TLBTV: The American Freedom and Unity Project – Defined

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The American Freedom and Unity Project Defined

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By Show Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

On this episode we will delve deeper into the necessity for this project, and go more into detail on tying the eight Big Dogs of tyranny together and pinning them to the same root caste … they are …

Political Tyranny (included Liberty, Freedom, Constitution etc…)

Perpetual War

Economic Collapse (the Fed, Banksters etc,,,)

GMOs (includes Bio and Environmental toxins)

Big Pharma/ Vaccines

Electromagnetic Radiation



There is no longer doubt that all of these mechanisms of tyranny being perpetrated against humanity (and focused in their largest fashion on America) are connected to the same root caste. Over the next few weeks I will host guests on this show that are experts on each of these categories … Our goal is to show you this in a logical and provable fashion. This is a hurdle we must overcome to make this project viable. Once this is accomplished we can start to unite a massive portion of this partially awake population into an effective and awake mechanism of PUSH BACK!

Please watch as I bring you a little further down the rabbit hole on this episode of Eradicating Programmed Ignorance …

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