Dr. Mike Yeadon Makes an Appeal to Dr. Robert Malone

ER Editor: Readers should be aware that Dr. Paul Alexander has made countless pointed blog posts about Dr. Robert Malone’s involvement in the damaging mRNA shots and that Malone needs to come out and account for them.

See the latest from Dr. Alexander —

How about Kariko, Malone, Weissman, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel etc., how about these creeps, these IMO people who must answer serious questions on mRNA technology etc., give back tax payer money to victims

Dr. Mike Yeadon is a little more placatory, yet pointedly urges Malone to use his influence and stop the massed global crime.

A reminder that Malone is still going ahead with two lawsuits, for $25 million each, against the Breggins and Dr. Jane Ruby. According to Dr. Alexander, Malone has warned Alexander behind the scenes to stop attacking him.


My plea to Dr Robert Malone.

I fear he & David Martin are using their extensive platforms inter alia to reinforce the idea that there’s been a novel & often lethal respiratory virus striding across the globe. It wasn’t true. But they speak as though it is true. This is why I’ve paid such close attention to the topic. Please don’t shoot the messenger 🙏

Best wishes


Dr Mike Yeadon —just now — Edit

Dear Robert, I’m impressed by your work rate and your insightful passion. I’m troubled by one really important thing, though! You’re surely aware of the epidemiological analyses by Denis Rancourt and colleagues? This shows by analysis of state by state all causes mortality (age, sex, date only, ignoring claims of cause of death, since this is subject to manipulation) that there was no excess death anywhere until after WHO called a pandemic. They did so based on “confirmed cases”, which you & I know is essentially fraud, since PCR cannot be used as a clinical diagnostic. What Rancourt’s findings rule out is a pandemic.

His analyses show this in several ways (one of which I’ve just mentioned). Another is the age profile of the dead: completely inconsistent with a respiratory viral illness. Third is that all causes mortality varies according to jurisdiction and that points firmly to policy and not a spreading pathogen as cause of death.

The bottom lines are two-fold. 1. There is no evidence of any kind of pandemic 2. Therefore there wasn’t a novel respiratory virus, either. It was all lies.

There’s copious evidence of planning for a “pandemic” going back over 25 years. All had authoritarian regimes and mass vaccination as objectives. Now, Event 201 (autumn 2019) crowned these tabletop simulations, the fictional occurrence was “a novel coronavirus emerges in China & spreads around the world”. We’re expected to believe this astonishing concurrence with claimed reality just 3-4 months later is luck. I find it not credible.

The pandemic is a lie, like the other nine or so lies that were promulgated by main media. The evidence that matters shows there wasn’t a pandemic. The authorities knew there wasn’t a pandemic.

In light of this, all the oppressive “measures” should rightly be seen as planned terrorism. Not “mistakes”. No mistakes were made. The objective was to get a needle in every arm. You & I know that causing expression of a non-self protein axiomatically drives lethal autoimmune attack on every cell that took up the injected material, this is Immunology 101. It’s how our immune system distinguishes friend (self) from foe (non-self). The mRNA based injections were formulated with lipid nano particles (LNP). We’ve known for years in peer reviewed papers that LNP formulated macromolecules migrate everywhere in the body, but accumulate in certain organs, notably ovaries.

It is my contention that there never was a novel respiratory virus pandemic. Furthermore, it is my contention that the massed lies of governments around the world bore down on people and frightened & coerced or even mandated them to receive deliberately toxic injections. Their design brief was to cause injury, to maim & to kill.

I’d be VERY keen to hear you comment about Rancourt’s analyses and my assessment of foreign protein encoded mRNA products.

It’s very important that you level with your large audience which you’ve worked hard to create and cultivate (bless you!).

Please tell them there wasn’t a novel virus & that the injections were carefully designed to hurt people.

If you don’t do these things, I fear you’re inadvertently amplifying the perpetrators intentions. They’ll tell us “There’s another virus, come get your jabs”. You almost alone can bring this massed global crime to a halt. Please use your substantial powers so to do.

Best wishes and thanks Mike Dr Mike Yeadon (Pls search using eg Yandex & not eg Google. Why the extensive differences in what’s returned and what’s the meaning of such differences).

