“How Bad is my Batch”? Check It Out Now

January 14, 2022 0

ER Editor: If you’ve been injected, you’ll want to consult this site (linked to below) The finding that around 5% of all vaccines are particularly dangerous, at least historically, is a finding that people like […]


Excess Deaths in 2021 Point to Depopulation Agenda

November 6, 2021 2

ER Editor: We also recommend this piece from this week by Joel Kilpatrick on what nurses in Ventura County CA medical facilities are witnessing – California Nurses Blow The Whistle on Crisis in Local Healthcare. […]


You reckless idiots!

August 12, 2021 0

Mike Yeadon’s latest mind-blowing briefing annihilates one government lie after another. Just ONE of the issues covered is the myth of Covid19 being incurable. Nothing could be further from the truth: Covid19 is probably THE […]


The Leaked Pfizer Contract(s) Is An Eye-Opener

July 31, 2021 0

ER Editor: We’re publishing a couple of takes on the so-called leaked Pfizer contract that first appeared months ago on an Albanian website. Kit Knightly of Off-Guardian takes a look at this particular contract in […]


Dr. Mike Yeadon Continues as a Force for Truth

June 7, 2021 0

ER Editor: Dr. Michael Yeadon, former CEO of Pfizer, has been one of the most outstanding, educative voices throughout this whole non-pandemic. Here’s something he put out over the weekend, including information about a young […]

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