Do You Want To Sign a Hold Harmless Agreement With Your Food?

Do you Want to Sign a Hold harmless Agreement with Bio-Weapons: AKA: Big Chemical Companies; Big Agri companies & Food Suppliers?

Think really hard before you answer the above questions.


By TLB Contributor: Lynnette Marie

What are your answers?  YES or NO? and to which part is YES and NO?   Again, plain and simple answers to simple questions.  Do you want to “sign” a hold harmless agreement with toxic corporations who will wreak havoc on your health and the health of the planet? Are you FOR the Planet and your health? Are you against the Planet and your health?

Let’s ask this question in another way:
Why do you want to label toxic genocide foods instead of protecting organic standards as they were originally intended?

These toxic foods are already labeled, they are labeled by their brand name as seen below.  The major organic brands are owned by these companies, such as Santa Cruz, Seeds of Change, Garden of Eden, Silk etc. So what’s the point of labeling something which is already labeled poison?


What are we talking about you ask?  Let’s think about this logically and common sense wise.  You see, you are are playing right into the hands that rock the cradle.  The food giants, chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies are IN FAVOR of the labeling campaign. Oh, but they spend millions to stop the labeling!  Well at first glance, it would seem as true. Let’s take a deeper look into this. Are they spending millions to STOP the labeling? Or is it being filtered right into the very food and water you eat and drink?

As you will note in an article quoted below, the labeling of our foods plays right into the “eat at your own risk” mentality.  All those ‘activist’ who are IN FAVOR of the labeling campaigns are actually NOT for the health of the planet or your health.  How do we suppose this you ask?  Well for starters, let’s make a comparison.   Let’s say you are about to go for the first time to jump out of a plane.  You know the rules, you of course GET EDUCATED about the jump and the possibilities of what could go wrong along with education of the thrill of the jump is.  Then OF COURSE do you not sign a “Hold Harmless” agreement?  This agreement is a matter of fact and simply stated that you will NOT hold the instructor, pilot, organization or anyone involved with the execution of the jump accountable in case of injury, hospitalization or even death.  You or your family members can not then go back after you signed that contract and sue them for anything.   Right?  Yes indeed.  OK, now that we have this understanding, do you realize the education in which is being put forth by “Labeling Activists”? (yes most labeling activists are true spirits and very well meaning, they just lack the complete and factual information that leads to understanding)  The chemical companies are actually paying for all of this education to put forth to the public.  Now, they can with a ‘clear conscious’ put a label on each food item, because they KNOW that YOU the consumer will NOT be able to come back and sue them IF you encounter any ailments, disease or death due to consuming any foods with GMO inside them. WHY, HOW you ask?  By purchasing that food that is CLEARLY marked GMO or even if it does not have a label on it you have ELECTED to ‘sign’ your ‘hold harmless agreement’.  You have noticed products throughout the grocery stores with a NON GMO label on it.  This is awesome news to these companies mentioned above.  Again, this is right in the consumers face with a package marked NON GMO.  Therefore, the consumer sees the choices and CHOOSES anyway the product that may contain GMO. Once again they MARKED the packages and YOU chose which you wanted to consume.

Let’s take another aspect of the above situation.  The “Pro-Label Activist” can NOT possibly be FOR labeling AND for the health of the planet as this very concept is a complete COMPROMISE.  It is a compromise by way of saying:  “Yes, we want the big Ag, food suppliers and chemical companies to label your  GMO products”.  In other words the “Activist” are saying:  “OK, you all CAN KEEP your GMO infestation, we just want to know where they are”.  Are you with us here?  Are you seeing what is really going on?  They are saying, fine keep your GMO, just label them in plain site.  So how can you COMPROMISE like this?  How can you possibly expect to clean up the planet by making these vital compromises?  It’s like saying, “cigarettes are OK just because the surgeon general put a warning label stating that smoking these may cause cancer”. Did this STOP people from smoking and buying them? Did the sales of cigarettes go down due to this label?  It is plain and simple, the public WILL STILL BUY the labeled foods.

Now let’s go even a step further.  We have said this time and time again. Just because a product is labeled with a NON GMO, GMO FREE or even Organic Label on it, does NOT mean that it is free from HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) or other toxic ingredients and artificial flavorings. Sure, it may be a GMO free seed, but they may have sprayed the heck out of that seed, and the crop, with toxic chemicals.  Also based on public interviews and surveys in the consumer world of food, it has been discovered that the consumer WILL STILL buy that GMO labeled product BECAUSE the FDA and Government said it was safe.  After all the FDA and/ or Government would not allow products on grocery store shelves if it were dangerous for the consumer.  This is exactly what 85% of the public still believe.  Please note an article written below a couple of years ago by Lynnette Marie.

