you can get your freak on in more outlandish ways.

We are too stupid (or lazy) to think for ourselves!

And you must ask yourself why do we consistently find and follow leaders and formulas that consistently fail, making it necessary for us to find new methods far stupider than the ones we debunked? Because we are too stupid (or lazy) to think for ourselves! We invent religions that are shot full of holes, purported by leaders whom we will subsequently have to shoot full of holes as we go charging off looking for Windmills and Answers. Call it capitalism or communism, Catholic or Protestant, theist, atheist, or agnostic. We all must fill that God Hole. We all must find that guiding light, be it Bible, Qu’ran . . . or Facebook! Can’t cut a heart out without a recipe.

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you. He also told us to not do anything to others that you wouldn’t want them to do to you! He asked His God to overlook our ignorance because we are basically clueless and have no earthly idea of what we’re doing, and most, if not all of you missed all of that! You have eyes, but you cannot see.

You get what you pay for

Why do we have hugely complex conspiracy theories involving New World Orders, Illuminatis, or Mega Churches in Houston run by shoe salesmen? Why do we hang on memes yet ignore the latest laws and statements coming out of Washington that will plot the course of our very lives? We no longer cut little girls’ hearts out, but we lobotomize their brains with useless politically correct drivel devised by Drag Queen StoryTime, and you worry about the next generation. You get what you pay for!

The Great Reset

Now everyone is talking about The Great Reset. The governments of the world are gearing up to let you know your accumulated wealth was just paper all along. All the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in somebody else’s name and it ain’t yours! Wake up and smell the coffee if you can even afford a cup!




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