Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai talks to Stefan Molyneux: We’re in the Middle of a Marketing Campaign for Vaccines [VIDEO]

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A lot of details and big ideas are given here in conversational form. Here’s our best shot at summarizing the discussion, which is no substitute for watching the entire video (see below).

  1. Trend: (from 1940s to ’70s) We have the creation of Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Insurance, Big Academia, Big Hospitals (with their middle-men GPOs controlling the supply chain in a corrupt way). In late ’60/’70s, large amounts of funding were given to big political institutions like NIH (National Institute of Health), etc. It was a move to centralization and, above all, military development (Raytheon). This marked the end of real scientific research and the beginning of Big Science/academia. Big Pharma recognized the profit margin in sickness. All of these converged around a profit motive.
  2. How a new pharmaceutical drug comes to market: this phased process can take up to 13 years and cost up to $5 bn. If your market share for this drug is small (a small number of users overall), you will have difficulty recouping your costs. On top of that, you only have 7 more years before your drug becomes generic (because a patent only lasts 20 years – 13+7). Plus you have the risk of being sued for side effects on high-risk patients once the drug goes into public use, as well as marketing costs. And only 20% of all drugs that get started will make it through the entire process anway. It’s become a huge business model-pipeline. It’s not about curing disease. Add to that a regulatory framework imposed on top which is creating losses in profit year upon year. It is a model that is ultimately failing.
  3. So now they’re moving to vaccines and cell therapies which don’t need to go through the same regulatory framework. These are classed as ‘biologics’. So of all the vaccines for kids, none of them have gone through double-blind placebo studies. (15:34)
  4. National Vaccine Act under JFK (1962) was the basis for the CDC formation, based on a very rudimentary understanding of the human immune system, which formed the vaccine guidelines. But it’s still being used. By 1986, side effects were showing up from the vaccines and vaccine manufacturers were being sued; more was being understood about the immune system. The National Vaccine Injury Program was created, using a piece of the court system to shield the vaccine manufacturers and limit the liability for death and injury.
  5. There has never been a bottom-up movement to stop all this, just a strategy to accept it while tweaking it. 
  6. Gates Foundation (and GAVI) and Clinton Global Initiative are the 2 prongs with an entire pharmaceutical consortium behind them plus UNICEF, CDC, World Bank, etc. who are the fronts for Big Pharma. They’re carving up the different vaccines between them.
  7. Their business model: pharma is crashing, so a vaccine-for-all is a great business model. Those who support this are precisely the ones who supported the carbon tax idea, i.e. taxing everybody for breathing.
  8. In 2015, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were established, painting a PR-type of Utopia. IA2030 was another aspect of it. Vaccination is the thread running through this, that will satisfy 14 of the 17 SD goals, leading us miraculously to Utopia in most aspects of our lives. It’s a potentially $7.2 TN market (based on a vaccine cost of $1,000 per person) if everyone gets a vaccine. So public fear is essential to drive it as its very own type of ad campaign.
  9. The relevant geography in a vaccine campaign isn’t a nation state but an aspect of our bloodstream – the hepatitis B1 part, the HPV part, etc. So recurring viruses that mutate are especially profitable. Stock prices rise on products that generate recurring revenue.
  10. We’re in the middle of an ad campaign for vaccines.
  11. The ‘soft launch’ of the campaign was Event 201; we’re in the middle of the ‘beta launch’ – seeing how you do it live (ER: Was this what Mike Pompeo was referring to at the podium when he said we’re in a ‘live exercise’?). The full launch may be next year, taking the form of “do you want the economies to be crashed again? Let’s just get a vaccine card. You don’t want your neighbour screwing up the economy, do you? Do you still want to be able to drive or take your kid to daycare?’, etc. That’s the goal: a 7.2 bn (person) market opportunity. A crash gets 2 revenue streams: from rents from the global working class, and from a vaccine stream.
  12. It’s no accident that we’re seeing this virus ‘pandemic’ after the protests in HK, Wuhan (anti-pollution), France, Venezuela, Lebanon, India … all are anti-establishment movements.
  13. We only need to think of it in terms of a marketing campaign on the one hand, and a product development strategy on the other. That’s what this is. (35 mins)
  14. On Dr. Anthony Fauci: we need to move to personalized and precision medicine – one size does not fit all. NIH (National Institute of Health) in the 1970s – it became a multi-billion dollar entity. If you want to become a professor, you have 7 years to get tenure by publishing papers recognized by your peers in that field. Other leaders in the field must approve you. So you as a new academic have to conform and NOT innovate. Fauci and NIH funds 50% of the biological sciences, so new academics need to work within the dominant paradigm. Science is now a factory; it’s no longer individual and hobbyist. It’s now a machine. Fauci represents the worst part of science – the academic bureaucrat. He’s outlasted many presidents. He played a role in the fake paradigm, the HIV-leading-to-AIDS lie, which created a new industry promoting a drug that killed many people. Fauci is essentially a prostitute for Big Pharma. (Dr. Shiva gives a detailed discussion of the AIDS controversy.) (47 mins)
  15. (Around 52 minutes+, Dr. Shiva explains the complexity of the immune system response, which the old vaccine model does not take into account.)
  16. (58 mins) There is a political agenda to brand everyone as COVID-19 using 2 codes:. The PCR test, which doesn’t even test for COVID. And a 2nd based on symptoms, what ‘looks like’ COVID. With financial incentives attached for hospitals. Nobody knows what the real statistics are.
  17. The real issue is how we support the immune system. Social interaction is a big predictor of health and longevity, proven by scientific studies.
  18. High-dose Vitamin C works in 4 effective ways when people are sick with this virus. (1 hour, 8 mins).
  19. There should be Citizen Science, not Peer Reviewed science, which is just a regression to the mean, crushing innovation. We need to fund publicly-available research which goes right to the cloud. We need to destroy the scientific establishment. In that way, we’d have had the hockey stick graph of climate change sent directly to us, which would have been demolished long ago by real analysis. And we need to decentralize medicine. We could be dosing up the immunologically frail with vitamins to protect them against the virus, while allowing the rest of us to go out and work with appropriate vitamins. Fauci and his friends know exactly what they’re doing through their fake science.
  20. This is a total convergence of Big Academia, Big Science and Big Pharma around a fake science model based on ignorance of the immune system to mandate medicine, suppress dissent and do massive quantitative easing. It’s a consolidation of an elite global corporation around mandated vaccines.
  21. This is a huge opportunity for awakening and to go after the elite uncompromisingly. The not-so-obvious establishment people are often the biggest enemies, such as Bernie Sanders. The movement has to come from the bottom up, from working people.
  22. See Dr. Shiva’s site, shiva4senate – truth freedom health.


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