Are You FOR Planet Earth and Your Family’s Health?  OR Are you AGAINST It?


“As an advocate for pure foods and as I travel the USA and other countries, I find the same problems to be only covered with a bandage for temporary remedy.   Being on the road since April of 2011 with bicycle T.O.U.R.s and seminars actually getting out and meeting and interviewing the real consumers of the world, I realize what people really hear and see.  It is really an unfortunate stage of the world we are in.  We have so many people wanting answers and so many activists trying to put out the great information about informing the public and demanding the labeling of our foods.   After interviewing and corresponding with the general consumers of the world, I realize that labeling a food that has GMO in it makes NO difference to Monsanto at all. Why you ask?  The feed-back we get from the consumer and college students is a simple statement. Our team simply ask them what a GMO is what round-up is and who Monsanto is.. We also ask them who Cargill, Syngenta and other chemical companies are Literally 85% of the public is clueless of what and who these companies are.  Astounding you say. Yes indeed.  We then put some examples out on a table and do the labeling of the products which clearly points what product has GMO inside,  and what products do not.  Then we ask the question:  “What product would you choose to buy for your home”?   They ask us if the foods on the table have been FDA approved?  We say of course they have.  (You see, at this point, we are not giving them the FULL story just yet of how the FDA is a farce and only provides for money being made.  Therefore we can get an UNBIASED real experiment).  So the consumer proceeds to pick up the product which has been labeled GMO INSIDE, however, some do also pick up the product that has been labeled with the USDA organic label. Their reasoning?  Direct answer from random consumers.  “I do not have a problem buying anything that is on our grocery store shelves or that has a label on it that is GMO, because IF our government and FDA says it is ok to sell, then it is obviously safe for ME”.    The next step is my continued seminar to explain how the FDA and big food industry works and we get REAL turn around after a speech!

This is another very unfortunate scenario, because the labeling campaign has begun to separate the good people in the organic movement.  Separating all well meaning people.  Due to the fact we are fighting among ourselves to bicker back and forth about what really needs to be done.  While we are all bickering on what the real issues are, guess what??  The wonderful system in place has yet again, mastered the minds of the all unsuspecting.  They have created an illusion for the world and a divide mechanism to conquer US at our own good intentions.  Therefore, until we realize what the real culprit to the food problem is, we will continue to be defeated.  Also, until we realize that it is all or NOTHING mentality that will truly change the world, we will make very little progress.  By demanding all or nothing, we gain the ears of the public with out confusion.  We help the world to really understand what is going on, then if they still just do not get it, guess what again??  We have cleaned up the food supply by demanding the companies to be toxic-free and therefore the consumer who shops blindly will buy the products that are safe because they will NOT even know there is another choice!  Of course the mass cleaning of the entire food supply will take some time, but it CAN be done with all of OUR efforts.

Demanding transparency, purity and toxic-free products rather than just labeling a product that has a GMO inside it will gain broader attention.  Also demanding all of this instead of ONLY taking 1 to 2 bad ingredients out of a product will create mass understanding that it is all or nothing.  I mean, the GMO FREE plant can be sprayed with toxic chemicals.  The 2 bad ingredients taken out of a product still leaves the product with toxic cancer causing ingredients in it.  The GMO FREE label still allows for HFCS, MSG and many other harmful substances.  The removal of only some ingredients still creates confusion of what is safe or NOT.  I mean if you take 1 or 2 ingredients out of a list of 15 or 20 toxic ingredients, then how on earth can we put this product back on the shelves and call it safe?  Do you get my point?  It really is NOT rocket science.  It’s ALL or NOTHING.  Does not a moldy water contaminate the entire crop?   Then how can leaving other bad ingredients mixed with good ingredients be of any good to us”?

You make the choice.  You decide what is safe.



“The food giants, chemical companies and pharmaceutical companies are IN FAVOR of the labeling campaign.   Oh, but they spend millions to stop the labeling!  Well at first glance, it would seem as true.”

I repeat, why do you want to label toxic genocide foods instead of protecting organic standards as they were originally intended?

Now let’s dig even a bit further.  In an article by Rudy Twomoon, you will see more clearly the COMPROMISE of the labeling campaigns. You can read more on what he says HERE 

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