By TLB Contributor: Nicky

I have been thinking a lot about how many of us in the truth and freedom movement feel such hostility and disdain towards the misinformed people of the world and around us personally; we feel anger, frustration, blame, disgust. Should we be informing people that don’t know and/or don’t want to know? Should we be force-feeding the red pill? WHY do we feel the need to inform people of truth and reality to the point of apparent obsession? Many of us do NOT want to be the bearer of bad news and seemingly ruin the lives of people around us, especially people we love and hold dear, but we do it anyway. We put ourselves out there to be ridiculed and attacked. WHY DO WE DO THIS? Short answer is because we know we cannot heal as a whole without them. They literally feed the other side and deprive us of energy, weighing down our collective consciousness with their ignorance. It’s a huge problem and one we instinctively know needs to be fixed.

Myself and others in the movement have been pondering this subject for our own clarity and sanity. My personal experience meeting amazingly misinformed people in person and online, along with the input of other more enlightened beings around me, I have come to the conclusion that we feel the need to inform because we recognize on a deeper level that we are all connected, we are all one. When we see misinformed people putting their blind loyalty and energy towards the bad guys; illegitimate traitorous governments and their fake representatives, secret societies with hidden agendas, etc. while at the same time projecting their hatred towards us, we realize they literally believe we are the enemy, crazy extremist and even traitors and we come to understand how critical it is to heal that damaged part of ourselves as a collective. This cannot be accomplished by letting them off the hook.


Although they may not understand our rage and even hatred of the people and systems ruining our world, instinctively we recognize these people living a lie are indeed a very sick part of ourselves and we cannot heal without their support and understanding. We know in our hearts that if we cannot get them on the side of good vs. evil, or even get them to recognize the difference, evil will grow and dominate the world as has been the case thus far. We are hanging on by a thread, and at the most basic level we know we must get them to recognize what is truly good and right or we all lose; our children and grandchildren lose, the innocent people our governments are murdering and oppressing on a daily basis lose, the soldiers, separated from their families, shooting innocent people lose, the world as a whole loses and in the end freedom and truth lose out and we find that unacceptable. How could we not? How can they not?

Using the analogy of cancer, we may get a better understanding of these concepts. The psychopathic powers that be are a cancer on humanity. We know cancer is made up of cells that are not acting as they should; they are mutated in some form and searching for other susceptible cells to exploit and mutate in order to grow and become stronger; they feed on fear, hate and energy and right now they are being fed by us all. We attempt to inform to heal ourselves and get the susceptible cells in the middle on the healthy side of the whole, preventing the feeding of the cancer that has outgrown the healthy cells; right now we are the minority. We find ourselves in a literal fight for our collective lives and that of our planet.


The cancer is cutting off the oxygen and nutrients to the cells by dividing what is left via False Flag attacks, misinformation, the fake war on terrorism, financial recessions, tracking, charging, regulating, fear and war mongering, intimidation, religion, political parties, sexual preference, race, and other distractions and divides. On a deeper level we can see that these man-made divides weaken what is left of the healthy part of our fragile structure. We realize we are under attack not only by the susceptible (misinformed) and cancerous cells but by our own “healthy” cells by way of these divides on many levels.

On a more “practical” level we know that if we do not wake up and inform enough people and become stronger in numbers we are doomed. The divide between people in the know and misinformed people continues to grow and we sense the danger these misinformed individuals present. When things go south, they may literally end up on the wrong side and won’t know which way to point and shoot. This is a frightening realization and we can see the evidence of this right now.

While we are driven to bring people, kicking and screaming, from the “Sesame Street” level of ignorance to a higher level of truth and understanding, let us not forget that we are doing these things for the greater good of humanity as a collective and the world as a whole. We must start by educating these people on how our world really works; from the Federal Reserve/Globalist Banksters and Corporatism to 911 truth, to the governments poisoning our world via GMO foods, pesticides, vaccines, and chemtrails down to the quantum level understanding of zero point energy and how things manifests in our world. Do they need to understand the core corruption and main stream media’s lies? Yes, they do. Do they need to understand the basics of quantum mechanics, maybe not, but understanding how the world really works and how our current reality has been manifested is important. It is how the powers that be operate and remain in power. We may not need their understanding of complicated concepts, but we know we need to win over their hearts and minds to gain strength in numbers and to utilize their energy to manifest something better in our world. Baby steps are required, but never give up trying to pry open their minds. They cannot un-hear what we say.


Let us not forget We the People may be the last hope to heal ourselves and our planet and we envision a future world we can be proud of; one full of truth, opportunity, peace, justice, love, compassion, good health, happiness, creativity, innovation, the ability to reach our full potential as individuals and as a species, and most importantly freedom for generations to come.

Do we hate misinformed people? I don’t think so, but I think we hate that ignorant sick part of ourselves that lives in them and prevents self-actualization while feeding the disease that’s killing us and our planet. It’s impossible for most of us to ignore.

In the end, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is not that complicated if we look at it from the goal of self-actualization in ourselves and the world around us as a collective worth fighting for. Remember, the only thing we ever owe anybody is truth, and we’re good at that. I’ll admit, the more I know, the more I know I don’t know, but what I do know for sure is WE ARE ONE!


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