Dr. Ben Carson has himself removed from the Vaccinogen Website


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It was only a matter of time.   Months ago on May 6, Dr. Ben Carson told us all he had resigned as Chairman of the Board of Vaccinogen, a company working to inject you with cancer and call it a “vaccine”.   But for the last 6 months, the Vaccinogen website has still displayed his proud face as their Chairman of the Board.

I’m sure this was becoming problematic for him, as vaccine-aware Americans were not entirely buying his disentanglement from the (weaponized) vaccine industry, even as he runs for president.

So now, a visit to his page on Vaccinogen finally produced this


Finally 404, Page Not Found

This while Donald Trump’s ambivalence about pumping little babies with horse -sized injections, because he’s personally witnessed them cause autism, is very popular with parents, who are still waiting for the CDC insider whistleblower to be allowed testify before congress on the known (meaning intentional) MMR/Autism connection.

But the public mood on vaccines, turning more sour by the day, has forced Dr. Carson, who is still in favor of mandating some vaccines, even those containing aborted human fetal cell tissue, to back down and agree with Donald Trump, at least on stage, on his ambivalence.

Of course, being as the main stream media is so heavily saturated in big pharmaceutical ads, once the esteemed neurosurgeon expressed agreement with upstart Donald Trump, the MSM has dropped the mandatory-vaccine issue like a hot potato.  “Nobody to bash here, folks.”

In the upcoming election season, Dr. Carson’s connections to the vaccine industry were likely to come back and bite him in the behind, so insisting Vaccinogen remove him from their website was the wise thing for him to do, too.

But clearly, if he were president, would he have the stomach to clean up the CDC’s & FDA’s completely corrupted revolving-door connections to the vaccine industry?

What say you, Dr. Carson?



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