Source – Telegram channel, June 6 2023


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3 Comments on Dr. Mike Yeadon Makes an Appeal to Dr. Robert Malone

  1. My sources are that the virus exists and has been isolated in Spain, Seattle, and Wuhan. However it was created for the purpose of a providing cover and smokescreen to led veracity to the manufacturer pandemic narrative, otherwise it is a relatively weak novel virus. This in no way detracts from what Yeadon primary claim that there was no real pandemic.

  2. Yeadon is making a mistake lumping Dr. David Martin in with Malone. Martin has at least several times stated that there is no SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. But, until recently, both Martin and Judy Mikovits have been very careless in not specifying that they were talking about the synthetic SARS-Cov-2 “spike protein” and not the alleged complete SARS-CoV-2, which hasn’t been isolated and is therefore deemed not to exist in nature.

    In the following video, Martin explains that the Lipid NanoParticle (LNP) enveloped mRNA sequence is designed to make you sick; and, in that same video, Judy Mikovits lists some of the diseases the LNP can directly cause, that it can cross all membranes, including the blood-brain barrier and placenta; and, this had been known for decades.
    Dr. David Martin tells us this is not a vaccine but rather a medical device.

    In the following Brian Rose interview of Martin, Martin states that he predicted exactly which countries, globally, would experience alleged SARS coronavirus outbreaks, if the WHO were to proclaim a “pandemic”. In other words, the WHO’s “pandemic” was a deliberately planned “Plandemic” as is documented in the Mikki Willis documentary “Plandemic Indoctornation”, available at PlandemicSeries.com
    David E. Martin – Exposing Moderna: the Star of PLANDEMIC: INDOCTORNATION Reveals the Truth

    During at least two other presentations, Martin stated that the deliberately caused coronavirus outbreaks were not accidental, but likely deliberate aerosolized seedings by intelligence agencies.

    Recently, Martin has also explained why no government has stopped this fraud:
    Transparently Hiding…Again

    David Martin: “I’m calling out the House investigation right now on coronavirus and on SARS-CoV-2. They are willfully misleading the public into the illusion of doing anything that is ultimately substantive; and, the reason they are doing it is because they can’t afford the political cost of calling into question the ultimate criminal racket that has pervaded this country since 1980. The criminal racket of active agencies, captive federal government authorized agencies, which are captive federal funded agencies who are willing, with impunity, to get into organized crime rackets with state universities and other universities for the economic benefit of those institutions to criminally conspire to create pathogens known to harm humans. And, since the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980, the entirety of this racketeering position has been known, has been promoted, has been evidenced time and time again; and, to date, no member of Congress has had the integrity to tell the American people that we need to shut down that criminal racket. That’s why they’re not willing to talk about it.” (and much, much more).

    Even more recently, during a European Union Parliament “Covid Summit”, Martin summarized much of what he has presented in dozens of presentations during the past two or more years (transcript included):
    Dr David E. Martin PhD – Covid Summit – European Union Parliament May 2023

    The one possibility which Martin has not mentioned (to my knowledge) is the contention of Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Tau Braun that the alleged Covid-19 “vaccines” could easily contain venom from snakes, insects, crustaceans, etc.; and that the symptoms caused by at least some of these venoms, such as the loss of taste and smell, are the same as the symptoms attributed to the alleged Covid-19 sickness. Additionally, the fraudulent “PCR tests” will return a positive result, 100 percent of the time for toxins such as snake venom. Dr. Ardis points out that aerosolized venoms are readily obtained on the retail market and certain companies have been synthesizing such venoms for years, which cause the same symptoms as those from animals. — Therefore, the WHO’s “pandemic” could easily have been deliberately seeded using aerosolized snake venom.

    I believe Yeadon should more specifically ask Malone to explain Malone’s role in researching LNP enveloped mRNA to code for various toxin peptides, such as cobra snake venom factor, ricin, diphtheria toxin, enterotoxin, etc., as is documented in the 1996 U.S. patent 5,580,589. Curiously, Malone has not spoken about his role in this research; although he appears to be the 2nd most important inventor listed on this patent.


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