The New Phoenix Program – Target: Americans



By: Mary C. Giacobbe (TLB)



Microwave technology is nothing new. Even the effect is has on your food is dangerous. During the Vietnam War, this technology was tested on the population of South Vietnam by the US Military, to control the population, and it kills people, period. It is indeed a “weapon of mass destruction” that goes unpunished by the US to this day. It is beyond belief, the damage it imposes on the human anatomy, and it can target any part of the body, resulting in many diseases. Our health is being remote controlled by a very small group of people that control our environment right now. They do not care about anything but gaining more money and power. A lot of this technology comes from the WWII scientists, and war criminals that our government smuggled in, and the intentions were/are not  good.


These people think they are exempt from this crime against humanity. It is long overdue, that citizens speak out against it. For the people out there that are in denial that anything whatsoever, in an attempt to take over our country is impossible, think again! The use of these weapons are all around you! I have a real hard time believing the headlines, and so should everyone else. Whistleblowers that commit suicide should be the first red flag, resulting in unsolved cases, conveniently. Shady intelligence community practices, such as torture, mind control, human trafficking, trained assassins, general sickness, and even death, all goes unpunished year after year. It is inexcusable. It is murder and genocide.


Hollywood, the music industry, and the government agencies themselves, have had their share of heart attacks, cancer and suicide. Can anyone spell MK Ultra? Can anyone see our environment changing? Has anyone seen weird cloud patterns in the sky? It all has been used more often than you think it has (for years..), admittedly by witnesses, and victims. The people that perpetrate these crimes walk free, still get paid a lot of money, and maintain top security positions within our government and military. Do not think anyone is exempt from this, cause they have plans. No one can function, or fight for liberty, when the mind or body is not functional.


There are remedies for this illusion of freedom, that was assaulted a long time ago. Blatant disregard for the Constitution will not go unseen, and we are already feeling it in the air. The fabricated war on terror, and war on drugs from these hypocrites is enough to survive through, the real war is the war on the people here, our survival is at stake. The same bloodlines that did it in Germany are here and operating. You just do not feel it, if you cannot see it. Purchase a meter and take a reading in your neighborhood. It is a slower death here, because we have a republic, and thankfully people are stilled armed…for now. But they resort to poisoning and control…It will continue, as long as enough people do NOT take action, and they disarm the people.


This is being inflicted upon all of us daily. From the use of cellphones, other technologies, and yes, the unknown that lurks around your neighborhood, hiding as a tree, or a church steeple. This is used to make people docile, cooperative, and ill. Ringing in the ears, sensitivity to sounds that can make a person mad, cancers, as well as programming death at one’s own hand, is the real deal here. I will not even talk about the high cancer rates and increase in brain tumor activity. I believe that Fukushima’s fallout of radioactivity, that rains upon our environment, creating 6,000 times the cancer rate, and death to other living species, would make some people motivated enough to stand up to the dredges of society that cause it all!


If Americans do not start screaming from the rooftops, we are all doomed. We are one disaster away from the new world order being ushered in, in the words of David Rockefeller, the man who is programming your children in school for years now, to the point that people astute enough are homeschooling their loved ones. Most Americans believe that they can hide in their homes, unaware that they do not even own them, in the eyes of the corporation called the USA. FEMA camps are all ready to go, and fully staffed. How soon one forgets Hurricane Katrina, and FEMA leaving people to die with no food and water, confiscating guns under martial law, imposing a living hell in which you have absolutely no rights.


Are Americans waiting for the disaster to think it out? First of all, your chances in a disaster or false flag attack via these subhumans in power, are not great. Secondly, it is avoidable! Where is the outrage? There are 40,000 plus children in America that go missing to the government run pedophile ring every year! In the UK it is almost 70,000. Persons go missing in State Parks all too often, our veterans, and homeless are prime targets for microwave induced illness, as well. I recommend that you read The Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien. She names these people that America votes into office either left or right, to sustain their tight grip on the future of mankind. Cathy is a rare case of recovery, and her daughter, was used in this program, from the day she was born, and is still in treatment. See:


Please Americans, put away your remote controls, credit cards, and get in the loop. Join a liberty group, and get involved. Stop reading and watching mainstream news. Get informed via alternative news, before they crack down with more bogus, draconian laws for the internet, leaving you nowhere to go for pertinent information. You have a computer, help out. Freedom is only attained with your cooperation, it is not to be taken for granted. We have a US Common Law Grand Jury, reconstituted by National Liberty Alliance, and the people across 50 states, to help us stop this madness in it’s tracks. We are making strides, but time is ticking folks, and we need help from everyone. You can see the videos on their homepage, and even look up your local administrator under the contact tab there.


Please wake up, this is upon us now, choose the red pill and unplug from the matrix we have been living in, or RIP with the rest of us that are trying to fight back. Do not think that another election is the answer, if there is one. That is how we got here! It is rigged. Educate yourself about Agenda 21. This is a must win situation for Americans, and the future of humanity. We need everyone on board here, no one has a pass to sit this one out, not this time! The genocide of the American people and .all victims of these proxy wars for money, must end. No one is going to do this for you. We are all in the same boat, together.


I see people writing, organizing, largely the number of mothers, concerned for the welfare of their children against these poisons. This is instinctive. The American Revolution was won with 34% of the of the population. I have to ask myself, where the rest of the men are, in America today. What good are your shiny apple products, if you will not mobilize to protect your families, joining the others in this battle. Even the the worst offender here, Barack Obama, can pick up a pen. You will be taking your master’s degree to your grave, and the rest of us with you. Knowledge is power, and you are being upstaged by the activists on college campuses!


“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

John F. Kennedy


The intelligence agencies have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes.

Cointelpro type operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave weapons. INSCOM is perfecting nonlethal microwave weapons and at the same time neutralizing potential enemies by enfolding all the previous illegal government operations into one program as a force multiplier. The legacy of half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons experiments during the Cold War as well as Cointelpro and MKULTRA crimes against humanity lives on today. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for elimination using electromagnetic weapons. The targets of nonlethal microwave weapons fit a common profile similar to the targets of previous illegal government programs. People with a history of political activism or whistleblowers are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of non-ionizing radiation. These political assassinations are accomplished with technology that often leaves no obvious injuries. The theme of forced suicide has remained constant. What is different is that driving a target to suicide using microwave weapons is perfectly deniable because these individuals are tormented invisibly. The intelligence agencies have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes. (Standard You Tube License).



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