Dr Rashid Buttar EXPOSES Fake Pandemic BLASTING Gates & Fauci

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Dr Rashid Buttar EXPOSES Fake Pandemic BLASTING Gates and Fauci


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We have watched vital and factual information pertaining to this coronavirus attack on humanity (yes in fact that is exactly what we are immersed in) disappearing without notice … going away without a word … one would think the powers that be (Big Pharma and something even more dangerous) don’t wish us cattle or sheeple to know why the entire world is morphing right before our eyes.

Why what was normal 3-4 months ago, is gone and buried today. Our civil rights, our education, our employment, our religious practices, our social lives … all morphing into something straight out of a science fiction novel, if one this bizarre was ever written! The burning question for most of us is … WHY ???

What we present below is a small portion of the global tyranny against humanity. WARNING … This is NOT a bedtime story …

Please continue reading, and watch the vital video below!


Gary Franchi (Next News Network) & Dr. Rashid Buttar

Although in 2014 the US government put a moratorium on research for creating a virus for the risk of causing a pandemic, this research was outsourced to Wuhan China and funded with tax payers money by Anthony Fauci since 2015 and the same Anthony Fauci was stating in 2017, that we could expect a pandemic during the Trump presidency.

Dr. Rashid Buttar explains that there is no virus that jumps from one person to another and this lock down is a total fraud.

The symptoms which are called ‘COVID-19’ symptoms, are flu-like symptoms that can come from a wide range of diseases.

They test for the presence of this genetic material and if you are tested positive for this, you count as a covid-19 patient.

This RTPCR test was designed in 1984 by Gary Mullish, an American biochemist who instantly made clear that this test is not suitable for testing infections.

And yet that is the test now used to determine if you are infected with COVID-19 which means that almost everyone will be tested positive.

Mandating listing of deaths by COVID-19 for any cause of death, even people being listed more than once and still there’s less deaths than from an regular flu.

Sending out an outcry to the people to stay at home when feeling sick as the hospitals cannot handle the pressure while the nurses are playing chess as there’s nothing going on there so only creating fear.

Fraud, diversion, misrepresentation, deception from nurses that claim to need help but aren’t even working as a nurse anymore and even actors playing footage in Italy that is also being used in New York.

Bill Gates openly asks for an indemnification for the expected more than 700.000 deaths from his vaccines so it will even not be possible to hold accountable the governments that mandate.

Vaccine manufacturers being brought to court for criminal behavior are even officially protected by the department of justice itself.

Drugs that have proven to be safe and with 99% efficiency to cure this disease, are rejected by Fauci while advising vaccines that have proven to kill loads of people before.


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People who blow the whistle on Fauci’s practice get harassed and even locked up.

Videos that show the fraud of this pandemic are taken down of the internet without any explanation.

This is why the keyword (why these videos are taken down) is blocked in this video. I hope you can guess yourself which keyword it is.

So share this video but preferably, copy it to your hard disk before it gets taken down using this link. This way you guarantee the information to remain available by sharing it privately.

Here’s the link to the original video.


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