Don’t Think The US Military Is Concerned With The Climate? Think Again

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By TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

There are still a great many people that can’t bring themselves to imagine that the mighty US military would have much if any concern with the state of global climate. Many that cannot even begin to believe that the same US military would be actively involved with ongoing climate modification “Manhattan Projects” (global geoengineering programs, SAG and SRM). The glaring reality is that climate change and the manipulation of the global climate system are top priorities for the US military.

All available data indicates that the US military has been experimenting with weather modification for over 60 years. Their interest and involvement with climate engineering is all about power and control. There is nothing benevolent in this equation in regard to the motives behind manipulating Earth’s life support systems though some sources will try to convince us otherwise.  A document drafted in 1966, recently located from the NASA archives, outlines the ongoing and expanding US weather modification programs at that time. These programs were well funded having budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars even then.

So what is the US military and its NATO allies doing to mitigate the risk of climate change? They are fully engaged in massively destructive global geoengineering programs. SRM (solar radiation management) and SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) are likely only a part of the lethal aircraft spraying programs going on above our heads day in and day out. Those in the military that carry out the climate engineering programs are being told they are doing something for the common good. This could not be further from the truth and it is imperative that our military brothers and sisters wake up to the fact that they are literally carrying out weather and biological warfare against their own countrymen.

The links below illustrate a few of the existing documents and articles regarding the US military and its urgent concern over the state of global climate. These links are of great relevance.






6 – Office of the Director of National Intelligence

7 – NY Times Article on threat of climate change to Pentagon

The damage being done by these completely unregulated and out of control climate modification programs (SRM, SAG, and other potential programs as of yet unknown) cannot be quantified.

Below are some of the known consequences of global geoengineering programs.

Completely disrupted global hydrological cycle (rain cycle)

Causes epic drought in some regions and cataclysmic floods in others

Loss of blue skies and direct sunlight, thus affecting photosynthesis

Greatly increased global drought overall

Greatly diminished crop yields

Decimated ozone layer, Northern and Southern hemispheres

Contaminated soils

Contaminated waters

Contaminated atmosphere and breathable air column

Unquantifiable negative impacts to all life forms

Increased dry lightning strikes creating record forest fires

Contributes to the triggering of climate feed back loops like methane hydrate and clathrate releases

If there was anything truly benevolent about the global spraying, why would there be so much effort to keep these programs hidden? Why would virtually every government agency aggressively deny their existence?

The military industrial complex is doing whatever it deems necessary to increase its power no matter what the cost to the planet or all life that exists here. Their past conduct makes this abundantly clear. The detonation of over 2000 nuclear bombs on Planet Earth should make this clear.We are not dealing with sanity in any sense of the word in regard to the runaway juggernaut that is the global power structure and its military industrial complex.

All things considered, global geoengineering is not a cure, but a curse so horrific that it quite literally puts life on Earth in the balance. It is up to all of us to bring this greatest untold issue to light and to a halt. Our lives, and our long term survival, literally depends on it. 

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  1. It’s well known the UK military were trying to find ways to weaponise weather since the early 1950s. A flash flood devastated Lynmouth, a small town in the county of Cornwall in 1952, killing many.
    Rumours began to circulate that the defence ministry had been exprimenting with cloud seeding, thinking that human induced torrential rain would hamper invading forces.
    The government denied it for many years but in 1977 papers released when security classification expired confirmed the experiments had been carried out in that area and for that exact reason.
    And if britain were doing it you can be USA, USSR, france and probably china were as well. how far have they moved on in sisty years?

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